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  1. Where is the model folder for the Asobo Bonanza G36? Thanks,
  2. Hi, I decided to reintall FSX after long time not using it and I cannot longer go through Flightsim Store wrapper validation. I am unable to install version 3,4 which is the latest one I got from them. I purchased DX10 Cloud Shadows also long ago but to update to version 3.5 using Cloud Shadows 2,0 I first need to install version 3.4... so you got an idea what the problem is. Please, let me know if you can assist me in this problem. I can provide proof of purchase for both DX10 Fixer from FlightSim Store and Cloud shadows from you. Thanks, Daniel
  3. Does anyone know if the latest update fixes it? Thanks, Daniel
  4. This is happening also in FSX SE. I deleted the last updated and installed the previous version. This fixed the problem. So, this was introduced with the last update of the NGX 600/700 expansion. My concern is that as long as only FSX and FSX SE are affected I do no see PMDG spending time in fixing the problem. Most of the developers are abandoning these platforms in favour of P3D. Daniel
  5. Hello, Same here. Is there any reply from the developers? Thanks, Daniel
  6. Solved here. Thanks for your support.
  7. Jim, Works fantastic. Finally it is as it should have been from the very beggining. Thanks for your contribution to flightsim community. Daniel
  8. Good evening Jim, I know this is an old topic but I woudld really appreciate if you can send me your patch for the doors problem with Cessna Grand Caravan. So far, the only doors I can open is the pilot's door... Thanks in advance, Daniel
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