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  1. Interesting, thank you I will give it a go :-)
  2. Hiya What is the best way to shut down all the un-needed processes in the background when running FSX on Windows 10? What should be shut down? Many thanks Paul
  3. paulwilko10

    FSUIPC Control Autopilot Speed?

    I wonder if a MOD could move it please?
  4. paulwilko10

    FSUIPC Control Autopilot Speed?

    Thank you, but unless I am doing something wrong, that did not work ;-( I did profile specific Pressed the button on joystick Selected Ap Spd Var Dec Selected Control to repeat while held but nothing happens in the sim I have read somewhere about a script being required but not sure if that is old or not? Thanks Paul
  5. paulwilko10

    FSUIPC Control Autopilot Speed?

    Thank you I will look into both Paul
  6. Hiya I am sure it can be done, but I don't know how. I fly mostly my Aerosoft Airbus but currently, the only way to change the Autopilot speed is to use the mouse. Is there a way of mapping a joystick buttons to increase/decrease AP speed using FSUIPC? Many thanks Paul
  7. paulwilko10

    UT2 Traffic disappears after 5 Minutes

    I am very new to UT2, but I noticed turning the frame rate off in UT2 got me a hell of a lot more AI, maybe try that?
  8. paulwilko10

    Traffic 360 FPS Drop, Disappointed!

    Thanks guys I have bought Ultimate Traffic 2 as there is a 30 day refund, it is better than traffic 360 but still a hit on FPS The good thing about it, it seems you can tell it when to spawn the aircraft instead of what someone earlier said, they all being spawned all around you which could be alot of aircraft. I am hoping for a refund on Traffic 360 although not holding my breath If this doesnt work, I will try the freebie version Thanks Paul
  9. paulwilko10

    Traffic 360 FPS Drop, Disappointed!

    It looks like I am having a chat with myself here lol However, I can now confirm that Traffic 360 is an absolute pile of tosh FPS wise, it literally kills my reasonable PC. 30% set in the Traffic controls centre 40% Set in Airline traffic in FSX 0% Set in GA traffic in FSX All Scenery sliders at absolute minimum (Far left) I get less than 20 FPS My sliders nearly all way right with no Traffic 360, late 20's FPS They advertise as a low FPS hit, but based on my experience, that is just a plain lie Thoughts anyone? Paul
  10. paulwilko10

    Traffic 360 FPS Drop, Disappointed!

    Just had a quick play again. I have uk2000 Gatwick. I went from 30 FPS down to 20 with 25% traffic. I have now gone back to uk2000 settings and turned off all static aircraft. I now get 30 FPS again,but get this,that is with 100 % traffic both airline and ga!! Does traffic 360 overwrite all fsx standard ai traffic or should that be uninstalled? I have not done a flight yet with the new settings, but certainly looks promising
  11. Hiya Was looking to add a bit more movement in the skies and around the airports,so decided to get traffic 360. It claims,as do users that the fps drop is negligible, well,not based on my quick experience. With ai traffic set to 40% normal and 10% ga aircraft, I get about a 50% fps hit. Even at those settings,landing at Gatwick during the day there was not one plane ready for take off or any landing in front of behind me. So absolutely no point in reducing the % Any ideas what I can do or is it just not going to work? Thanks Paul
  12. paulwilko10

    No water effects on Addon Airports!

    That's fair enough, however uk2000 advertise the fact that theirs does but all I get is a weird swirly texture
  13. paulwilko10

    No water effects on Addon Airports!

    Do you know what that level is as I have them all on quite high? Thanks for your help
  14. Hiya I have what seems to be a weird issue None of my paid for addon airports have water effects on the ground yet all my default ones do. I thought it would be the priority of each scenery, but that does not seem to be it after mucking about with it I have: Aerosoft Corfu (LGKR) Aerosoft Innsbruck (LOWI) The weirdest one is my UK2000 Gatwick latest version which looks like it is trying to show water but all it is is swirly textures. Is this right or should I be getting water effects on these airports? Thanks Paul
  15. paulwilko10

    Aerosoft Airbus Practise Repeated Landings?

    Thanks all My issue is not so much putting the airbus in place, it's getting it set up when it loads in that place. By the time I am even close, it crashes in to mountains or the ground as the engines haven't spooled in time or other issues