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  1. Is this the right place for up-to-date FSX questions? Peter Sydney Australia
  2. The Just Flight forum is often good for these kinds of problems. Try the General Discussion Forum. Cheers, Peter Sydney Australia
  3. Sounds correct. Near the airport, I click the VOR LOC on, then as it turns towards the runway, I immediately click APP Hold on. Don't click either of the autopilot buttons. Otherwise it will not work. Cheers Peter Sydney Australia
  4. Thanks boys!When you see a life size simulator, it makes me realisewhat a superb sim FSX is & the astronomical amount of programming that has been done by all, especially usingmy good machine with Vista.For those interested their site is flightexperience.com.auPeter Sydney Australia
  5. For those of you who maybe interested, especially Australians.I had a terrific experience yesterday. I had my first flightever, in a commercial simulator. This is located at DarlingHarbour, Sydney, Australia.It's a full size 737-400 simulator flight deck, with all real instruments,& a very helpful co-pilot, who either does it all or helps you with as much as you like. You can start engines, program the FMC,take off manually, follow sids & stars manually & land if youwish.They have various offerings, from half hour, one hour, & moreexpensive options.I was really impressed, as I'd never used the real yoke, twirlinstruments, spoiler lever, full sized thrust levers, gearlevers, etc. It was so exhausting scanning the vital readings& doing so many crucial things at once - barely had time tolook out the window. I completed the Melbourne to Sydney flight& it really makes you realise how difficult real flight is.I am in no way connected with the company.A great bonus is a full DVD of you in action plus still shots. Peter Sydney Australia
  6. Thanks for your kind replies.Peter Sydney Australia
  7. I gather this is pay as you fly.What speed broadband do you needfor this?Peter Sydney Australia
  8. Yes! Great news!Peter Sydney Australia
  9. Keep working on it.I have a lesser machine & have excellent results.No blurries, frame rates up to 80 & about 20 at complexairports with default big iron, superb default scenery, max weather,full LOD, texture resolution 1 metre,8xAF- no addons, except Megasceneries & VFR England,frames unlimited - no tweaks, one monitor.Don't give up! For FSX is far better than FS9!2 Core Duo E6600, 4 gig DDR ram, GF 8800 GTS320 Vista 32
  10. My PSS 777 is by far the most fabulous aircraft I'veever had. My FSX in Vista runs excellently & when this happens, you just can't go back to FS9.I dream of the day someone will make this 777 run in FSX.I loved the panel weather radar! PMDG does not offer this.For me it was a brilliant artistic feat, yet to be equalled.Remember folks, Vincent van Gogh, in his later years, wastrailed in the streets with people hitting him with sticks.and he never sold a painting in his life. Cheers,Peter Sydney Australia
  11. K,Does it have weather radar on the panel?Peter Sydney Australia
  12. Thanks RTH!Cheers,Peter Sydney Australia
  13. Thanks Kyle,Just what I wanted to know!Peter Sydney Australia
  14. Kyle,A couple of questions regarding PMDG 747 for FSX:I think I may get it.Can you import FSX flight plans into it & convert thesefairly easily to PMDG plans?Can you load up with engines rolling withoutcold & dark start?I'm used to PSS, but it has now disappeared.Thanks,Peter Sydney Australia
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