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  1. Is this the right place for up-to-date FSX questions? Peter Sydney Australia
  2. The Just Flight forum is often good for these kinds of problems. Try the General Discussion Forum. Cheers, Peter Sydney Australia
  3. Sounds correct. Near the airport, I click the VOR LOC on, then as it turns towards the runway, I immediately click APP Hold on. Don't click either of the autopilot buttons. Otherwise it will not work. Cheers Peter Sydney Australia
  4. I have a new computer 5 months old. Stuck with Win7, which goes really well. I have a 500 gig flash drive, which makes FSX extremely fast. As you say, buy the fastest computer & video card you can afford. Elsewhere people are having good success with Win10. I use PIC737 Evolution, which is good, also FSrealWX, which is very good for weather. Make sure when you begin to install, that you thoroughly test every new addon, to avoid troubles later, when you can't find out what, is causing some significant failure! Good luck, Peter Sydney Australia
  5. Have you gone into Control Panel, to see if there is a recent restore point? This will often work. Peter Sydney Australia
  6. I cut my hamburgers from 28/week to 1 a day and saved the money really fast!! There you are!!! Wink! Peter Sydney Australia
  7. Al solved! Thx all! Peter Sydney Australia
  8. All seems to be working well now! Thx! All I need to know now, is to how to change the distance to view traffic, on the Captain's instrument panel. It only appears on the co-pilot's panel, when I turn the distance knob,which does not show the necessary green TCAS sign. Any ideas of how to change the Captain's panel screen? Pete
  9. I've installed UT2 on my new computer. It seems ok, but traffic almost all disappears within 5 min. at an airport. My PIC737 Evolution, instrument panel doesn't show any little diamonds during flight. The panel shows green TCAS. When traffic is visible, on the ground, all the liveries are good. FS aircraft set to maximum. Frame rates great. Any ideas on how to keep full traffic there & in the air? i7 670 GTX 970 64bit Pete Sydney Australia
  10. Andy, Can't see what to do, to select & attach a jpeg screen shot!
  11. Great Andy! Captured the LOC. Pressed APP, but it wouldn't start the descent. It had to land from there manually? Any ideas?
  12. Thx Andy. I can only set the right hand NAV radio to 109.5. When I cross to the left little NAV on Auto side. There seems to be only 2 numbers available on the whole number side. I get to the Heathrow left turn to incept the VOR, everything seems in place, but it just sails past with no interception. Any ideas? Thx for your help!
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