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  1. If I were Microsoft and followed the high quality of 'debate' in this thread, I would probably consider cancelling the project altogether. I own a VR headset and hope to be able to use it at some point in their new sim. Dave.
  2. If Microsoft don't confirm implementation of VR in the new flight simulator by 31st October, we will leave without a deal. Dave.
  3. Wow, can you please share the source of all these revelations? Dave.
  4. Perhaps they should rename the company to Design Group 😈 Dave.
  5. Was that Peter McLeland? Dave.
  6. Thanks Brett, I can get the Rift S working with FlyInside, but I did have to uninstall ChasePlane and Environment Force first. I hope that there will be fixes for them both to work in the Rift soon. I still have a way to go before I get this working as well as it did with my original Rift in both FSX and P3D though. One problem at the moment is how to get rid of the Touch hands so that I can use the blue dot for interaction with FlyInside - I would be grateful if anyone knows how to achieve this. Dave.
  7. Does FlyInside currently work with the latest version of P3D? I now have an Oculus Rift S for use in P3D, version which works using the native VR in P3D, but am having many issues using FlyInside P3D4 PRO 1.98 OVR 1300 If it is possible to run FlyInside successfully, I believe that I will have to uninstall Chaseplane and REX Environment Force to achieve it - can anyone confirm ? Dave.
  8. I haven't yet seen any comments regarding the improvement in rendering Photo Scenery. How do you select the higher resolutions, and has anybody tried it? Dave.
  9. I am sorry, but your reply does not gel with the above quotes from the Introduction pdf file which I received with the product. I moved from FSX to P3D v4 specifically to take advantage of the 64 bit platform, and that is why I bought this aircraft. It was 20 dollars more expensive than the 32 bit version (and the most expensive aircraft I have ever bought), yet the manual is 3 years old and does not relate to the 64 bit environment. This is not what I would expect from a company which is considered by many to set the benchmark for quality. Dave Belsey.
  10. I have recently purchased the 737 NGX for P3D v4.3 running in Windows 10. The installation went well and I can access manuals via the Operations Centre. Unfortunately, they are dated 2015 and give details of how to set up the 32 bit version in Windows 7, with pages dealing with VAS issues for example. I have since downloaded the manuals from the PMDG website, but these are the same. Surely there should be updated and relevant documentation for the 64 bit simulator? Dave Belsey.
  11. Littlenavmap is a freeware external program, so should work then? The real question though is can you interact with the mouse (the touch controllers would be no real use)? Dave.
  12. Hi, If you use this method to import (say) LittleNavMap into the cockpit in P3D, can you then use the mouse to interact with the software in that environment? This would make it similar to my current FSX with Flyinside arrangement, and may convince me to try P3D. Dave.
  13. I hear you, but FlyInside creates its' own cfg BASED ON your existing cfg. As this already includes many changes, which of these are necessary/unnecessary - affinity mask and the like, for instance. It would be nice to reduce the shimmering of glass panels and digital displays, in addition to getting the sharpest image possible. I do have the Oculus Tray Tools running .... at resolution 5664 x 2976, with a FOV of 104% it achieves 2.01 pixel density. The debug tool seems to be defaulting to 2.0 but I don't think this works usuing FlyInside, just on other native VR games. Dave.
  14. If that is true, does that mean that anything in the fsx_Flyinside.cfg file only affects the display on the monitor (which is irrelevant to the Rift user) ? D\ave.
  15. I am using FSX with FlyInside on the Oculus Rift with an overclocked i7 4790K and GTX1080ti. As so many others, I love the experience but would like to optimise the graphics. What settings can be tweaked in the fsx_Flyinside.cfg file, and Is there any improvement to be made using Nvidia Inspector or the Nvidia Control Panel ? If so, would this be applied to fsx_Flyinside.cfg or OculusClient.exe ? Dave.
  16. http://www.uk2000scenery.org/forum/index.php?topic=8387.0 Dave.
  17. It's easy to understand Christopher ..... all the time people keep throwing money at them, they will continue to produce sub-standard products. Dave.
  18. Is the desktop icon pointing to the location of your current install of the program? Right-click on the icon, select 'Properties', and make sure that the target is correct. Dave.
  19. Perhaps Top Gear can return to the days when it was a program the man-in-the-street would watch to help choose his next car. Not everyone wanted it to become 'Men Behaving Badly' without the humour, but with access to ridiculous motors. Dave. Cue flames .........
  20. If DTG do not offer reasonable terms to 3rd party developers, those developers can still sell their wares to users on the various other platforms as they do currently. The loser in that scenario will be DTG ..... users require a constant stream of quality add-ons - if that isn't available on a forthcoming new simulator, they will vote with their wallets. Dave.
  21. Hi Mark, I understand about the bounding box, but I had not considered the Brightness and Contrast settings in the ini file- by default mine were set at -6.00 and +12.00 I changed both of these to 0 and redownloaded, but the bmp and bgl still do not look the same as the image in FSET. In this pic, I show the same area in FSET but outside of the bounding box, together with the new download image. It still seems to me that the colours of the image in FSET are different to what is being downloaded. There is more detail and more green in FSET. I will try to find a more obvious example than this one, if it will help. Dave.
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