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  2. pschlute

    New Super VC10 Panel Upgrade

    Don't electrocute yourself Nicholas !
  3. pschlute

    Broken .AIR Installer

    I give up.
  4. pschlute

    Broken .AIR Installer

    Warren Please listen to what I and others have been trying to tell you. The .air file part of an aircraft download is not an installer, has never been and never will be an installer, you are wrong in saying you have used them to install aircraft. You have not. It is not a compatability problem with Adobe Air, but an association problem. Adobe Air knows nothing about flightsim .air files, never has done and never will do. There is no patch or fix because none is required.. Please read the thread from the beginning, because otherwise you will just end up going in circles.
  5. pschlute

    Broken .AIR Installer

    If he had followed the earlier advice of uninstalling Adobe Air, and your advice of re-associating .air files , this thread wouldnt now be on its second page. If folk come on to forums asking for advice they should follow the advice they are given.
  6. pschlute

    Broken .AIR Installer

    Adobe Air is a program that uses the .air extension. It has nothing to do with flight simulation, and if you dont use the program I suggest you uninstall it completely. As far as "installing" aircraft to FS9 is concerned you simply place the aircraft folder in the FS9 folder called "aircraft".
  7. pschlute

    Problem with AISmooth

    I am having difficulty understanding exactly what your problem is. Try using paragraphs. AISmooth and AI seperation wont change scheldules or delete aircraft, they will just stop an AI aircraft if if meets the requirements you set and either make it go around or remove it from your current flight. The same aircraft will appear at the same day/time next time you start the sim. If you dont have any seperation programs running, why would you not expect it to approach and land?
  8. pschlute

    FS92004 Quadrant

    Are they showing as assigned in the FS9 settings ?
  9. pschlute

    PSS Concorde problem

    I had the PSS Concorde, but experienced problems with the flight dynamics, usually near the end of descent. I switched to the SSTSIM It may not look so nice, but it is a much better product with a very realistic triple INS system and better handling characteristics.
  10. pschlute

    PSS Concorde problem

    Here is a KJFK-EGLL plan. Decel point is 29nm before BARIX. Flying eastwards there is no set acceleration point (unlike EGLL-KJFK) as you are out over water straight away. So it will depend on ATC clearance. You can do a continuous acceleration departure. So keep to 250KIAS initially then accelerate to 400 KIAS and upon reaching that speed go straight to MAX CLB. You can speed up before 10,000 feet as Concorde usually got early clearance to accelerate/climb
  11. Turn off "desktop composition" and disable "visual themes" from the desktop...right click/properties. Run FS9 in windowed mode, not full screen. FS9.1 update must be run from the FS9 root folder.
  12. pschlute

    AI Traffic Question

    Well They all compliment each other. Flightplans that you may find on the aplpha india site will be the same ones that are used in the WOAI packages. Aircraft that are used in the WOAI packages will be from a variety of sources including the UTT website and also FAIB and older models such as AI Aardvark and The fruit Stand. You can also find the flightplans and the base models/aircraft liveries in the libraries here at Avsim and other sim sites. So there is no answer as to which is better, but you will find as a beginner the WOAI package easier to install as it contains everything you need for one airline Using resources such as AIFP you can create your own flightplans too ps. there is no payware traffic program that is up to date.
  13. pschlute

    AI Traffic Question You can install these automatically or manually
  14. pschlute

    FAIB AI Model Issues

    I dont know what to suggest. I have 30 different FAIB aircraft types, many of which have more than one model folder within them. All of them display correctly. Have you downloaded the latest versions of the base models? Make sure you use the FS9 versions, and use a texture for that specific type and model.
  15. pschlute

    New Super VC10 Panel Upgrade

    Downloaded, thanks Nicholas. BTW are you finding the library slow to start a download since the website upgrade ?