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  1. I have been following this topic and wonder if regenerating my Prepar3d.cfg file will correct another problem that I have. Going into Scenery Library, I see that, in many entries in the Enable column, the box is greyed out. This only applies to entries that are enabled (and not all of them) and this means it is not possible to select these entries in order to Move, Edit, Add or Delete the area. Is this due to some fault in my setup or is it a 'feature' of P3D 4.5 HF1? If the former, what is the fault and how can I fix it? If the latter, why is it happening? Another 'feature' of P3D 4.5 is that there seems to be no correlation between Scenery Library and Scenery.cfg. It used to be possible to manually edit Scenery.cfg and the result would appear in Scenery Library. But if this is attempted now, P3D freezes and demands to be restarted. I assume LM must have had a good reason for making this change but it's very inconvenient! And some scenery programs, e.g. Orbx, have a nasty habit of forcing their entries to the top of Scenery Library - can this be stopped/corrected? I hope someone can answer my questions! Thanks for any help with these problems... Mark
  2. Thanks, downscc, for your reply. To answer your points:- 1. "Auto Cruise" is the term used in Tutorial _1. 2, Yes, it's "AUTO TIME COMPRESSION" on the Auto Cruise page of the FMC. 3. I have selected the rate of x4. 4. Weather is stable with a tail jet stream of 167 knots. But I have found the answer... I went back to the Auto Cruise page and clicked on RESET and Hey Presto! Auto Cruise engaged. I have never encountered this before and I've used the process many times on other long flights. Sorry to have troubled you. Perhaps this thread will help someone else with the same problem. Regards, Mark
  3. Up to yesterday, PMDG B-777 Auto Cruise was working perfectly, but now, in spite of flying straight and level at a constant speed, I cannot make it engage. I have tried using both the method of right-clicking on the clock and also setting AUTO TIME COMPRESSION to 'ON' in the FMC. Neither of these will turn on Auto Cruise. Any ideas, anyone?
  4. During a long flight I had to change my destination to an alternate and now, approaching this airport, I cannot see how to tune the NAV radios to the ILS localizer frequency. When I press NAV RAD, the VOR L and VOR R have frequencies allocated to them, but ILS just says 'PARK'. How can I make the NAV show any ILS frequency? Mark
  5. Hi Michael, Your suggestion of an auto-save program proved to be the answer to the pauses. I eliminated Avast as the cause by excluding all folders related to P3D. I then opened the FSUIPC window under Add-ons and changed the setting from 60 secs to 180 secs. I've just timed the interval between pauses and - guess what! - it's 3 minutes. Thank you for your help. I'd never have thought of that by myself. Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi Dan, I'm sure you're right, that it isn't the FSDT version of Vancouver that is causing the pauses, because they are still appearing when the 777 is a long way away from CYVR. As for Windows Defender, it is not enabled on this computer at present, because AVAST Security is taking its place. Maybe that's what is causing the problem? I'll check... Thanks anyway! Cheers, Mark
  7. freded


    Hi Andy, Many thanks for your very clear & concise reply. I'll have another go at it and try line-selecting the next waypoint and copying to the top of the plan. Are there in fact any ATC addons that are aware of SIDS and STARs? Cheers, Mark
  8. freded


    I'd appreciate some advice on 'VECTORS'. I have set up a flight from Vancouver BC (CYVR) to Sydney Australia (YSSY) and the Route starts with three VECTORS waypoints. I have no idea how to deal with these. The flight starts at Runway 08L and the first Vector is on a heading of 083, which makes sense, but the aircraft simply heads in that direction for 'ever'. It does not switch to the next Vector or continue with the route set up in the FMC. I tried using ATC to direct me to Sydney but was unable to make the 777-300 capture the route, as I am used to doing with a FSX/P3D flight in other aircraft. Any suggestions?
  9. I am suddenly encountering frequent pauses, lasting a few seconds, of the 777 in P3D version 3.142. This didn't happen originally with this aircraft. Could it be due simply to changing scenery from Dulles to Vancouver, BC? The frame rates have also declined. Both sceneries are enhanced above the default ones. Vancouver is by FSDreamTeam.
  10. Yes, a typo seems very likely, although it says: "... The ANOR2A approach ends at MIQ, which is a transition for Runway 26L. In order to provide a more complete picture, though, we have requested and have been approved for 27L." So who knows?! I don't know which AIRAC was used when the Tutorial was made. I am using an up to date version from Navigraph. Thanks again for your help.
  11. Hi Romain, Thanks for replying so quickly! So I guessed correctly about the STAR renaming. But still don't understand why both 26L and 27L are mentioned on the same page. I see that the magnetic variation would result in the runway denomination changing over time and it's probable that this had happened since AeroSoft created their version of EDDM (in 2015). But this still doesn't explain why Kyle used both codings! So I'll use ANOR3A and ignore '27L'.
  12. Tutorial 1.5, pages 53 & 54, mentions ANOR2A approach for EDDM, but there is no ANOR2A in the EDDM ARRIVALS on the CDUs. There are 32 STARS on the 7 pages but the only ANOR** approach is ANOR3A, which shows up twice - once for NDM08L Approach and once for NDM08R. Is this because the latest Navaid has changed the name? The other problem, also on Page 54, is the mention of "Runway 27L". No such runway exists at EDDM, according to the 'AeroSoft Mega Airport Munich' Charts.pdf, which shows only Rwys 08L, 08R, 26L & 26R. Should I therefore choose ANOR3A for the approach and ignore the mention of '27L' ?
  13. Thanks Michael, I thought PFPX sounded familiar... I found it on my computer - I had installed it last September ! I'll give it a go. Thanks also for the method of creating routes in the FMC. I must get down to reading FCOM 2.
  14. Thanks Michael, for the congrats! Yes, I do persevere - though my wife calls it stubbornness! I think when I've completed Tutorial 1.5's flight (she's off the ground now & heading fo SWANN), that I'll try a different route, using Tut. 1.5 as a guide. But how do you import/create a flight plan for the 777? Can you import one from FSX/P3D? Or make one complete with SID & STAR from inside the FMC? I can't find anything describing this in the Tutorials or in the Introduction.
  15. Hooray! I've got her on Runway 30 at last! Now to actually fly the Triple-Seven...
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