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  1. I see it too and hopeful it will be fixed.
  2. do you need the complete edition of SPAD.NEXT for it to recognize StreamDeck?
  3. Until now only PMDG could get me this excited!
  4. Thank you Roy! The virtuous man is the happiest man.
  5. A warning to anyone thinking of using steam verify files!
  6. In msfs you have only 10 custom view slots is there a work around to be able to save more views?
  7. after the update yes disappointing most of the time!
  8. Didn't have this problem before the update!
  9. yes London is melting after the update. Didn't happen before.
  10. Does this in anyway explain... "Asobo indicated that they turned off a particular rendering channel because it needed more time in development to solve a few problems, and it just happens that the DC-6 benefits significantly from this particular channel- hence we saw the loss of performance in the release build. The good news, however, is that they were able to resolve the issues they were experiencing, and this channel is expected to be reactivated in a subsequent update from Asobo" - Robert Randazzo
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