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  1. Are you sure there are not multiple controllers active on the same axis? I had general control problems on all aircraft with some similarities to what you describe here after I left an X-Box controller plugged in.
  2. I a m pretty sure MSFS already uses Open Street Map data. Autogen in areas without photogrammetry is almost 100% similar to X-Plane X-Europe with regards to building placement. An easy tell is bridge pylons/ constructions. Unfortunately theses are converted to houses/building blocks. So road bridges have sudden buildings across them with cars mostly running into these buildings. In areas with good Open Street Map coverage autogen buildings line up almost perfectly to the satellite pictures.
  3. I prefer the openstreet map autogen you get after you turn off photogrammetry. Strange thing is that there are photogrammetry objects even outside the normal city zones. Usually a few landmarks. I didn’t see a rise in frame rate after ditching photogrammetry. I know that if you turn it off the sim needs a restart before it wipes the objects but even after restarting the frame rate does not improve. (Noticed the same thing with ortho scenery.)
  4. If you mean LFPG then it works for me. Spawned there a few minutes ago. Now trying Southampton, it feels like the loading screens take more and time, maybe they need to increase the number of Azure servers to host the game. Eeh, probably forgot to select departure but I spawned without problems above Southampton just now. [edit] ah, now I see its not an airport. Learned something today 😁
  5. Around KSFO the Photogrammetry has some terrible parts with molten buildings and giant solid loading cranes. Just try that area with normal autogen (turn Photogrammetry off, its under the Data options). I think it looks much better with ‘normal’ autogen. The strange thing is that I see no framerate differences switching between all data off, only Photogrammetry off, all data on. I expected to win at last some frame rates with just the basic textures. Kind of hoped to use that to get complex aircraft to run more smoothly.
  6. Gamepass is Microsofts bid to become a Netflix of games. At the moment they don’t care they are losing money on it. They will only keep doing this if the gained market is large enough and can be made profitable. If its profitable enough there is nothing to worry about. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-game-pass-is-not-a-big-moneymaker-right-now-b/1100-6480241/ Would be interested in any independent sales info you have. That would be next to impossible as most of the sales are digital and directly from Microsoft. Aerosoft running out of Premium Deluxe DVDs tells us next to nothing. It would surprise me if a niche simulator product goes on to top the sales charts. Let alone one that for now needs a beefy PC. Also consider that FS can be tried/played by taking a month of PC gamepass for $ 1. Lots of people playing and streaming now says nothing about profits made. For the record. I play FS2020 while still on a free 3 month trail that was included with my graphics card. I will probably keep the subscription and pay a few moths more to experience FS some more. It will be some time before they make $ 60 from me playing FS2020.
  7. They are not even close on getting their investment back and this sim will always have a running cost for them as it is dependent on a large online infrastructure. For the moment they are okay with this, they are still building a diverse library for the Gamepass buisiness. But be under no illusions. If the X-Series consoles fails to keep / grow market share and gamepass shows no signs of becoming profitable they will drop MSFS as fast as they can.
  8. Not sure if my information is useful here but there is a small chance this could also have an impact on FS so I’ll share it. Are any of you using the FS Steam version? I have X-Plane via Steam and none of my (very old) CH controllers where available there. Only my X-Box gamepad showed up. This was caused by the Steam App Controller settings. I had to remove ’Generic gamepad support’ in Steam, after that my controllers showed up. So it couldn’t hurt to look into Steam gamepad settings.
  9. A lot of FS2020 depends on online. Azure servers providing terrain, weather and traffic for you to enjoy. Keeping this infrastructure running costs them money. The subscription model they have now for PC and X-Box is priced to gain them marketshare it doesn’t generate enough profit to pay for the 3rd party software they ‘give away’ nor does it help them with server running costs. Bottom line FS is part of a business. If this ‘game’ is not popular enough on their game pass service they will cancel it like Netflix does with series that fail to generate enough viewers. The past has shown us that Microsoft isn’t shy to make these business decisions. If it doesn’t make them enough money they will cut support.
  10. It will forget things like previous selected airports but Alt F4 is the fastest way to close.
  11. This is a side effect from one of the techniques they use to generate the scenery. When you look at it from a normal VFR flying height it looks amazing. I flew the via drone view in the greater New York area and came across a train yard with trains, containers, parked cars. All these items get a rough mesh underneath them to make them ‘pop’. Off course when you go really low and slow (or when we get helicopters) you will see part off how the sausage is made. The New-York scenery has bridges that rise up out of the water, solid walls on either side. Some of them have solid pylons that make ramps out of the road and the traffic jumps over the Dukes of Hazard style. The Manhattan Island area in New York is either hand corrected or uses a different technique so there it looks a lot better. As I said from a normal sightseeing flying height it looks great. I hope they can fine tune their algorithm or maybe do a better cross check with other data sources.
  12. I believe photo scenery has its place but it also has obvious drawbacks. You will never get cloudless high res satellite imagery from the whole world let alone useful seasons. Shadows are also baked in, the wind turbines models are alway accompanied with their flat twin ghosts baked into the scenery. Military installations and sites like nuclear plants are blurred and the list goes on. I take it for granted that these things ‘pop up’ with this method but it’s far from ideal. I don’t care if it is X-Plane Next or whatever other company that comes up with a solution. With photo scenery I always had a first ‘wow, this is great’ period shortly followed by disappointment after a look at how the sausage is made. If someone comes up with a better alternative I will certainly give it a chance. Don’t know if you ever experienced it but long ago we had TRI Fly and Fly2. There we already had tools to convert USG land use data into a synthetic satellite photo. A similar system using the better data we have available now and better base textures could possibly make a real looking synthetic world without color differences, ugly artifacts and do this for multiple seasons. It might look a bit too clean but it would also have its advantages. The result could be streamed like FS2020 already does. I would love the possibilities that such a solution would bring.
  13. Nowadays installing Ortho4XP on windows is as simple as dropping the precompiled stable release in a folder and pointing it to your X-Plane install. The Linux and OS-X users are not so lucky but who cares? If you are singing the praises of FS2020 I am pretty sure that you are on Windows. By the way look at all the posts from people that had problems installing FS2020, read the Steam forum. There are always people that get into problems, even with something as simple as a FS2020 install. But hey if you have any interest in photo scenery and you where successful in installing FS2020 you too can enjoy world wide photo scenery without pre compiling, installing tools and guaranteeing that you have unlimited drivespace. And it looks pretty good too. Always nice to have options.
  14. Really? Using Ortho4XP is that hard? I don’t know, I just kind of looked up the location of Phoenix Deer Valley AirPort in that comparison video. Started Ortho4XP and clicked on the tile, compared the available photo sources and found that USA2 had better images then Bing. Clicked on generate and made myself a sandwich. 20 minutes later I returned and the scenery was ready. Yes I had to open scenery_packs.ini and had to move the new entry from the top to the bottom of the list. Way hard to do (you never had to change scenery priority in FS9 or FS-X I guess). Re-Flying that circuit in FS2020 and X-Plane with Ortho4XP is nice. You can see the landmarks he uses and have a relaxing flight. Go ahead fly a bit around that wonderful circuit at Phoenix Deer Valley AirPort. It’s not that hard to spot an ugly seam. Lots of water in what should be dry creeks and To top it all off The Lone Cactus landfill. It’s to the right from where we takeoff in the video. The guy never mentions It and the camera never shows it. Talk about a good comparison. (First picture is the Landfill, second picture the dry creek and a seem). The thing is the only thing you can do in FS2020 is mention it tomtheir Zendesk but I am pretty sure seems and color differences in photo scenery will never get resolved. It’s inherent to the technique.
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