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  1. There is a way to type in a Custom GPS on the Map screen in the lefthand search bar and it will put a pin for your plane to fly to. however, when I start the flight the flight plan is not showing up. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  2. It's currently 1:22AM UTC September 2nd. It wouldn't have been between 7-8 UTC at the time I experienced it, but maybe the maintenance has something to do with it anyway. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Did it look as bad as this or worse? (First image is the scenery, 2nd is the location of the observation)
  4. Yeah I did check that, I had 114Mbps download and around 5Mbps Upload so I didn't think that was the issue o.o
  5. Is it just me, or are the textures rather questionable sometimes? Here are a couple examples about what I mean... Btw Graphics are set to the Max Settings and I have a RTX 2080 TI
  6. Wow, what the heck lol. Yeah that fixed it. Btw, do you know why they would specifically make such an option for the aileron trim & AP simultaneously in the same switch? Just wondering
  7. I am posting this video to show a problem I found with the TBR 930 in MSFS 2020. I cannot engage the Auto Pilot, and the Aileron trim is definitely non functional. Any ideas what's going on?
  8. Toggling the TKS did make a positive difference. But I had it off up until the stall situation. Also, how do you know? lol
  9. Just as you asked that the Stall horn came on XD The engine is on full power to maintain altitude/speed and it is pitching up. I guess maybe I was impatient. I thought the affects would be more dramatic in a shorter period of time, but at least I finally did notice something
  10. What the heck lol. Look closely at my wing. It looks like there's more than 1 inch of ice on it
  11. Well I had this set to "Snow" and increased cloud coverage to 100% and lowered temperatures even lower than the preset option. This is as much ice as I could get to accumulate. It doesn't seem as if performance was affected. So I am not sure what is causing the difference in our experiences. If you notice anything giving a way a sign of the possible cause in the screenshots, please let me know
  12. what weather conditions did you use? I just cant get the plane to produce an observable affect. Maybe I am simply word not allowed of what the affects may be. But I definitely didn't crash because of it, and I had some pretty radical conditions set. But enough people have said there is an affect that I believe there should be. Wish I could notice it.
  13. Nice lol. That's actually pretty cool But I did try the other Aircrafts btw such as the Cessna 172 with the same result. At least for me, I don't notice anything adverse when flying with Ice Effect "On". I even switched it to "Visual Only" to see if the Boolean got swapped somehow in a software bug but that didn't affect anything either
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