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  1. But does it match your TAS, which is the actual value you should be comparing?
  2. I’m more of an Epiphone man myself haha. I completely agree about now being the golden hour for Carenado, but I kinda feel differently as to how they should take advantage of it the most. If they could port over all their single and twin engine GA aircraft, and most importantly, sell them for $10, I think they could make a killing. I've been an FSEconomy play for years, and if the growth there in the last month is anything to go by, there is a huge market for a large variety of simple GA aircraft.
  3. Does anyone know what Carenado’s long terms plans for MSFS is regarding their back catalogue of aircraft? Do we expect most aircraft to be upgraded, or just a select few? I’m more interested in aircraft King Air size and smaller, so not their larger jets and regional aircraft. Also, how about Alabeo aircraft? They have been quiet for a while. Would Carenado take over any upgrades if they choose not too?
  4. I think the point is not so much people “updating” their own copy for personal use, but releasing an illegitimate version for the public to download. Using your example, it’s like taking a tape recording, digitising it and burning it to CD, and then making a 1000 copies and selling them at the local shops.
  5. This needs to be posted over on the official MSFS forum too. A lot of new FS players go there first.
  6. So, it turnout this was user error. Whoops. I had enabled the legacy flight model to test a FSX model I had attempted to port, and simply forgot about it. Interestingly, the King Air seemed substantially more affected by it than other aircraft. Thanks all for the help.
  7. So just flew it after re downloading through the content manager, and no change. The elevator required to takeoff is almost full aft, with trim set to takeoff. Lateral stability is almost non existent, any small bump will send the aircraft into a huge bank, and the roll response is now glacial. It wasn't this bad a few days ago. Is this an update induced bug?
  8. I have been playing around with some mods in the community folder, that's why I think something may have got screwed up. I've deleted those, and never touched the Asobo files, but still may have buggered something.
  9. I'm convinced there's something wrong with my installation now. It's literally so bad that the forums would be exploding if this was happening to everyone else too. So, how can I fix it? Can I delete the the aircraft folder completely and will it rebuild automatically?
  10. Every takeoff since the update, requires full aft elevator (as in I hit the stop on my Honeycomb alpha) just to get 5-10 degrees pitch up on takeoff. Also, 30-40 degrees of bank from minor turbulence with extremely delayed roll inputs making it almost impossible to correct. On landing, so much aft trim is required to keep the controls roughly centered, the trim wheel hits the rear stop. Also stalled at about 120Kts, when prior, it didn't want to touch down below 90. Same roll response as above too. I've checked the control settings, nothing has changed from prior to the update. Also checked weight & balance, and couldn't see anything glaring. Is this happening to anyone else, or just me? Is it possible my aircraft has become corrupted somehow? Will deleting it completely rebuild it from the server the next time start up?
  11. Not all RNAV approaches have vertical guidance. If that’s the case, the height programmed into the GPS for each leg is most likely the minimum altitude that provides terrain clearance. It is not the optimum decent path.
  12. Wow, calm down. Nothing wrong with people wanting something in their sim for nostalgic reasons. No one is forcing you to have it too.
  13. I’ve moved from my X55 stick to a Honeycomb yoke, and no longer have a rudder axis available as I was using the twist of the stick. No worries, I’ll just enable auto rudder until I can get some pedals. After trying all the different options, it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried mapping the on/off, toggle and set functions, but nothing really seems to do anything. Any clues or ideas?
  14. Surely we just need Orbx to port this over? https://orbxdirect.com/product/kcgx
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