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  1. norman_99

    Hot starts with Bill's mods

    Hi Bill, would you mind sending me the update for P3Dv4.4 too please. At the moment my starts hang at about 15-20% unless I disengage the starter, then they continue normally. Many Thanks.
  2. norman_99

    B200 Raisbeck Epic Prop Lever Problem

    I’m having similar but not identical issues too. Once I reach the cruise, I cannot reduce the prop RPM below 1900. Pulling the pitch controls back has no further effect, even when they are placed into feather. Also my power settings seem way off. 28,000ft, -27°C (ISA +14), full throttle and 1900RPM gives 1345ft-lbs, 785°C ITT, 101.3%Ng and 250pph fuel flow. This happens regardless of how I start the flight (cold & dark or already running) and without touching the auto feather switch. Using version 1.0 with P3D v4.4 and Win 10.
  3. norman_99

    request for Cessna 414

    It’s basically the same plane just underpowered. Too similar to the 421C I think, unless they model the original non ‘A’ model, with tip tanks and the stupid fuel system. A non-geared, non- pressurised, 402A/B or C would be even better. (Yes, I’m aware of the flysimware model)
  4. Hi everyone, due to a lack of space I’m looking at getting a laptop for use with P3D and have two questions. It’ll have a 17” display, and I have a choice between 1080p and QHD (2560x1440). Given the screen size, both options would have a high pixel density and so I assume antialiasing can be kept reasonably low. My first question, is there a difference in image quality and GPU load between 1080p with a mid AA setting, and QHD with a low AA setting? Would AA even be needed on the QHD screen at 17”? Secondly, would a GTX 1070 be sufficient to run at these resolutions, or is a 1080 really recommended? There’s a huge price difference between two. I understand Dynamic lighting, shadows etc all play a part but just looking for a broad opinion. Thanks in advance, Michael
  5. norman_99

    [Autogen] California - Work in Progress

    Hi Roland, I also use MegaScenery SOCAL v3.0, with Ultra Res LA & San Diego on top. Is your autogen compatible with either of these photoreal packages or only the BlueSky product? Either way it's absolutely amazing work. Cheers.
  6. G'day,I was just wondering of there are any plans to introduce a form of uncontrolled airspace in a future version of RC. I do most of my flying in Australia and outside the major cities, the class E airspace floor is 8,500 if in radar coverage, or 12,500 outside. Because of this ATC will never clear you for approaches to these airports, but simply give you a clearence to leave on descent, as well as information on any IFR and known VFR traffic. The rest is left up to the crew to do.I know it's possible to select the departure or destination as uncontrolled, but the center controller just takes over the ATC duties, so the system is not completely accurate when operating in Australia. I also understand that RC divides airspace up into vertical sectors, and therefore was wondering if it would be possible to creat an uncontrolled sector, with the option of allowing the user to set the hight of controlled airspace, similar to setting the MSA. That way it would still be possible to operate IFR, with appropriate calls, such as CTAF, as well as taxi & departure calls to ATC, but be able to track as you'd like, only getting a clearence once reaching the controlled airspace.I know that a feature like this may take a lot of work include and that i'm probabily the only person who's requesting it so i totatlly understand if it's not on your list of priorities, but i'd just like to if the idea has been brought up before. Even if you don't plan on including it, thanks for a great program, FS just isn't the same without it.SincerlyMichael
  7. G'day,Just wondering if there had been any thought given to the idea above.ThanksMichael
  8. Hi Jim,Thanks for the help, but unfortunatly the only internet access i'll be having for the next few months will be thru a cafe. I guess i was just wondering if it would be easy to make the archive download screen as a seperate exe that could be run from a USB drive. I've tried all sorts of ways of installing and running AS on a USB drive but with no luck. I realise i'm probabily the only person who'd like this capability, so i completly understand if it can't be done.Thanks AgainMichael
  9. G'day,I was just wondering if it would be possible to download past weather using a seperate interface then AS6. I ask because I don't have direct net access now for the next few months, but would still like to download the entire weather for the last week on a seperate computer (Say at a cafe). Maybe this could be via a web page, or a seperate program. I realise that this is not the most requested new feature (if requested all), but it would greatly enhance the experience for people without a direct internet conection like myself. Any ideas or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks, and keep up the great work.Michael
  10. norman_99

    Class G Airspace?

    Subs,Thanks for your quick reply. I realise that different classes of airspace aren't modelled, which isn't a problem as to IFR aircraft they're all very similar (G aside). I was just curious to know if there have been any thoughts about an "uncontrolled" sector, or something similar. Till then, cancel IFR might be the way to go.Thanks again and keep up the great work.Michael
  11. norman_99

    Class G Airspace?

    G'day,Firstly let me start by saying what a great addition to FS radar contact is, keep up the good work guys.I do have a question regarding operations to uncontrolled airports though. I realise in the US that the floor of class E airspace is much lower, and therefore IFR flights will recieve clearences for approaches into most airports. But in australia, Class E exists from either 8500 or 12500 and up. Once an IFR aircraft is at TOD, they simply get "cleared to leave controlled airspace on decent", and passing either 9000 or 13000, get told "contol services terminated, contact center on ***.**, the class G area frequency. Aircraft therefore never get cleared for approaches because they occur outside controlled airspace. The class G frequency continues to provide traffic info to IFR aircraft, such as "traffic for your decent to armidale is eastern 2023, IFR dash 8, currently ***, expecting armidale at ***" but no control servecies. On takeoff, you make a taxi call on the class g airspace, and possibly get a code if in radar coverage, but don't get a clearence. Once airborne you make a departure report on the same frequency, and only get a clearence if climbing into the overlying E airspace.I realise that it's impossible to model every copuntries procedures, but was wondering if there'd been any thought put into simulating non controlled airspace in a similar way. Maybe through an input for Class E floor on the controllers page, similar to the LSALT input.This is mearly a suggestion an in no way a critisism of the hard work everybodys done, but i'd be interested in any ideas you have about this area.Thanks for a great productMichael