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  1. Since my disappointing purchase of the b1900 from Calorado several years ago, I notice that they deliver plenty of aircrafts to the sim community. My question is, however, how can they stay in business if most of their aircrafts are always seen as 'incomplete'. Or, rather, is it technical limitations that holds them back( read, lack of expertise in aircraft systems). I am just curious to know if they communicate with their customers regularly. tc
  2. flyforever

    Joystick doesn't work completely

    Have you configured the joystick in windows game controller ? If not, that's probably your problem.
  3. flyforever

    Why is this forum dying?

    just a theory. FSX has many bugs and required a lot of tweaking, thus the many questions on the various forums. The sims have now become quite stable, so it's understandable that fewer and fewer people will have questions. I remember the days that I'd spend on tweaking AA or or nvidia settings. Now I don't do it anymore. tc
  4. flyforever

    Why do yoke and throttle makers not use Hall Effect sensors?

    The price of $3.50 does not include the circuit board and the mechanical components. Essentially, the chip alone is useless. As to the Thrustmaster, only a mass produced unit that sells potentially millions can justify the use of hall sensors. That is, if i were guaranteed 100,000 or more sales of my product, I would contract for 400,000 hall sensor pots at a great discount. This calculation does not apply on small quantities. Clearly, Saitek had the market to go hall. They didn't because it added a few additional dollars net profit per unit to their sales.
  5. flyforever

    Why do yoke and throttle makers not use Hall Effect sensors?

    Pots based on hall sensor technology still cost an average of 30-50 each. I agree that customers should at least have a choice to pay the additional cost. It's important to remember that if item A costs 200 without hall sensors , and that same item costs 400 with hall sensors, that's twice the cost. The customer needs to know and must have a choice. My approach is to have hardware in which some wearable components like pots can be changed easily, which is not the case with the Saitek.
  6. With other "academic" software, a user must show proof of being either a student at some academic institution or show employment with an academic institution. It's possible that LM is working with a loop hole regarding this definition, but Microsoft any no trouble selling both versions of FSX as "professional development" and as "entertainment". To look the other way is like a drug dealer leaving the drugs in a corner and looking the other way while the buyer takes the goods and leaves the money. It's clear that DTG knew this before they purchased FSX. The fact that some other party was interested in purchasing FSX, before DTG outbid them, shows that there is , indeed, a third party interested. What is new and costly are all the licenses that FSW is based on: Orbx, A2A, True Sky, etc. The new buyer would have to establish new conditions with these parties in order to go forward. Also, as with the civil aircraft business, the question I ask, "is there room for 4 sims? In 30 years of flight simming development, truly new ones like Flight unlimited and Fly failed. Xplane is the love child of one individual, and P3d is an extended version of FSX. This tells me that the return on investment on a new, revolutionary flight sim platform is elusive, especially now that many users expect the best of the best for hardly any money. As with any failure, new opportunities arise. It's possible that FSW will be sold for a fraction to a new buyer, thus giving it a new lease. Lastly, Steve Hood was a smart and visionary individual. Who told him that they could put out a complete , award winning best seller in less than on year? Someone failed to tell him that 5 years in the red before breaking even is most likely a better scenario in a sim.
  7. Most people who purchase complex throttle quadrants still need to expect careful calibration of all the axis in Windows Control Panel. More over, even real aircrafts exhibit less than perfect throttle synchronization between one lever and another. I am designing a 747 quadrant for a 747 pilot, and he's the one who laughs at some of the things that simmers don't know because they don't fly real airplanes for a living. I, too, didn't this until he told me. It's ironic that when we want a sim to be as real as possible, we forget that "real" is not always easy. It still requires the pilot's hand for fine control. Most pots are susceptible to some creep due to wear and temperature. When you're dealing with one throttle and one axis, the problem is not obvious. When you add more throttles, the problem is more noticeable.
  8. flyforever

    no joystick

    It was a bad plug in. Once I removed it, joysticks came back. thanks tony
  9. Maybe that's the problem with having too many sims. I have not come to xplane11 for several months. Despite all joysticks being recognized in xplane's joystick control panel, all the aircrafts don't have joystick functions. Joystick buttons work fine. Is there a key or something that I may have inadvertently pressed sometime ago to create this situation, or is there a plug in that can make this happen. The airplanes start with engine running, but even if I use the mouse to move the throttles, the aircraft does not move. Yes, I unlocked the brakes. Totally lost. tony
  10. The lighting issue makes me feel that we've been stuck in foggy weather for 6 months, and can't wait for the sun to come out with all of its blue sky and wonderful colors.
  11. No, so long as it's ddr3
  12. I've got one g skill f3-8500cl7s-4gbrl that you can have for 10.00 plus shipping from nyc.
  13. My i5 clocked at 4.6 perfoms great in fsx. At 4.8, it performs great in all the endurance tests, but crashes when I am running fsx. This assumes that the cooling setup has not been compromised over the years. I had one pc that giving me the BSD, so I finally decided to replace it. As I was removing the motherborad, I noticed that the heatsink had actually become loose and the heatsink gel had dried out completely. I could have saved some money had I decided to check the heatsink before purchasing a new motheboard and cpu. We assume that the heatsink gel lasts forever. It does not, and it eventually dries out, as it did in my case.
  14. flyforever

    What's going on with FSW?

    The wopping influx will come from new comers---not people like us who have been with our sims forever. We must not forget that there's a past, present and future. Many of us represent the past, with old habits and tons of money invested in what we currently fly. There's no question that for the right investment, both in hardware and addons, we have created the sim of our dream-- short of the real thing. Newcomers wont have a history and , on impulse, curiosity,or money concerns, will buy what looks like an easy plug and play decision. So far, FSW is potentially the only sim that meets that criteria. It's not a finished product, so this opinion is purely based on assumptions about what and where FSW will become and be a year from now.
  15. flyforever

    What's going on with FSW?

    It's too bad that, in a forum, anything can be said irrespective of one's age, maturity, or common sense. I find many forums filled with "shoot from the hip" statements and counter statements that simply go no where . They don't add to the pleasure, nor the advancement of a sim-- any sim. In my opinion, it's another form of road rage, where some lose all sense of reality.