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  1. While I understand x-plane is a small company with limited resources, Lockheed is a very large, wealthy company--on par with Microsoft is some ways. For some reason, my impression is that P3D was on a steady, but very slow course. Their development was just too slow, considering that they started with a fully functioning FSX. I suspect that the reason was mostly due to the fact that full motion military simulators emphasize more flight modeling and stability than scenery. I am sure that if FS2020 had been developed by a smaller developer, it's possible that it would not have had such an immediate success in terms of market share, despite a semi finished sim. We should be happy, though. Dovetail showed us that only a very large company can pull off a new flight sim project.
  2. With ceramic tiles, suction cups work great.
  3. Assuming that you do not have a wall against which you can place them, the best way it to build a flat holding plate and use double sided tape. Just be sure that whatever tape you use can be removed fairly easily without ruining your hard wood floor. In some apartments, I have first used clear packing tape( since the adhesive is easy to wipe off with a cleaner) and then have used 3m double sided tape to attach the bottom of my ch to the tape on the floor. Let me caution you that some double sided tapes, like carpet tape, leave strong marks on hardwood floors. One more strategy if you have the right tools is to create a wooden platform that hooks either to the desk or your chair legs. Not difficult, but all you need is for your front chair legs to rest on top of the ch holding plate.
  4. Old video cards are limited by the memory, so don't just look at the speed. If you have a powerful cpu, then look for a video card with a minimum of 8 gig of memory. If your cpu is weak, no video card will help you. Save your money and start with the most powerful cpu. I run all sims on a i5-10600k and a gtx 1060 happily.
  5. As someone who decided to stick with the 1060 for now, my reasons are as follows: 1. At 1920 res, all sims perform well 2. FS2020, in particular, can be set to ultra and still run at appx 30 fps ( I've got a 10600k) 3. The cost of graphic cards is crazy. I don't want to spend my money on super inflated cards 4. The dust on sim performance has not settled, so patience is wisdom. 5. graphic card memory is very important, so I am waiting for cheap 12 gig cards at a minimum All of this is not important if you like to spend money because you have it.
  6. While the CJ4 mod is a great plane to fly, I miss the front cone that some aircrafts show during landing mode cockpit view. Does it have it, and if so, how does one sees it. Normally, one gets the cone view by simply increasing the pilot's height with the camera.
  7. can this plane be flown manually, without any inputs in the FMS. I notice that when on a climb, the plane pitches up and cannot be leveled with elevator control input. I am new with this aircraft, and am using the latest developers version. I know that the proper way to fly it is to enter all relevant data into the fMS; I am just curious is it's possible to just jump in and fly, especially when I just want to do touch and go's.
  8. I agree. You can split the one million and you'll still get a fairly large number.
  9. I understand that FlybyWire mod reached 1,000,000 downloads. For any developer, free or not free, these numbers are historic for such a short time. We had forgotten how powerful the MS flight sim brand was and still among consumers. The race has begun......
  10. In all fairness, in the past six months, MS has improved the SDK, so waiting was not necessarily a waste of time. I'd say that from a strategic standpoint, Aerosoft was a bit smarter to partner with MS from the very start.
  11. The occasional movement up or down, even when autopilot is on, appears to be part of the "turbulence" mode that's built in, I think.
  12. I've kept my install pretty clean, and with all of my updates, I've never experience a CTD. As to FPS, I can attest to a drop in fps. I still get 20 fps for the most part on my GTX 1060 1980res and ULtra settings. It's clear that, as with all sims since the early 80's, new technology and ideas don't provide for easy evolution. I think all developers are still exploring the sim, trying to find out what is right and what needs changes. It's the nature of innovation. Musk needs rockets to fail in order to make them not fail.
  13. Just downloaded the latest update, which adds a number of new features including digital panels. Not bad, not bad at all. 3 updates since its release and an very nice "get in a fly a short flight " aircraft. On this last update, the engine sounds went from normal to very low volume. If anyone has a fix for this, let me know.
  14. Contrails? I am not sure what I should think. On the one hand, some folks are looking for complete, working aircrafts, and that's fair, since it is a "flight sim" after all ; on the other hand, some folks are losing sleep over poorly depicted contrails and other of what I consider" important but can wait until later "stuff. If I were Asobo, I'd be tearing my hair out, trying to please very opposite crowds. Sure, the long term goal is a complete sim, inside and outside the plane. As a small hardware developer, I may have the expertise, but many times I realize I got it wrong only after finishing the project. It's the nature of the beast. It's costly, but the military, too, can tell us that even billions of dollars spent on an airplane wont guarantee that it wont disappoint once it's in the air. For my part, FS2020 has got me hooked and I am not looking back. Yes, I still have xplane, P3D and FSX on my PC. I simply can't go back.
  15. From day one, I guess I'vebeen lucky. I've never had a CTD or any of the problems that others experience after an update. I have not added any addon scenery. I have only one aftermarket aircraft. This update went fine, and I just finished a short flight uneventfully.
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