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  1. Believe it or not, it's the cable that finally did it. I've been waiting for a wireless, and don't know why they have not made one. I rigged up a headphone and a usb power pack, but it was still a pain to have all that gear on my head. I suspect that the future is VR, so when prices come down to a more reasonable level and the sims are mature, I might just look into one. tc
  2. I am selling my TIR5. Works great and barely used it. You can have it for $99 plus shipping from Oregon. Send a PM and we'll do a Paypal transaction. tc.
  3. sorry, I don't have the crj. tc
  4. That was a long time ago, in my younger days. It's the xml guage, p3d 4.5. I'll try it on a few more aircrafts and report. The DC8 has very touchy throttles. That's why I found the AT particularly interesting. tc
  5. Hi Al, I tried your AT with the Aerosoft DC8 and it works great. During final approach, in critically low speeds, the AT appears to over control the throttles, but I am not sure if it's inherent with the aircraft or the AT needs more fine tuning. I used to work with speed controllers and PID, and they are not easy to program without considerable math or trial and error. tc
  6. I decided against v5 simply because I do not feel that at least $500.00 for a bigger ( and used) video card makes sense at this point in time. I have 6 gig of vram and v4.5 runs great. I wont buy another video card until I can no longer sleep at night, because I am obsessed with the new sim. P3dv5, so far, does not keep me up at night. I fear that if Flight Simulator 2020 has the same video card memory requirements, sales might be considerably less than a million copies, I am assuming the MS thinks in millions of copies sold-- not 10,000. I don't think that those same consumers who purchased the early MSFS would simply go out and buy a new expensive card, especially with unemployment at depression era levels. I get the fact that many of us will "invest" in our hobby, and pay $1000's just because it's our hobby and passion. This still puts us in the minority. I am confident that Lockheed and Microsoft will find good, creative approaches to video memory. This is still new , and they're just finding out from all of these alpha testers. tony
  7. Normally, all joystick are connected via USB ports. If the yoke has a USB port, then it's probably for a joystick connection such as your Quad. USB can be connected in series accross multiple devices. tony
  8. When I upgraded to Win 10, I reinstalled v4.5. I then calibrated all my three joysticks in Windows game controllers first, and then assigned the various axis to the sim's functions. I recalibrated a second time to make sure that Windows and the sim are all synchronized with respect to joysticks. My throttle quadrant, as well as my other controllers, are the same ones I used in P3D 4.5 in Win7. I have Xplane in Win 10, and things are fine here, too. All my axis work well, except for the trim wheel. When I have the trim wheel assigned in the sim, the trim behavior in the sim( in all the aircrafts) is erratic. The trim tab in the sim simply goes crazy as soon as I move the trim wheel a little bit. I don't have FSUIPC, and have installed only Orbx global. All of this is with the default aircrafts. I am an experienced simmers( I build controllers, too), so I am really stumped by this. And since this is my first try under Win10( fully updated), I am not sure how to diagnose the issue. Under the calibration phase, the trim wheel is stable and responds normally. I am asking in this forum before I contact support at Lockheed. One more thing, the trim wheel happens to be the y axis. Can it be that Win10 gets confused when two joysticks have the same axis assigned to two different functions. Again, this is fine in Win7. Thanks tony
  9. From the first day that a flight sim was developed for the pc, end users have complained about performance. There is no free lunch. As with FSX, more realism translates into more cpu, gpu requirements. It will never change. If you're happy with third party clouds and third party environment on your p3d v 4.5, I see no reason to change, since p3d v5 is not going anywhere but higher in versions as time goes by. tc
  10. One way to justify paying for version 5 is that this is the beginning of many improvements, for which users will not be charged-- as in the case of version 4. So, it's perfectly reasonable to think that by the time we get to version 6, the $60.00 investment will have been justified and well made. Now let's hope that there will be 9 upgrades until version 6. tc
  11. I remember trying to find a fix for these pots. Not only was I unsuccessful finding a fix, but I had a very hard time reassembling the unit to its original state. This is when I decided to build my own quadrant. tc
  12. I am still using my I5-2500K with a gtx 1060 and have no trouble flying p3d, xplane, or fsx at very acceptable settings. The trick is to find one that can easily overclock to 4.5 ghz natively, with air cooling. tc
  13. Well, in my case, the aircraft goes into convulsions. I'll explore and see what might be the issue. tc
  14. I just started flying the falcon. When on autopilot and cruise speed, the plane suddendly pitches up as soon as I pull back on the throttles before starting my descent. I don't understand why a throttle movement would cause an extreme aircraft pitch behavior. I've checked for spikes and everything is calibrated correctly. Does anyone else experience this? P3D , separate trim wheel, separate throttle quadrant, win 7. thanks tony
  15. Just downloaded it, and it's a beauty to fly, though I still cannot get the engines start right. Also, how does one tune the Nav. I entered the ils frequency, yet no loc needles became active. tc
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