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  1. TFDI is the most likely developer to do it. They are bucking the trend toward modern airliners by coming out with the MD11. This is my opinion, and I suspect that such thing will not happen until they complete and succeed with the MD11.
  2. This may indeed be a bug, since I too was not able to map it.
  3. Microprose had a flight simulator that worked as an external plane and a simple hud panel. We're going back to the Apple II days some 20 years ago.
  4. the author of sky4sim claims that the conversion from pdf to png is necessary in order to minimize fps performance. The problem is that pdf charts downloaded from the web are what the are. I would like very much to have the option to view pdf as well. As to performance loss, I use another program to view pdf charts and notice no performance loss. I want to stress the fact that ,for the price, the program provides good value. For me, the pdf viewer is unusable. If you want a very good chart viewer, and free , take a look at https://github.com/AmbitiousPilots/FSFlightBag2020
  5. It's pretty good. The author is very prompt in answering support questions. The chart viewer, in my opinion, is questionable. The program converts a pdf to a png image file, thus making the chart almost unreadable. When asked about this, the author suggests using better pdf charts before conversions. The price is right, though.
  6. I think they need to look at FBW tweaks and mods to see how much they contributed to Asobo and Microsoft.
  7. I had a similar issue. I went to the xbox page, where I am able to click the play button. From this point on, the shorcut worked as it should. I think, as some have said, some update screwed it up.
  8. It would make more sense for Aerosoft or any other developer to do some polling before embarking on a long, complex aircraft project. I suspect that young developers may not even know that many of us are older and very fond of older, vintage aircrafts like the 707/727 etc. tc
  9. A multi billion dollar company like MS has never been able to issue a new version of Windows without regular updates or fixes. There's nothing like a piece of software going into millions of pc and getting that instant feed back of the bad that needs fixes. I never buy a new plane on day one. I usually wait up to a month to see if an update is in the works. It tells me if the developer is serious about supporting the aircraft. At the same time, the $30 or so I spend on a plane does not keep me up at night---even if I made the wrong decision. Such is life. tc
  10. Classic panels vs Digital? I am a sucker for the oldies.
  11. I too have no issues. I use the development version.
  12. While my ch joystick settings remained intact after the update, my generic usb joystick lost all of its settings. I am able to set the axis, but when I try to program the buttons, the sim locks up after the sim recognized an input. From this point on, I cannot get out of the window without closing the sim. The mouse highlights the various fields, but they do not have any effect. I read about recovering the old setting from a video the other day, but I am curious to know if anyone else has this problem. It's a bug that applies to generic joysticks.
  13. It's at low altitude. The performance degradation is so pronounced that I can't fly anymore. I'll sit and wait.
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