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  1. How do you know that the tower is dimensioned properly? It's been a long time, but I don't remember it being that wide, wide enough for a dc8 with some room to spare. tony
  2. The price has gone up considerably recently. However, do read up on it. It's a utility that provides more features than you can use. I believe that you can install a demo, which would allow you to judge the program and determine its value to you.
  3. I use Ideal Flight. It remembers my aircraft and the last place I landed. It then allows me to create a flight plane to a new destination( picked by Ideal Flight), and off I go. Ideal allows one to configure it so that with one click, flying is always a new adventure. It's that versatile and easy to use. tony
  4. I stand corrected, yet the point is the same. Let's all wish JF( a veteran house) all the luck. tony
  5. Those of us who have followed Just Flight and their products, I suspect that this Piper is the first Just Flight aircraft for which they have had total control, thus the excitement and its availability on all platforms. I sense that JF finally understood in which direction to take their business. As with Aerosoft, their total dependence on third parties sometimes would give them a bad reputation. I hope the Piper is the first among many others that will become a new standard in aircraft development. There is a big difference between the big airliners and the small GA in terms of complexity, so it's good that JF is starting with the easy planes. Besides, the heavy ones are well covered. tony
  6. "smell of castor oil"...., sure way to get kicked out of the house. LOL tony
  7. As someone who makes and sells quadrants, it's important to note that these are highly complex products, and if any manufacturer tries to be 100% high fidelity, the price would be considerably higher. In fact, there are already some excellent ones, with a hefty price that goes with it as well. Also, plastic has a problem with size, meaning that as you increase the size of an item, it has to be thicker in order to no bend easily. That same lever, if made longer, would need to be thicker and heavier. Shipping cost, too, is compromised with size and weight. These can add significantly to the total cost of a product. So it's all a matter of price points vis-a-vis the market demand. With CH and Logitech (two big players), anyone who tries to come out with another product has to be very careful. A lot of work for very small returns--if any.
  8. X-Plane?

    Are all axis red for that specific joystick? If only one axis is not being recognized, you may want to first calibrate it in Windows. tony
  9. My advice is to look at various real aircraft yoke images and pick the one you like. As for buttons and switches, one item that is a must is a POV 4 way button for viewing. I consider this button the most difficult to implement in the construction of a yoke. Of course, you can always find used joysticks and take out the hat switch as well as buttons. Also the type of switches make a big difference in look and feel. tony
  10. is it only with the PMDG? Try it with other aircrafts and if pmdg is the only affected aircraft, at least you know that it's aircraft specific, in which case FSUIPC might be needed. tony
  11. I have "game controller" check off in FSX and am trying to use FSUIPC for throttle control. Fsuipc sees the axis, but nothing happens in the DC6. The quadrant works fine if I use FSX control panel. Is the DC6 incompatible with FSUIPC? tony cervone
  12. I am still using my i5-2500k at 4.6 ghz oc and a gtx 1060. I have no trouble flying at above 20fps in all conditions and with all aircrafts. I don't have a problems spending the money; I just think that, in my case, waiting is still a good strategy. I will make the move only when a cpu will hit 5ghz easily. tony
  13. I am still puzzled about current multi core and FSX or P3d vis-a-vis pure clock speed. Does anyone think that a multicore cpu( 6 or more) with a gtx1080 running at 4.3ghz is better than an old i5-2500k at 4.8ghz with a gtx 1080? tony
  14. FSX and original install worked beautifully. After micro update, the vc as well as view is dark. I see only the digital numbers. What did I do wrong? The update was performed through the OCenter. It now tells me that the DC6 is fully updated. thanks tony cervone
  15. Ideal Flight is my "go to" utility for sim flying while working. First, it takes me to different airports after each landing; then after my takeoff and departure , and reaching cruising altitude, I place the aircraft on autopilot for my TOD. At TOD IF will pause the flight , which is where I pick up the controls and handle the approach. All of this is possible with a few clicks during the preflight. tony