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  1. You should have respective pumps on and crosfeed off. Does it still drain one tank only? Then 1 engine should die.
  2. DC-10-10 textures will fit perfectly to -30.
  3. The DC10 on their site is describied as P3D v1,2,3 compatibile while on all other webstores it says v1,2,3,4. I am wondering if they use old installer or if its just description is not up to date...
  4. NGX, FSLA320: 30 min which includes PFPX, Topcat, weather review, cockpit prep and startup. Dc10, L1011 or anything where i need to calculate take off performance card by my self and program INS: 40-50 min.
  5. P3D Horrible Snow Effect

    Textures looks good. Agree. Do you have slow „winter wonderand” precipitation when you seat on the ramp? FSFX official reply says their product does not modify the speed of precipitation.
  6. P3D Horrible Snow Effect

    I have PreciptX and it does not modify speed of snow precipitation. There are some great addons that stop me from moving to 64bit. One of them is Project Tupolev Tu154B2 another is AN-24 portover from Xplane.
  7. P3D Horrible Snow Effect

    JvE, i am using P3Dv3.4. If the only way to achive this effect realistic is to move to v4 i guess i have No choice...
  8. P3D Horrible Snow Effect

    Unfortunatelly none of these slow the precipitation. So the snow falls down with a speed of heavy rain or hail...
  9. Hi, i installed the package, all effects applied but the snow falls with default speed, i.e. very fast. i am running P3D v3.4. Please advise how to solve the problem. Kind regards, Kris
  10. RXP 430

    Hi, anyone can post an instruction showing how to replace the default GNS430 with Reality XP GNS430 v2? kind regards, Kris
  11. Hi, Looking for an advice. The aircraft i fly needs too little power on cruise. For example i use 90% N1 on 430k GW to keep .82 Mach while i should have around 101% to keep that speed at this weight. could this be adjusted in cfg file or is it only possible by modifying Air file? kind regards, Kris
  12. You can restore your updated W10 to previous W10 version if 10 days has not passed since the update. This tool is available via Window Update section in the Control Panel.
  13. Maybe thats the reason why i recently bought TFDI 717 instead of AS CRJ :) However I am still thinking of CRJ in some near future :)
  14. Thanks Jim. Will try your suggestions!