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  1. Hi, Thank's for the V5 upgrades. What about Nagasaki and Taiwan? Yvs fromm ELLX
  2. Thank's and great job. Waiting for LM fix. Just flying EKCH to CYVR without crash and with SODE Yves
  3. I van fly the -200 but the -300 crashes! Yves
  4. Hi, Just tried to reinstall SODE in another directory. Same problem. I wait now for a anwxer... Yves
  5. Hi, I can confirm that SODE seemes cumpilt. I uninstalled SODE and now I'm flying... Best regards from ELLX Yves
  6. Hi, Just asked Fsdreamteam about CYVR for P3D, and the answer is "will see after the next version of P3D" Seeme sto be a good news! Yves
  7. Same problem here. I sent a mail, but no answer! Yves
  8. better news. I found the problem : my addon manager files are supposed to be installed in D:\Lockheed Martin\Addon Manager. I don't now why, but I found them in programfiles.. which is known to be the worst place to install a program. I uninstalled frm there and installed it in the folder they should be. This folder is excluded from ESET, and every thing works. Have a good weekend. Yves
  9. Thank's. I cannot download the file, it's malicious! No matter, as my install is clean. I'll try with an older Nvidia driver.
  10. news of the day : format and reinstall Windows, P3D and everytrhing. Still the same problem. COuls some body help me, because on Virtuali forum, it is not there fault, as allways! Thank's Yves
  11. Hi, I suddenly get this eror while loading P3D5 HF2 "Error is -2146881269 be sure you remove virtuali from Internet options -Contetn*-publishers- untrested publishers. I had a look, the folder is empty. Any idea? Thank's Yves
  12. Thank's I'll have a look at simmarket.
  13. Hi, Did anybody try to install those sceneries for V4.5 in V5, any if yes, do they work? Thank's Yves
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