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  1. Finalyn I reverted to 5.3 HF1. Impossible to fly long hauls. After 6 7 hours, 4 to 5 fps over north east USA or Canada. I'll wait... Yves
  2. Hi all, Just landed in KIAD coming from EGKK with an AS330. My conclusions : - less VRAM usage - more stability - some stuters remain, but before I head a little stop on arriving near KIAD, now, it is so short that I just see it quickly - My processor (13900KF) becomes warmer I'll continue testing and tell you what I find. Good evening from ELLX Yves
  3. I'm still using the With the last one, I have many problems. Give a try! Yves from ELLX
  4. Hi there, I have a little problem with this AC : I have white flashes moving from place to place on the screen, only with this AC. I had a 3080Ti and have now a 4070TI, latest drivers Does anybody have the same problem, and is there a solution? Thank's and have a good day Yves from ELLX
  5. There is an INIBUILDS modification with new SODE jetways. If you ask, I'm sure you can modify it at least for your personal usage, or pehaps to share. Good flights Yves from ELLX
  6. Thank's Dan, after reinstall, I have the jetways. For your files, they are new files. Is it still necessery to update? Thank's Yves
  7. Hi, Thank's blaunarwal for your files, but they are older then the V2. Are they usable with the new version? I have an other problem : no SODE jetways, only red crosses. Any solution? Thank's Yves from ELLX
  8. You can download it from orbx if you have an account there. Yves fromm ELLX
  9. Just uninstall client of HF2 and install client of HF1. That's all Yves
  10. Just try to revert to HF1. I did, and I can fly anywhere without stuttering problems! Yves
  11. Hi all, Finaly, I found a very nice solution : I reverted to 5.3 HF1, and now I can fly without any problem. I'll wait for next version. Yves
  12. Hi, Yesterday I flew LFPG KIAH. Everything was very good over the ocean and north of Canada and USA. But, as I arrived over cities and airports, the mess begun. I'll try to reduce a bit more some details and drawing distances and will come back. Anyway, LM seems to be working on a fix, as they are aware of the problem. Yves
  13. Good morning, Sorry for answering late. I made 2 flights : - The first was EFHK to KIAD. everything was well, flying x2 to makes it a bit quicker until descent. I went back to x1, but had many FPS drops and the bird was difficult to pilot, goeing sometimes up instead of down. At the end I could land. Fosrt landing aftera week of mess! - The seconf flight was EBBR to TFFF. I tried to put in X4, but had a mess. Reverdted to X2 and everything was very nice, even in descent. I suppose thet the descent between two islands is easier then the descent over Canada and USA with many airports, ans a very cloudy weather. Nest tst wil be with WXBackgroundScan set to 1 Thank's again and I'll come back, but only tomrrow, today I'm too busy. Yves.
  14. Hi, Thank's. I'll try a fly ight now and will come back Yves
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