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  1. Hi, after 3 CTDs 7 or 8 miles before landing on 3 different airports, I give up. I'll wait for version 1.2. Hope I can finish a flight then.. Yves
  2. Hi, could you please share this afcad. Thank's YVes
  3. I desinstalledd and reinstalled th AC. My first flight was OK. Thank's Yves
  4. Hi, During all my last flights I had the same problem. About 1 to 2 hours after take off, at cruise altitude, suddenly the AP was disconnected. Impossible to reconnect it. Did some body allready encuer this, and any solution?? Thank's Yves from ELLX.
  5. Final test : Arriving from EHAM, I got the scriptures. I just changes the season to another (summer was set automatically) and then got "normal textures... Strange, but working. Thank's to all Yves
  6. nothing written on the textures! Amazing... Yves
  7. I made several tests just now, and got some surprises : in fact, as soon as I change the season, I have correct textures. I cannot explain, but the solution is just to change season. I'll try this now with a long flight arrival... Thank's for help YVes
  8. I do not use any "global" ORBX scenery, and no "LC" scenery. The only scnery I use from ORBX are region and airports, but far from SEQM (North America, Europe) I'll try to put a picture this afternoon.
  9. My ORBX sceneries are the first after the base ones, mesh and UT. SEQM is declared as an addon, so it's difficult to see the level.
  10. Hi, I have this problem. At Flight Beam forum, they say its a problem with ORBX textures (viaPrepar3d forum). At ORBX forum, it's written that you MUST install ORBX Global base. I don't to buy and install this product. I have another one. Is there another solution to have "clean" textures? Thank's in advance Yves from ELLX
  11. Have you tried another aircraft. I had several CTD's with th QW787... Yves
  12. Hi, Just try this https://www.aviationlads.com/download/ground-service-x-sound-pack-v2-0/ Yves
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