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  1. VCRUNTIME140.dll is part from visuel studio 2015. Try to install or reinstall this one. Yves
  2. Thank's a lot. I'll try to add the 28R/10L rwy. Merry Xmas Yves
  3. Hi, Could you please make new exclusons for MK's EIDW. Thank's a lot Yves
  4. Hi, Thank's but I have the payware version (PKSIM) I'll try too. Yves
  5. Thank's for your answer, but they make an MSFS version, not a P3D
  6. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a new AFCAD including te new RWY opened there. Has anybody done this? Thank's Yves
  7. Thank's Bob. I had a look at FSDT forum, and itseems that KORD is not the culpit. I'll continue to follow the post there Have a good week-end Yves
  8. Hi all, I have a new problem ther : just before and after landing, I have a message telling me that the cach is reloaded. Any solution to stop this? Thank's Yves from ELLX
  9. Hi, I have one for many years It works very well with the PMDG 777 and 737 (all variants). At this time I did not find how to make it work with the 747, but I'll try this when I'll have time and when really will do this. I'm sure it is possible. I can send you the files by PM if you want. Good flights from ELLX Yves
  10. Hi, Safedock is from GSX. I disablesd the "marshaller readout distance" and it works well. But I am not satisfied because on other AP I do not have this rpoblem( KJFK also from DD) Thank's for help Yves
  11. Thank's Bernd. No luck; I'm french, and don't speek german. In fact, I don't understand why i have the distance appearing WITH the safedock. On other airports, I do not have this. Yves
  12. Thank's Bob, In fact, a my englih is bad, I did not answer the good question : I would like to see only the sadedock, and nothing else, incluing any other parking help. Am I clear? Yves
  13. Hi, As I cannot upload picrures here, I opened a thread at FSDT forum with 2 pictures. I hope I can find the solution. Thank's Yves I took 2 screen shots
  14. I'm on P3D, it's the good forum. At this time, I'm on flight. I'll look later. Yves
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