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  1. I'll give a try, but not sure it will work. Thank's Yves
  2. Hi, I'm looking for GSX V2 jetways for this airport, and did not find until now. Does anybody have??? Thank's Yves from ELLX.
  3. Hi, I'm sorry for the mess. Thank's for the file. I'll test it. Yves
  4. Hi, I'm not able to understand what to do. COuld anybody post the modfied file Thank's Yves from ELLX.
  5. I think I have found the reason : IAG uses internet exploerer, and, as I don't use it, needs cloudflare. I tried ton connect dseveral times with IE, but no solution yet. I'll try later... Thank's Yvew
  6. Hi, I just removed UTL 2, and want to use AIG. I have a big problem in the setup : impossible to log into flightsim.com. I allways have a screen with cloudflare checking my browser (Firefox) and not going one. I'm logged in at flightsim.com. Wath can i do to go further, as I cannot download any flightplans and AI AC? Thank's Yves
  7. I'm on 466.63, and no crashes. Yves
  8. thank's. I'll stay on 466. Yves
  9. Hi, Did somebody test this one? Is the CPU bug corrected? Thank's Yves from ELLX
  10. HI, Is it possible to vhange the color of the from white to red. I tried "InfoUpperLeftTextColorUser=255,0,0" and tht didi not work. Anys other solution? Thank's and good evening from ELLX. Yves
  11. Hi, Dose anybody het this update. I cannot find it. Thank's Yves
  12. Hi, could somebody upload the corrected fx files? Thank's Yves
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