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  1. Many thanks. I found the file and was able to save the changes. It's late and I am off to bed. I'll, hopefully, have a great flight with my FO tomorrow! Thank you
  2. I tried searching all over for the answer to this question. When loading the PMDG 737 with FSFO for the first time it asks you to add an enablebroadcast flag to a cfg file associated with the aircraft. This message is a simple windows dialogue that states the info is available in a quick reference guide. I've been looking all over my computer and searching the web for the location of the file and the exact string to add with no luck. I'm hoping someone here has already set this up as it seems the dialogue will only appear the first time you launch the plane. Where do i add the flag and what is the exact string that needs to be added? I'm about to tear my hair, what's left of it, out.
  3. I have a better CPU and more ram. i have the i7 6700HQ, about 20% higher performance than the 2600. I also have 32GB of ram. However, I have a GTX 965M video card with 2GB ram. A bit slower than your friend if benchmarks are to be believed. I am playing on low settings for most things and get anywhere from 15-25fps when running 1080p at 80% scaling. Playable.... sort of. Ideal? far from it. As I am GPU limited with my CPU hovering around 60% you should expect similar performance though may be surprised with a few frames more than I have. I actually did see an increase in performance by upgrading from 24 to 32 GB of RAM and putting the game on a dedicated M.2 Nvme WD Black SSD. As you can see, my CPU, RAM, and HDD are all fairly decent with only the GPU being significantly underpowered. Your friend seems to have much older hardware. While 'on paper' the CPU and GPU are in the same ballpark as me his results may vary dramatically. Especially when considering the speed of the RAM and quality of the internet connection.
  4. Indeed, I downloaded the update from MS Store in under a minute! WOW!
  5. Once established and configured i'll disconnect the AP. usually around 1,500ft generally not later than 1,000 ft. I like to have a feel of the plane a fair bit before touchdown.
  6. Please see the pinned post at the top of the forum. This weeks update pertains to the upcoming patch and the issues that it will address.
  7. Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but take a look at Atlantic City. All the casinos are 1 story warehouses. I'm sure it'll improve over time.
  8. The installer defaulted me to 'low end' thanks to my GTX 965M 2GB GPU that doesn't meet the minimum requirements. I also use JFK and the NY area as my test case. In the default cessna I was able to get it to 20-25ish FPS and smooth enough to fly. There is a GIANT caveat here. I had to bump the resolution down to 1280x720 in order to use the 'High' graphics settings. I couldn't bring myself to enjoy the sim on low end. Such a limited draw distance and blob like clouds many buildings missing super ugly textures. Running high with a low resolution gives me back the candy as long as i can live with the jaggies. I'm gonna give it a fair shot and see if i can deal. Most text is readable so it might just hold me off till I can one day get a new machine for this, most likely an Xbox Series X as i have game pass ultimate and am a diehard Forza fan. In fact my Xbox One X may one day run this better than my laptop.
  9. Well it launches on my setup and suggests low end default settings. NYC is a perfectly respectable 30fps in the C152. Unfortunately the sim is a blurry mess at that level. I tried to visual into La Guardia and couldn't even see the airport on a clear day less than 5 miles out as it looked like a generic brownish ground texture where the runway would be. I'll need to play with settings as i was able to up some of the settings without creating a slide show. Though the built in perf tool clearly shows I am GPU limited in almost all cases even at low end settings.
  10. Technically the 750Ti is about exactly the same as the 965M. Glad to hear it will at least run.... Too bad i like VFR in places i know... NYC is not gonna be fun lol
  11. NY is my test case aside from being my home. You know, Frank Sinatra made an excellent point about his experience with flight sim and NY. "If I can play it there, I'm gonna play it anywhere" I might be paraphrasing.
  12. I admire your enthusiasm. however a 780Ti is head and shoulders above a 965M lol Example from Passmark: 78Ti - 9,180 965M - 3,815 I'm in trouble! LOL
  13. I've been wondering the same thing. My PC is mostly up to spec with the exception being the GPU. I have the following setup: ASUS ROG GL752 i7-6700HQ 24GB RAM But here's the problem Nvidia GTX965M Doing some homework and despite being a few generations newer than the 7 series Geforce it's a good 30-40% slower than the minimum 770 they state in the specs. I run most xbox games fine on this machine and have played forza 6, 7 and horizon 3 and 4 on here without issue. X-Plane 11 runs pretty well on this setup and I also play FSX from time to time with decent results. I have GamePass so i'm giving it a shot and hoping for the best before I pull the trigger. There are no upgrades or new PC's in my near to medium term future.
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