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  1. I saw a video somewhere that showed msfs is targeting unattainable nit levels for the sun of like 10,000 nits. I have a 4k hdr setup but it's not certified to a nit level and i think it's closer to 300 pathetic nits. as a result HDR always seems off even though the dynamic range is better and color saturation is nicer. I compromised and used nvidia filters to get some of that pop back while leaving HDR off.
  2. Surprised nobody has mentioned this already. Looks like AMD is going to have their answer for DLSS FG coming out soon and it's cross compatible with Nvidia RTX cards. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2023/08/amds-fps-doubling-fsr-3-is-coming-soon-and-not-just-to-radeon-graphics-cards/ What are the odds that we will see support for this in MSFS? These days I'm running all ultra with mostly stable 30fps. If i could have similar stability at 60 I'd probably take it. Thoughts?
  3. The difference between the Fenix and PMDG is interesting. I have been flying the 737 almost exclusively lately, though I do have the Fenix, and have gotten used to just undershooting the ILS. Yes i have the ILS tuned on both NAV radios and the course set. I also use the HGS frequently. It's not a big deal to adjust visually in decent weather but i was basically down to cat iiia conditions the other night with a 20 kn crosswind. Much harder to confidently fly below glideslope to hit the touchdown zone in those conditions. It seems like it's for sure an MSFS issue as pointed out by the always wonderful 737NGDriver. Till someone actually takes ownership and does something about it..... it'll just make flying a tad bit more interesting.
  4. There was a creator of FS videos way back in the day by the name of Leonardo Andrade, he went by Navigator Productions. Among his many fine creations was a video titled Equinox featuring a, then current, 747-400 in Atlas Livery. Since Atlas just took delivery of the final 747 ever, I felt compelled to post this video and ask if anyone here remembers this creator or has a way to contact him. I've reached out to the email in the video but as this video is more than 16 years old I'm not entirely hopeful he is still using it. It would be amazing if this video could be recreated on msfs2020 in 4k as a tribute to the last ever 747.
  5. I'm in the same boat with the inibuilds version. My sim runs flawless with the exception of Newark. Partially...... ok entirely my fault, i'll be flying in on the fenix or pmdg into NY at 4k with FSLTL running samscene NY, RKBridger bridges, JFK lighting enhancement, Feelthere LGA and still get upset at myself when the frames are only in the 20s 😂
  6. This is most definitely the easiest. Using the checklists can also be your guide to learning the bird. Once you are comfortable with the checklists you can, perish the thought, chuck all the stuff that's "by the book" but not really needed to get ready for a flight in MSFS. Shhhh don't let the checklist police hear you but for sure learn the a310 its a rewarding and fun plane. Amazing it's just part of the sim, msfs has come a very long way indeed.
  7. I was 2 months old. Would've been flying if i could 😂
  8. i went 32 inch 4k. I have an LG UN880B. I can easily tell the difference between 1440p and 4k in msfs, it's night and day. If you have the hardware to go 4k don't even think about it do it. I was running this monitor off a 2015 Asus ROG laptop with a GTX 965M for over a year i had to run in 1300 something horizontal resolution with mostly medium settings to get 20ish fps. I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 9 5900x and 3080 Ti desktop. On SU9 in 4k i was getting a solid locked 30fps with everything ultra and TLOD at 350. On the current beta 10 i had to drop TLOD down to 200 in order to have mostly 30fps, it's not looking good on DX11 or DX12 with TAA or DLSS. Bottom line. I'll never give up 4k after seeing what it can do. With a 3080 Ti the GPU is not the limiting factor, i rarely see over 70% even in 4k with everything ultra. It's 100% a main thread thing for me due to 200+ TLOD settings. My monitor is 60hz so 30fps locked with vsync is more than smooth enough.
  9. I've had mostly the same experience on SU10 including the latest .14 beta. Significant increase in main thread render time even when cutting the TLOD down dramatically.
  10. Many thanks. I found the file and was able to save the changes. It's late and I am off to bed. I'll, hopefully, have a great flight with my FO tomorrow! Thank you
  11. I tried searching all over for the answer to this question. When loading the PMDG 737 with FSFO for the first time it asks you to add an enablebroadcast flag to a cfg file associated with the aircraft. This message is a simple windows dialogue that states the info is available in a quick reference guide. I've been looking all over my computer and searching the web for the location of the file and the exact string to add with no luck. I'm hoping someone here has already set this up as it seems the dialogue will only appear the first time you launch the plane. Where do i add the flag and what is the exact string that needs to be added? I'm about to tear my hair, what's left of it, out.
  12. I have a better CPU and more ram. i have the i7 6700HQ, about 20% higher performance than the 2600. I also have 32GB of ram. However, I have a GTX 965M video card with 2GB ram. A bit slower than your friend if benchmarks are to be believed. I am playing on low settings for most things and get anywhere from 15-25fps when running 1080p at 80% scaling. Playable.... sort of. Ideal? far from it. As I am GPU limited with my CPU hovering around 60% you should expect similar performance though may be surprised with a few frames more than I have. I actually did see an increase in performance by upgrading from 24 to 32 GB of RAM and putting the game on a dedicated M.2 Nvme WD Black SSD. As you can see, my CPU, RAM, and HDD are all fairly decent with only the GPU being significantly underpowered. Your friend seems to have much older hardware. While 'on paper' the CPU and GPU are in the same ballpark as me his results may vary dramatically. Especially when considering the speed of the RAM and quality of the internet connection.
  13. Indeed, I downloaded the update from MS Store in under a minute! WOW!
  14. Once established and configured i'll disconnect the AP. usually around 1,500ft generally not later than 1,000 ft. I like to have a feel of the plane a fair bit before touchdown.
  15. Please see the pinned post at the top of the forum. This weeks update pertains to the upcoming patch and the issues that it will address.
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