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  1. Good to hear. I haven't even tried clocking it. I'm using PBO where its boosting to about 4.7ghz. Yes, SMT is on. Don't forget, that 1650 is probably bottlenecking the system
  2. Quite a lot of UK suppliers seem to be getting them now. Overclockers and CCL had 3070's and 3090's when I looked the other day, CCL even had some 3080's, albeit most of them still at silly prices (900 for 3070, 1500 for 3080, 2500 for a 3090). Also stocks of 3070ti and 3080ti's
  3. If your after a cheaper option than the Noctua stuff, this is very highly rated https://www.overclockers.co.uk/arctic-freezer-34-esports-duo-red-cpu-cooler-2-x-120mm-hs-075-ar.html
  4. If you are looking for a budget option, i've been impressed with the gammaxx l360
  5. I've just swapped my AIO to a Gammaxx L360 (360mm). This is only £70 here in the UK. Hottest I've seen my 5600x get to since I've installed it is 63oC and thats after a good 8 hour session.
  6. 5600x all day long. When I sold my 8700k setup, to go AMD, I was let down on the 5800x I had pre-ordered by the supplier. I bought a 2nd hand 3700x to tide me over, and then managed to get a 5600x just after launch day. The difference between them was night and day, so much so that I've had numerous opportunities to get a 5800x since, and am not bothering and sticking with the 5600x Hope this helps
  7. If you are using logitech/saitek controls, get Spad Next. Makes them much easier to manage
  8. Yes, I went from an 8700k, to a 5600x and was a massive difference.
  9. They're not - trust me, I had a z390 Prime P with my 8700k which I swapped for the Z390 Pro A above 😁
  10. My last 3 boards have been an MSI Z390 Pro A, MSI B450 Tomahawk Max, and now an MSI B550m Pro VDH Wifi and have all been excellent
  11. That would really hurt performance, Ryzen 5x00 needs 3600mhz CAS 16 or better RAM to show its strengths
  12. Strange. I swapped over from an 8700k system in November. I've not had one single crash since
  13. Why not just drop a 5900x or similar into your existing system?
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