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  1. Possibly, but he does say its a new build
  2. Why are you going for 3 generations old CPU?
  3. I've had the same one for the best part of a year, and had no issues at all
  4. Zotac are some of the best cards out there. I've had at least 4 of theirs, since the 460 I had as the first of there's. I have that exact 1080ti in my rig here, had their 1070 from launch day. They have a full 5 year warranty, 2nd only to EVGA's 10 years Thats coming up as 829usd at todays rate
  5. Apologies, I stand corrected. I was getting emails from my suppliers a week or so ago with 1080Ti's at that price. This is the best I could find Which is miles cheaper than most others out there
  6. You are shopping in the wrong places then, there are plenty of new 1080Ti's around for about £600
  7. I've had my 8700k running at 4.8ghz since I had it. After reading other reports on here for the last few months, I've turned HT off and am now clocked at 5.0ghz. As others have said, seems to run soooooo much smoother with it off.
  8. I saw big improvements when I went from a 970 to a 1070, albeit with an overclocked 4790k. However, I don't use FSlabs Airbus, so couldn't tell you if that is GPU or CPU dependant, however I would guess it's more cpu
  9. I would be looking at the 8086k rather than the 8700k and also a Z390 board. You're spending top dollar, pointless not to get the latest technology
  10. Seems decent enough, that cooler is VERY low end tho. I would be going for something a lot better like a H100 or H110 (whatever will fit your case)
  11. Blimey! Be cheaper to have your own cessna than all that gear 😉
  12. I had a 2600k that degraded after about 3 years, but I get where you are coming from. Point I was making is, I wouldn't be throwing top dollar at 2 generations old technology
  13. Just an idea, what about the cheap MSI or Asrock to get you through? Who knows how long your 7700k has left if it's been running all at 5ghz all its life? Not trying to be the harbringer of doom, but last thing you need is to lash £200+ on a top end board of older technology for your CPU to give up the ghost down the line?