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  1. Only thing I will say, for about £10 more than the 3400G you could have had the 3600, a 6c/12t chip, instead of 4c/8t 3400G. You've paid a premium there for the 3400G's onboard graphics which you aren't using. P3D would make decent use of the 1660, however FSX would probably have been fine with the onboard. P3D has a 14 day money back guarantee. May be worth getting it and trying it. Your Orbx will work with it.
  2. I must admit, getting a B550 board when they come out (anytime now), and throwing a 3900x in for the time being, until Zen 3 is released is looking a better and better option. £100 for the board + £400 for the 3900x, is looking a far better option than £430 for the 10700k or £530 for the 10900k + £300 at least for a motherboard and another £100-£150 for a cooling solution for 10th gen Intel. I have a friend who is on the Alpha for FS2020, and said it is fantastic on the 3900x. I have a 2nd system with a Ryzen 3600 in it, and will have no qualms getting shut of my intel setup if Zen3 is as good as it's rumoured
  3. Theres ryzen 4000 coming as well, which could make things very interesting
  4. https://www.gladiatorpc.co.uk/configure/config/67100 or https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/view/Vortex-XR/ you can customise them as well
  5. There's numerous threads about the importance of RAM speeds on here, done years ago, by some of the most tech savvy guys on here. However, my point stands. 2400 memory is consumer level off the shelf office pc spec
  6. Are you self building or wanting a ready built tower?
  7. The RAM is junk (2400mhz stuff). You want 3200mhz stuff at least. Graphics card is pretty poor too, even the 2060 super would be a much better bet.
  8. It would work, but wouldn't be great. A decent compromise would be a SSHD if you can find one
  9. That spec is pretty poor. 9600k is a decent cpu, however the motherboard is pretty much low end junk that won't allow any overclocking. Also, 2060 is a pretty average card. The memory is also slow, you should be looking at 3200mhz stuff at least, although the junk motherboard won't use anything faster tham 2666 stuff anyway. What's your budget?
  10. You won't notice any difference to be honest
  11. You will be disappointed. Neither the 9700 or the 9700F can be overclocked. You want something with a Z390 motherboard and either a 9700K or 9900K chip to overclock it. The Graphics card in the 2300usd dollars one is top end, the Alienware PC is frankly substandard.
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