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  1. Thanks for your response.i found a good liquid cooler with almost same price so that shouldn't be a problem unfortunately 1060 is not available here and it will be very expensive in it's first 2-3 month .( things are different here -_-) so i'll have to wait at least 3 months so it's not an option. i have to go with either no.1 or no.2 . you said that it won't run with my expectations. did you consider that i will be running in low resolutions ? (1600*900) if i get a used 970 for no.2 will it ? i will really appreciate it if you share your results when you got it.
  2. Hello Guys, I'm building a new pc for P3D in next few weeks. first of all i have to say i expect P3D to be running in 30/40 fps on 1080p or 900p with PMDGNGX , Complex sceneries (like Aerosoft heathrow) , REX and FTX background software since i have a remote laptop. ok , with my budget there is 2-3 part combinations. all of them will be Over Clocked as high as possible. 1-6600K + GTX970 + 16GB 3000 + HDD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling) 2-6700K + GTX960 + 16GB 3000 + HDD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling) 3-6600K + GTX960 + 16GB 3000 + SSD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling) 4-i can get SSD with decreasing the RAM to 8GB on the two first ones. -------------------------------------------- My questions are: 1-which combination would you recommend ? will it run to my expectations ? 2-i don't care about loading times , do i still need an SSD? 3-is that cooling enough for OCing to 4.5ghz ? 4-Do i need 16gb or 8gb would be enough ? Thanks in advance !
  3. Hello Guys , i hope you are doing well, This are my specs right now : CPU:Intel Core i5 3470 GPU:MSI GT630 MB:ASUS P8H61 R2 RAM:8 GB 1333 and i'm not happy with my frame rates right now . some times i get 12FPS with my installed addons. do you think upgrading my GPU to a "GTX 750Ti OC" will increase my performance ? will i be able to run P3D V3 ? if not , what are your suggestions ? Kind Regards
  4. hello so some times at the middle of the flight the fsx screen will go black ! the fsx is working fine and when i increase thrust i hear engine sound rising... i use fsx in window mode. specs: Samsung S20C150 LED 20" Intel Core I5 3470 Nvidia Geforce 630 2gig 8GB 1600BUS RAM IMAGE:
  5. The "SimShot" website is a gallery for Flight Simulator screenshots. This website has been established on 2013 Winter on beta. upload your screenshots up to 10mb and keep them safe.