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  1. Thanks for your response.i found a good liquid cooler with almost same price so that shouldn't be a problem unfortunately 1060 is not available here and it will be very expensive in it's first 2-3 month .( things are different here -_-) so i'll have to wait at least 3 months so it's not an option. i have to go with either no.1 or no.2 . you said that it won't run with my expectations. did you consider that i will be running in low resolutions ? (1600*900) if i get a used 970 for no.2 will it ? i will really appreciate it if you share your results when you got it.
  2. Hello Guys, I'm building a new pc for P3D in next few weeks. first of all i have to say i expect P3D to be running in 30/40 fps on 1080p or 900p with PMDGNGX , Complex sceneries (like Aerosoft heathrow) , REX and FTX background software since i have a remote laptop. ok , with my budget there is 2-3 part combinations. all of them will be Over Clocked as high as possible. 1-6600K + GTX970 + 16GB 3000 + HDD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling) 2-6700K + GTX960 + 16GB 3000 + HDD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling) 3-6600K + GTX960 + 16GB 3000 + SSD + HYPER EVO 212 (cooling) 4-i can get SSD with decreasing the RAM to 8GB on the two first ones. -------------------------------------------- My questions are: 1-which combination would you recommend ? will it run to my expectations ? 2-i don't care about loading times , do i still need an SSD? 3-is that cooling enough for OCing to 4.5ghz ? 4-Do i need 16gb or 8gb would be enough ? Thanks in advance !
  3. Hello Guys , i hope you are doing well, This are my specs right now : CPU:Intel Core i5 3470 GPU:MSI GT630 MB:ASUS P8H61 R2 RAM:8 GB 1333 and i'm not happy with my frame rates right now . some times i get 12FPS with my installed addons. do you think upgrading my GPU to a "GTX 750Ti OC" will increase my performance ? will i be able to run P3D V3 ? if not , what are your suggestions ? Kind Regards
  4. hello so some times at the middle of the flight the fsx screen will go black ! the fsx is working fine and when i increase thrust i hear engine sound rising... i use fsx in window mode. specs: Samsung S20C150 LED 20" Intel Core I5 3470 Nvidia Geforce 630 2gig 8GB 1600BUS RAM IMAGE:
  5. The "SimShot" website is a gallery for Flight Simulator screenshots. This website has been established on 2013 Winter on beta. upload your screenshots up to 10mb and keep them safe.
  6. arash2731

    FS2004 Serious Problem HELP!

    i always run fs9 as administrator . i have ts2..
  7. Hi guys i have a problem with my fs2004 that happens every time i want to work with fs2004. this problem only happens with Fs2004 and no other programs. suddenly the screen will be like below image. and after a while ERROR .