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  1. I bought the -400 for $9.99 and successfully managed to tweak the necessary cfg files to reduce both power and weight and it flew a lot better. Then just started to use mods that became available on flightsim.to. However, it was always the -300ER that I wanted, so once again, got this in the sale with the intention of tweaking the cfg files to improve upon the default 747 parameters. Unfortunately, every time that I applied a reduction in the fuel tank arrangement, the sim ended in a stutter-fest. I narrowed it down to which lines were causing the stutters, but never managed to fix it. So just abandoned it. Which is a real shame as it looks lovely both inside and outside of the cockpit.
  2. Ah, ok. I've always shied away from the installer as I prefer to install manually. However, looks like I'll have no choice now !
  3. Could just be me, but I now seem unable to manually download the latest Dev build located here - when I click on "Download Development" (as I always have done), I just receive a message stating, "Not Found". Anyone else seeing this ? Regards
  4. I hadn't got around to trying this yet, so thanks for having a go. Seems like we're slogging a bit of a dead horse here, then..! Regards
  5. Hello all Are there any comtemporary methods for reloading the Community Folder from within the sim ? I've found some posts from a couple of years ago, but things have obviously moved on since then I'm tweaking a flight_model.cfg file and it's a bit of a pain having to restart the sim after each change. Regards
  6. Good to hear. Thanks for the quick reply!
  7. Anyone tried this version with FSiPanel yet?
  8. I suspect it's because they can. And when it looks this good, why not?
  9. Ok, that would make sense. So I'm guessing that unless the parking at both the third party and its equivalent default match exactly, you may end up seeing some 'bizarre' parking at the third party airport?
  10. Assuming no built in statics, does this addon work successfully with third party airports? Also, does it receive many updates reflecting changes in airline fleets, new airlines or ones that may have gone out of business? Thanks.
  11. I'm no scenery expert but after following a ~30min YouTube video, I managed to create a couple of scenery excludes that removed most of the static Ryanairs and the static Jet2 737. Makes the scenery perfectly usable. However, having said that, this will be a day one purchase for me as I live close to EGSS and have flown from their many, many times, and from what I've seen in the video, it looks superb.
  12. Probably encountered a drop in fps and fell out of the sky...
  13. Totally agree. Buy it when there's a sale on and it's less than a cup of coffee.
  14. Not necessarily. Both Detroit and LAX still appear to be discounted down to £12.99 from £19.99 ?
  15. My word, that's awful. If she complains about being asked her age, what's she going to say when I activate my FO camera view and end up sitting on her lap..?
  16. Good question ! My thinking here is to keep a high refresh rate to minimise latency, both in and out of the sim. Halving this in the sim keeps the fps at 30, but then uses AMPS to interpolate this up to 60. I've tried refresh 30Hz with Vsync at 100% monitor refresh rate and tbh, I can't see (or feel) any difference in the sim. Notwithstanding, this is game changing 👍 Just tried a few approaches into IniBuilds Heathrow using FsiPanel with pretty heavy AI and the landings and taxis were buttery smooth 😃 The problem that I now have is that I've got to replace this 4K TV with another one as this one was originally hanging on the wall in another room in the house actually being used as a TV 😄
  17. Finally managed to get it working ! Eventually found a discussion about the problem on a Samsung forum where a guy posted this fix on Youtube: Followed it to the letter and I now have AMPS all the way up to 60Hz refresh rate. So I've left it at this and set the Vsync at 1/2 monitor refresh rate within the sim. Initally feels very smooth, but haven't had time to give it a real try yet. Thanks for sticking with me and for all of your input !
  18. I've tried this to the letter, but unfortunately, my TV just won't enable AMPS at any refresh rate above 25Hz. I've even tried adjusting the refresh rate with the TV menu screen still showing and with AMPS enabled at 23Hz. It's a bit awkward to see NCP below it, but I can move NCP around so that I can set the refesh rate to 29Hz, then as soon as I click "Apply", the TV momentarilly flickers, then comes back with the TV menu screen now showing AMPS greyed out. If I then select "No" before the refresh rate adjustment screen timer times out, the TV flickers again, and this time, the TV menu screen is now showing AMPS enabled again, but of course, the TV is back to the original 23Hz. So sadly, I have to conclude that my TV cannot have AMPS enabled above 25Hz. Btw, it's a Samsung UE50RU7020. Many thanks for your assistance.
  19. Sorry, but what did you change on your system to be able to reproduce my problem as I don't understand what you mean "at resolution over the 24hz ball park" ? My resolution is definitely set to 3840x2160 Native in NCP. I'm now just wondwering if this ability is simply not available on my Samsung and that AMPS will only work at 24Hz and 25Hz ? I also note that it this video, the TV refresh rate is only set to 24Hz, so perhaps it was also limited to this on their TV as well ? Unfortnuately, I'm writing this from work so I don't have the model number of my Samsung to hand. Once agaiin, thanks for the assistance,.
  20. Thanks for the info. Just to clarify the situation, if I set refresh to 24Hz, with AMPS enable, it works as the option is enabled in the TV menu and the sim is definitely responding to it (very smooth). However, if I then set the refresh to 29Hz, the TV option is not only greyed out, but AMPS has definitely stopped working in the sim. I can set 25Hz refresh and it still works in the sim, but any higher then it does not. Just out of interest, does the effect of AMPS cause the frame rates to be displayed at the new rate, or will they remain at the rate before being processed by the TV - at 24Hz, my frame rate still shows 24fps both in dev mode and RTSS ?
  21. I'm currently attempting to run my system with my Samsung 4K TV and I've encountered the same problem. The only refresh rate that appears to 'ungrey' the Auto Motion Plus Settings in the TV is 24Hz. Any other setting, inc 29Hz, just leaves them greyed out ? Any thoughts ?
  22. It varies depending upon the make. On my 2 year old Samsung, it's called "Auto Motion Plus Settings" and lives in the "Picture" settings menu options.
  23. The OP's post had nothing to do with AI traffic, it was about AI piloting. Not the same thing.
  24. Turn the words around, "a Simulator of Flight", so being a passenger is still flying. Given the great cabins being produced by companies like Fenix et al, I would actually like to use this feature... if it worked.
  25. I don't believe that the op is referring to AI traffic, rather AI piloting ?
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