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  1. I think in the past Matt Nischan mentioned here in Avsim that ATC and/or AI Traffic was one of the possibilities? Or maybe I dreamt it? Crossing fingers for that. There is no good integrated solution for it outside the sim, and WT have for sure the right background in real life aviation + flight sims to approach the problem correctly.
  2. I think that the best news here for MSFS is not so much who has been hired or for what, but the fact that Microsoft continues to invest and push the platform, and not necessarily in the areas making it more approachable or tempting for the casual gamer, Xbox, etc. but in the areas which make up the basis of an accurate sim. This is in stark contrast to the people arguing that they want to "gamify" it, that it is built around the Xbox and the PC is an afterthought, etc. Not just the hiring of Petrovich, but the onboarding of Inibuilds, WT hiring, and the plenty of open positions related to MSFS in ASOBO. It will take time to get there, yes, but clearly they have the means and the willingness, so it´s just a matter of "when". On the other hand, not sure why some people see the growth of MSFS as a threat to XP. Personally, I was an XP11 user and just used P3D for a brief time, but right now I am convinced that MSFS is "my" future. Nevertheless, XP was always the underdog in this business, even before MSFS, their market share was below that of P3D, and before XP11 even less. It was always used by a reduced amount of people (compared to FS or P3D) who liked some features only available in XP, or did not like some other characteristics of the other sims. And these people will continue with Xplane, as well as the Mac users, Linux users, people who have invested big bucks in XP addons... anyway, apparently XP Mobile was already a big income source for LR so they can take a hit in the desktop market. Maybe Austin has to sell the Ferrari or has to fly the Lancair few less hours per year? But I see no big issue for XP at the end.
  3. He, after a crash I tried to restart MSFS and I got the dreaded "app can´t open" error. I am running through all the troubleshooting and when I finish checking the disks for errors, the last remaining option is to reinstall. And I read that even that did not work for some people (apparently, the error is linked to a corruption of the windows account credentials). So it was not a good update for me. It´s a pity, because the previous one was running great. EDIT: In case someone gets here with the same issue... the solution was not to reinstall. You need to go to the Xbox app and check for updates there. Then, MSFS gets updated (Again) via the Xbox app and it finally launches. No clue why Microsoft has created such a cumbersome and complex system
  4. Do you have the Fenix A320 to test? Displays are blurry for me with DLSS
  5. Hi I am quite familiar now with Pilot2atc and it's working very well for IFR flights. I am starting now to try VFR flights, which surprisingly can be more challenging in terms of planning and ATC. I got some questions that I could not answer after reading the documentation and watching several videos and tutorials. First, I have to say that I mostly use the SayIt + feature, as English is not my mother tongue, and sometimes I get very funny results. - Assuming I am flying VFR, no flight plan and no flight following, and I will cross a Bravo airspace. Which frequency should I contact in order to get the transit approved? TWR, approach? Sometimes, in big airports, there are several additional frequencies, and I never manage to get the clearance to transit the Bravo airspace. - In Euroland we don´t have so many class B airspaces, but most of the airports have class C or D aerospace around them. At least in Spain, class C or D require transit clearance from the ATC. How shall I manage this in Pilot2atc? In SayIt+ I can only see the option to request the transit for Bravo. - Again, if I am flying VFR without flight following but I am near an ILS-equipped airport, and I would like to request vectors for the ILS. How can I do it? When I try, sometimes I get a squawk and a "radar contact" but afterwards nothing else. Which frequency shall I contact to get vectors for the approach? Tower, Approach? Thanks in advance! Wonderful product.
  6. I was always flying tubeliners but since MSFS is so tailored to VFR flying, I am trying to get into GA aircraft. Engine management is still like arcane magic for me... 3 levers, why, oh why so much complexity? But I digress... I have some questions with Just Flight´s Piper Arrow. I could not find good answers anywhere, including the manual. When taking off, I am supposed to apply full throttle, with propeller lever full forward and rich mixture. But this takes my RPM well above the red line (red line is about 2500 RPM) which is... not good, I guess. Is this Ok? Can I go full throttle independently of the max RPM? Or shall I stop the throttle when l I reach max RPM? How long should I stay above the red line? And generally speaking, what is the best way of managing the RPM while in flight. Shall I keep high throttle and play with the propeller? Or the other way around? I can reach the same RPM with both levers, but there should be a right way of setting the desired RPM.
  7. Thanks, my "off screen terrain pre-caching" is at Ultra too, otherwise it gets really bad (which is counterintuitive but...) Anyway, I think I am convinced to take the same path you did. I have read some reviews of the 12600k and seems to be a great value for a gaming PC.
  8. Many thanks for the detailed tests! Very useful for those of us thinking about the same upgrade. Just a couple of questions. - How smooth is the view panning? With the 4790k I get sometimes pretty good FPS, even in complex areas, but as soon as I pan the view, they decrease to the 20s for 1-3 seconds. Not too bad, but it bothers me. - What did you do with the cooler? Did you get a new one or kept the previous?
  9. This Not sure in other parts of the world, but the mood is not exactly good right now.
  10. Thanks for the detailed explanation, but there is something I don´t understand. The Ryzen 5 5600X has a core clock of 3.7 GHz (with Turbo up to 4.6GHz). The 4790k has a core clock of 4 GHz (with Turbo up to 4.4). Numbers, at least with Turbo, are not so different. Why the big difference between both? The i7-4790k can reach 4.6 with OC... or is there something I am missing?
  11. Following this topic closely, I am in a very similar situation (but with a RTX 2070S instead of a 2070) and with the same question. I have been investigating for some time because my rig is running MSFS with pretty good performance. Still, in some demanding scenarios (photogrammetry + payware airport + FBW A32NX + AI traffic), it shows some limitations and it's not smooth anymore, taxiing is sometimes a bit painful. Normally I am CPU limited below 40 FPS and playing at 1400p. But a new CPU means probable a new motherboard (current one has a LGA1150, not compatible with the newer CPUs which have LGA1200) and cooler, and with that potentially new RAM modules. All in all we are talking about 700-800 EUR upgrade with the downside that, with a slight increase in CPU performance, I will be limited very quickly by the GPU. A new GPU means to sell my firstborn, and I am not in the mood. So really interested in which CPU could give us some bang for buck in this case
  12. Did you consider that some sims and its SDKs have been around for many years (decades?), giving the time to the developers to train, get familiar with it, learn, and find workarounds? The knowledge base is there. MSFS SDK is available for less than 2 years, so there are not experienced developers yet, not at the same level of experience as in P3D or XP. The Challenger popped out at the end of the lifecycle of XP11 and not in the first 2 years, for a good reason. Some problems don´t get solved faster by throwing more people or more money to them, but by giving time to the people to get experienced. As frustrating as it sounds, we may have to wait some years to get addons at the same level of complexity as we have in other sims.
  13. Having some strange issues with the Just Flight Piper Arrow, some instruments not working and the yokes are frozen in the full left position, anybody else having the same issue? Maybe it´s not related to the WU, was a long time since I last used so maybe I changed something and broke it.
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