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  1. Wow great FPS... very smooth, even with the FENIX. Even without adaptative LOD and with TAA render scaling at 120. My RTX2070 has suddenly increased its expected lifespan by several years, I think. Thanks to Seb and the whole team.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to write a thorough answer, I think I understand now where all the buzz is coming from!
  3. I am curious, what makes it so special? I mean, what are the main differences vs the JF planes or the Milviz C310?
  4. By playing with the register a bit you can unlock several additional English voices in Windows, and use them in Pilot2ATC. I have like 7 or 8, more than enough for flight. It´s not a 1-click procedure but if I managed to do it, it can´t be so complex
  5. Hi Dave, I tried and works great. Thanks again for your great support.
  6. Hi I am using latest version Beta 5W. I don't use the speech recognition as English is not my native language and with my accent, it doesn't work well. But with the SayIt+ option, I can manage quite well. Somehow, the request to transit class B airpsace with Sayit+ is not working, I never get an answer. I have tried VFR with and without flight following, tower or approach or center, near the Bravo Airspace border, at the border, inside, using the different sentences, giving a bearing/distance, not giving it... no success. Any advice?
  7. Thanks, I was wondering how to actually start the program without having a microphone connected. At least on my computer, it doesn´t even let you start the app without it. But I think the workaround has been shared in the message just before yours.
  8. Could you please share the workaround to make P2ATC work without microphone? I have looked for it but couldn´t find anything
  9. I think this is the patch those of us in the beta already got some days ago. Now it becomes the stable version. I say this because I got nothing but I am already at, having downloaded this patch last week.
  10. I am still puzzled that they have these hiccups. Anyway, good FPS improvement in the A310 for me, and much smoother. Now at similar level as the Fenix or even slightly better in terms of perfo.
  11. Sure, I am sending you the logs from the last 2 flights
  12. Hi Dave, Thanks for your quick support. I saw that there was a new public beta and I downloaded Public Beta 8P 10/30/2022 The problem is partially solved. Now I get vectors when requested, even showing on the map. Unfortunately, at some point ATC stops giving vectors and does not get me to intercept the approach lines on the map. I had some cases where I even overflew the airport without any reaction from ATC.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, it´s not working on my side. https://imgur.com/a/NlLtuE4 I tried with visual straight in and with ILS, and I never get vectored. At best, I get cleared for the approach, sometimes I get no answer. Please note that in that flight I had not a squawk assigned in advance. But even when I get one, the result is the same.
  14. Currently in Public Beta 8K 10/20/2022 While flying in VFR, I try to get radar vectors for ILS or visual straight in. I don´t get any vector, and very often, not even an answer. Sometimes I get the clearance for the approach, but no vectors. I have tried - Contacting app, twr, and center - With or without flight plan - With or without flight following and/or flight advisories Normally I try to request it when close to the airport, let´s say less than 20 NM, using the ?+ feature and trying with several sentences to request vectors. Any clue or tip?
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