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  1. Mark, As far as I'm concerned, an "ATC Chatter for Xbox" would not have to interact with MSFS. I'd just want Chatter to play while MSFS is running at the same time. Reason: the phrases used by MSFS's ATC are not realistic (to a pilot in the U.S.). But even worse, on long "flights," MSFS's ATC quits altogether; it just goes silent, without warning or explanation. MSFS users have been complaining about this online for two years, but ASOBO and Microsoft have not even acknowledged the problem let alone fixed it. MSFS's visuals are spectacular, but dead radio silence is not only unrealistic, it's boring. I just downloaded the trial version of FS-ATC-Chatter and installed it on a Windows notebook computer -- one not powerful enough to run MSFS itself, so MSFS is not installed on it. Even without MSFS on the notebook, FS-ATC-Chatter ran perfectly -- so perfectly that I bought the full version of FS-ACT-Chatter, and it runs perfectly too. Of course, because there's no sim radio for Chatter to connect with, I have to manually select the phase of flight I want to listen to. So now, I'm using my Xbox to run MSFS and my notebook computer to run Chatter, at the same time. I have enough room on my desk for my Xbox and notebook computer, but I bought an Xbox because it's portable and I can take it elsewhere to attach it to a large screen TV. I'd be happy as a clam if I could buy a version of Chatter that runs on my Xbox at the same time that it's running MSFS, even if the two were not linked in any way. The only thing that prevents me from doing that is that Xbox is a closed universe; the only software that can be installed on it must be purchased and downloaded from the Xbox Marketplace. MSFS's ATC is so unsatisfying, I'm sure I wouldn't be your only customer. Lon
  2. Hi Mark, Is it difficult (or expensive) to get software approved for purchase from the MSFS 2020 Xbox Marketplace? I ask, because I use your ATC Chatter with X-Plane on a Windows PC, and I love it. Recently, I bought an Xbox that I use for MSFS 2020. I see that you have a version of Chatter for MSFS, and a player for it. But the only software that can be added to MSFS on an Xbox has to be purchased and downloaded from the Xbox Marketplace. If the FS-Chatter Player were available from the Marketplace, I'd buy it in the blink of an eye. And I suspect that other Xbox users would as well, because MSFS's built-in ATC is not very realistic. Lon
  3. Wow! Dave, do you have time to run other companies too — companies that need to be responsive to their customers’ needs or wants, but aren’t. You’re putting those companies to shame. And it’s appreciated by those of us who use Pilot2ATC.
  4. I use it to preview flights I’ve planned for a real-world plane that I rent and to practice loading and flying IFR clearances and approaches.
  5. This happened to me when I requested taxi authorization from a spot that was close to the departure end of the runway. I got it to stop by moving my start-up spot to a location that’s farther from the runway.
  6. Thanks for this JimmyD. So many X-Plane users have wanted to eliminate cockpit shadows, I'm surprised it isn't a setting within X-Plane itself. Maybe it will be in XP12. In the meantime, your LUA script solution works perfectly for me, and I appreciate it.
  7. Excellent random chatter is available for $15 here: https://store.x-plane.org/X-ATC-Chatter_p_890.html
  8. It’s a Windows issue. I had this problem yesterday. Google how to cycle through your open programs in Windows 10. It’s a 2-key press procedure — easy to do, but so non-intuitive that I’ve already forgotten which keys are involved. When you do it, Pilot2ATC reappears on screen, and your good to go.
  9. There was a Windows update recently. I understand why Microsoft updates Windows. But I hate it when it does that. Windows updates always mess something up, including X-Plane and P2A settings!
  10. Thanks for your amazingly quick response on a Sunday, no less. Great product. Great support.
  11. When we talk with P2A controllers, are we communicating over the Internet with a central P2A server, or are we talking to software that's installed on our own computers? I ask, because usually I get immediate responses from P2A controllers. But sometimes, the controller's response is very delayed. Indeed, sometimes, I get no response at all -- not even from a controller with whom I've already had two-way communication. For example, this morning (a Sunday) on a VFR flight, I was handed off to a new controller on a new frequency. I checked in with my call sign and altitude, and got an immediate response. A few minutes later, though, I advised the controller that I was changing altitudes and got no response at all. I waited a short time, and requested an altitude change, and again got no response. Finally, I simply checked in by saying "Center" and my call sign. ATC usually responds to that kind of check-in with "[my call sign]. Go ahead." But this morning, I got no response at all. So I'm wondering whether we're communicating over the Internet with a central server rather than our own computers, and the occasional delay or non-response is because the Internet or the server is unusually busy.
  12. If you are flying VFR, you start down on your own. If you are flying on an IFR flight plan, Pilot2ATC will tell you when to begin your descent.
  13. I did it by: paying for a Navigraph subscription; downloading and installing Navigraph’s update installer program; and then running the installer. Navigraph’s installer found the location (on my computer) of Pilot2ATC immediately without any help from me. I did have to point Navigraph to the location of X-Plane. The Nav data update took only a moment.
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