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  1. So after having issues with my PMDG 737 I had to remove and reinstall the aircraft. Since doing so and making no other changes to my usual workflow, my radio will no longer hold a frequency change. As soon as I go the ATIS, or Clearance Del., or any other frequency it makes the change and then immediately reverts back to ground frequency. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Dave, I don't know if this has been asked before but I've often thought of it. In fact every time I use the Frequency drop down menu I wonder if it'd be possible to add a double click on the desired frequency to bring it up to the COM 1 position rather than inserting it in STBY only to have to then go down and click the COM 1 window to transfer the frequency. It'd be a nice feature IMO. Single click to STBY position, double click right into active COM 1.
  3. So after re-starting I finished the flight with no further issues.
  4. Maybe a one off glitch. I closed and re-started and so far all is good.
  5. The latest beta (7F) is constantly hounding me to adjust course by a significant amount when I am flying perfectly on course.
  6. Go to the store in which you purchased it, either SimMarket or JustFlight. You will find the download links there.
  7. It seems it's bringing the airline over but using the previous flight callsign. Beta 7E
  8. Meanwhile back at the ranch, they're still waiting for Weather Radar, some semblance of usable ATC and a multitude of other long awaited bug fixes.
  9. Ok Dave, I'll send the file on the next occurrence.
  10. Thanks for your reply Dave. But this is happening when nothing in the flight plan changed. And the "File" button remains green.
  11. Several times now while filing my flight plan for an IFR flight I will get a squawk code that would be appropriate for an IFR flight. Then I taxi to the runway and upon getting takeoff clearance from the tower, the last instruction will tell me to squawk code 1200. I've always thought 1200 was strictly VFR. Anyone else getting this?
  12. So I was finally able to get the update but I too had to jump through hoops (although much different ones). I finally was able to log into the website from my phone and from there had no issue downloading the MSFS.exe file. Then I transferred the file to my PC and installed easily from there. Their final response to me was that their IT department had looked into the problem and determined that my browser was blocking Javascript, which is nonsense as I have Javascript enabled globally with the exception of a few websites, none of which are SimMarket. But regardless I've got the update. But I stand by my previous comment. Their app sux.
  13. Using a Chrome browser their suggestion was to clear cache and re-try but to no avail. Even bypassing the (horrible) app and trying directly from the main website is not working. Tried Edge and the same result. Dunno. Never had a problem before this stupid app. Why does everybody have to make you download an app? (Rhetorical question do not expect answer.)
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