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  1. No shaders. Just "Standard Mode" monitor settings @ 4K.😁
  2. I agree. Auto-gen best left on medium to never touch again. I have 1080ti, plus 32 MB Ram, 8700K and the auto still "pops" over medium. I have learned to live without it. I also force myself to turn off the FPS counter and just fly now. Full auto-gen is for "screen-shot" artists.
  3. Ezra

    Milviz Bush Plane Opinions Sought

    The Milviz Turbo Otter must be 3 pointed when landing to avoid any discernible bounce. Similar to the P-51 mustang in DCS.
  4. Autogen along with Airborne/Road traffic AI are the biggest FPS eaters. Turn off Traffic and see what happens with the auto-gen. You simply can`t have your cake and eat it too in P3D. I know this sounds pessimistic. As much as I love P3D, it`s very nature is bi-polar. It`s the nature of the beast we all relentlessly pursue hoping one day something better will come along. Cheers. . .Lol.
  5. Ezra

    Milviz Bush Plane Opinions Sought

    The Milviz Turbo Otter is a beauty in my opinion. One of the best bush planes out there. No PBR textures but she still looks good. I love the flight model. If you get good at handling her (and not blowing the engine), you can land her just about anywhere anytime. You can also fly over the top of some weather systems as well, or fly under the ceiling with amphibian floats. I have the Beaver as well. Although, I prefer the Otter mostly because she is simply a beast with incredible STOL capability. I also find the cockpit lighting to be fairly good as well. Not A2A (Bonanza) quality but pretty close. The Turbo Otter also has the real glass and light add-on as well--plus the weather radar.
  6. I love it. ORBX Central 4.0. I commenced a clean install. So far everything works great. New additional SSD is being filled nicely. Plug in another SSD. Designate another library. Very simple. Works as advertised.
  7. Ezra

    Severe FPS loss with GSX

    Uninstall it and see what happens. I don`t touch GSX or FSDream Team. I don`t trust them. But that is my opinion based on extensive reading on issues which involve these add-ons.
  8. "Unless you spend thousands of dollars for your hardware," Not so.The "Achilles Heel" regarding the spending of thousands of dollars (which I have done) does very little beyond what Rob_Ainscough has demonstrated. You can only squeeze so much out of P3D until one ends up in the "tweakitis" quagmire seeking visual nirvana at the cost of performance every time. Often it becomes a perpetual "placebo" exercise prompting endless hardware upgrades with no real satisfactory results as one might expect. It`s the nature of the beast. Dial back the details and just fly and enjoy. But have fun finding the "sweet" spot that changes every-time you add another add-on. P3D is a carnival platform waiting to serve another vendor. Performance will always trail behind. Most of the experienced simmers dial back the sim to 30 FPS and fly.
  9. I run "vanilla" P3Dv4.5 (Deleted ORBX all together) and things run beautiful and silky smooth now. . .Lol. Yes I know, I spent hundreds and hundreds on ORBX, but at the moment (until the new FTX Central is released), I prefer silky smooth flight models without obnoxious micro stutters accompanied with obsessive placebo tweaks which ultimately turn me off all together. Been in this hobby way too long now to keep chasing the add-on serpent who keeps eating it`s own tail regardless of the hardware. 8700K,1080ti,32MB, etc,etc. Note: Sorry I lied. I also use Active Sky with very high settings. The weather experience is fantastic since I love flying IFR. Just my experience and opinion for now. Cheers.
  10. It is demonstrated in the video.
  11. Did you reinstall the new GFX card drivers (latest) and Refresh the graphics (Prepar3D.cfg file)? Warren Jones
  12. Ezra

    L-39 an early look

    Yup. I come from P3Dv4 as well. I don`t fly the Harrier (DCS) for the combat either. The flight experience in terms of smoothness is far better in DCS in my opinion with the same rig. I know the regions are limited but they are still real good if one want`s to learn the basics of flight and navigation with limited ATC. If you are just into VFR then any other aircraft is no more difficult than the L-39. Furthermore, the complexities of the avionics are easily tamed down with (auto start---Win+Home), easy comms, etc. The F-18 is no slouch when it comes to cockpit load if one cares about semi-pro-typical procedures like approaches and landing, etc. Anyway, have at her. 😉
  13. Ezra

    L-39 an early look

    I chose to pass on the L-39 as trainer for the F-18, etc. A good trainer for the F-18, strangely enough, is the AV-8B Harrier by RAZBAM for DCS. The avionics suite and some weapon delivery procedures are similar in a limited way. The cockpit load in the AV-8B alone will also get one ready for the F-18. The latest version of the AV-8B is actually pretty good since the last updates. She fly's beautifully for a strike aircraft. Navigation is pretty well done as well. ADF, TACAN, DME, etc. Still a work in progress though like most DCS aircraft. The model and cockpit lighting is also a thing of beauty.
  14. Ezra

    Looking to purchase another heavy.

    I have this same question in mind; "Looking to purchase another heavy." I generally fly GA VFR/IFR in the PNW with live weather for the most part, although I do like the "heavies" as well on occasion to justify the Flightbeam/Orbx investment. I was thinking on a PMDG heavy. In the past I purchased the PMDG 747 twice throughout its early developments under FSX (on disk). However, the thought of paying out (in CDN currency) again turns me off a little, even though I know they are quality offerings. Having said this, I purchased the QW 787 and I am very pleased in 4K resolution locked at 30FPS. Everything is smooth. Yes, I have to baby-sit the VNAV mode at times, but I have completed auto landings quite successfully despite what others claim. Nevertheless, it also looks fantastic in (PBR) as well if one is privy to visuals and eye-candy. The sounds are adequate. It is also a beautiful aircraft to fly as hands-on as well. The price is also very reasonable. Maybe PMDG down the road when they PBR the DC6 . . .;-) Cheers Warren Jones
  15. Ezra

    Problems of PBR for 747 and 787

    In my experience and opinion, The way to solve this FPS issue is to run in 4K. Unfortunately one needs a beefy CPU and GFX card (like GTX 1080ti) to accomplish this. I have no "jaggie" issues with QW 787. No need to run 4XSGSS. In fact you should just run default settings in the Nividea Control Panel. Throw away the Nvidea Inspector. All the latter does is induce "tweakitis." Find a good basic setting, turn of FPS counter and have fun.