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  1. This plug-in seems to be very epic. I was searching for this. A well gradient of layers in terms of lightnings of the sky, clouds and visibility. Does this plug-in also have an algortihm that determines the amount of grey haze in the air with respect to the local humidity and temperature? For example, in very hot countries the visibility is poor. Despite 'clear' skies and beautiful weather. When at a certain altitude above these kind of countries (especially summers obviously) you see a lot of haze and sometimes combined with smog above large® cities.
  2. Any developers reaction regarding those correct issues?
  3. Dear PMDG, How about the KLM SkyTeam Livery? I really love them. Another question, they newest boeing 737 ordered by KLM seems to be a bit darker blue. Less light blue of the sun because the "paint" is new. How about that? I like some darker liveries for KLM =)
  4. Hello PMDG,I'm very happy that KLM and Transavia are included, my favourite one. But with KLM, there's also the SkyTeam livery in the product release or do we have to wait?
  5. I've flown the B737 800 and A320 only, unfortunately not that much. Next airplane will be the NGX.
  6. Keep going witht the good work rsrandazzo! Only release the NGX after you put the finishing touches. But I'm sure that PMDG will do that.

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