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  1. This plug-in seems to be very epic. I was searching for this. A well gradient of layers in terms of lightnings of the sky, clouds and visibility. Does this plug-in also have an algortihm that determines the amount of grey haze in the air with respect to the local humidity and temperature? For example, in very hot countries the visibility is poor. Despite 'clear' skies and beautiful weather. When at a certain altitude above these kind of countries (especially summers obviously) you see a lot of haze and sometimes combined with smog above large® cities.
  2. copy-paste X-Plane info from the last topic is news? Again disappointed PMDG! I always love PMDG, but not their 'announcements about the announcement of the announcement very shortly'.
  3. So, we can expect some preview screenshots for X-Plane soon? What about the 747 for X-Plane?
  4. RSR said that they will bring 737NGX, 777X and 747X to X-Plane.
  5. We all don't know. Maybe Kyle is that kind to tell it us? -_-
  6. Shadows? That's a default feature in X-Plane .... -_-
  7. I think it's indeed the pogo stick, not joking The secret 'project' is just that pogo stick as a PMDG joke but the real surprise will be the products ^^
  8. The surprise is that there will be a surprise! Or, the surprise is that we will get 1 preview screenshot The surprise is the release of 737NGX, 777X and 747v2 in same release period ^^ (I hope..)
  9. Pictures is what we need Kyle! Pictures of PMDG in X-Plane 10 I need this 747v2 of PMDG for X-Plane :ph34r: , and 737NGX as well. And 777 ^_^
  10. PMDG announced an announcement! Waiting for the first preview shots!
  11. Finally! That's a small relief and sounds promising.
  12. I hope they will deliver the 747v2 for X-Plane 10 a.s.a.p. Will be amazing :rolleyes:
  13. No.. FSX was that perfect out of the box you wanted to say? - In X-Plane World we already welcome PMDG by the statement: 'PMDG announced an announcement'
  14. I did not even read this. Just did ctrl+f 'X-Plane' but nothing .. :huh: <_<
  15. So PMDG, after FSX:SE, P3D... what's the news for X-Plane huah? B)
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