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  1. Mir // Flightbeam

    FlightBeam on sale - 30% off US airports

    Sorry to hear about your trouble, but like I said, I've never heard anybody else have this issue before with KIAD. If there was indeed a bug with the product we'd be getting a mountain of emails. And since you haven't emailed our support to we can troubleshoot the issue I'm unable to help you with the problem. About the EDDN debate 😉 Flightbeam is the publisher of that product, not the developer. So I don't decide if it gets a discount or not. That is purely based on the developer's decision to put it on sale or not. Hope that helps clear it up. And thanks everyone for the supportive comments! I'm glad to hear about your positive experience. I do lurk around AVSIM quite a bit as I'm a simmer myself.
  2. Mir // Flightbeam

    FlightBeam on sale - 30% off US airports

    I've never heard of this issue before with KIAD. Try uninstalling KIAD, then check to see if the problem persists. After uninstalling, be sure there are no other addons at KIAD. For further assistance be sure to head over to our support forum or email us. It always amazes me how many users give up on issues they're having without even contacting us. 95% of problems encountered are not even caused by the scenery, but rather a conflicting addon from another developer.
  3. Mir // Flightbeam

    Halloween Flash sale at Flightbeam

    Hello Phillip, What problem were you having? Also, I don't see you in our customer database? Our products take less than a minute to install and get running, we've never really had any complaints about getting our airports running with our new system.
  4. Mir // Flightbeam

    The State of Flight Simming

    I can assure you (based on actual stats and sales figures) on the P3D side of things the community is growing.. and has been at a continuous rate for quite some time now. I don't foresee P3D going down anytime soon, quite the opposite actually. We've seen a large influx of FSX users recently switch over to P3D which is very nice for ease of development. So if you hear gloom and doom talk about flight-simming (especially P3D) definitely take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Mir // Flightbeam


    Hi, thanks for your interest. However converting our products to X-Plane violates our EULA, and can get your serial number/account blacklisted: http://www.flightbeam.net/eula.html
  6. Mir // Flightbeam

    Flightbeam KIAD issues

    The autogen in that particular location is flattened only in FSX, and yes it's caused by the airport (I never said otherwise). As mentioned, autogen flattening occurs in FSX with the use of custom ground polygons, which is used at KIAD. Your original post: http://flightbeam.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2853 It's a complex bug but that was never resolved in FSX with the dissolution of the Microsoft ACES development team. There's no mystery, we know what BGLs cause it. If you want to get rid of it, you'll have no ground at KIAD. In P3D however that bug does not exist and shows autogen just fine, and about twice the performance. In regards to tree blending.. once again.. we aim to blend the airport with default textures, because the vast majority of customers believe it or not use default vs FTX Global. As I explained in our support forum, There are over a dozen other tree addons that change the colors of trees in the sim. It's extremely counter productive for us to spend so much time creating blending packages for each customer. The default colors not only blend better with default, but they also match the actual airport tree color scheme since they are *actual* pictures of trees from the airport.
  7. Mir // Flightbeam

    Flightbeam KSFO v2 landing problem

    As mentioned by previous users, be sure there are no conflicting AFCADs that conflict with KSFO (there are quite a few). With no conflicting AFCADs, ILS 28L is spot on with the correct data: NAV 111.7 CRS: 284 (IGWQ) To find conflicting AFCADs (the bane of airport developer's existence): - First try the Flightbeam Manager's troubleshooter to find obvious ones. - Search your sim folder for duplicates (search for ksfo* bgl files) - If none of those solutions work, use the Scenery Library to temporarily disable scenery addons to see which is causing the issue.
  8. Mir // Flightbeam

    Flightbeam KSFO-HD v2 release

    Hi Jim, In the Flightbeam Manager, you can just turn off puddles if you wish.
  9. Mir // Flightbeam

    Flightbeam KSFO-HD v2 release

    Hello Aaron, More than likely you still have the old KSFOHD installed. Be sure to remove any trace of the previous version. That message will not affect your new install though. It's just that the Addon Manager detects the old version still installed.
  10. I don't really consider myself a "titan" anyway ;) Just one overly enthusiastic scenery developer. I agree with Robert however, this is hardly a clash. You guys would be surprised on how much we cooperate behind curtains. There is regular, and open communications between our development teams. Not just PMDG, but with FlyTampa, FSDT and other devs as well. Robert, thanks for your clarification. Your original statement is technically not "false" per say, but it did cause mass confusion for customers. In my opinion customers shouldn't be involved in SDK talk in the first place, we deal with this stuff full time and the level of complexity is mind-boggling. So for customers to make rash decisions about whether A, B or C dev used this or that SDK is a dangerous game. In its current form, it's not possible to create a full size airport with 100% P3D v4 SDK without negative consequences for customers. A developer can still (properly) use previous SDK to make stable, clean assets that does not cause problems in the sim. The keyword here is properly, because I do agree there are a few who have some messy assets that cause problems in the sim. Just some further clarification for simmers: We got a lot of email regarding Dynamic Lighting and old SDK causing frame drops. Older SDK models do not cause performance drops with Dynamic Lighting. This is 100% incorrect, and we tested this *thoroughly*. Dynamic lighting performance is very simple from the user perspective (without going into technical detail). Basically.. the more detail at the airport, the bigger performance drop with dynamic lighting. The "dynamic" light forces your system to make a *lot* more calculations to display that light splash when there are a lot of objects. It's really that simple. Other things can be factored in to, especially with complex ground polygons. Hopefully this.. and Robert's post provides a bit more clarification so soothe some concerns.
  11. Since this thread has started we've been getting regular emails from potential customers stating that if our products are not native P3D V4 SDK they will not purchase. So that original comment is not far from the truth unfortunately. It's amazing how fast misinformation can spread. In my professional opinion the original statement that started this entire discussion should either be clarified or retracted. In its current form it's not very accurate.
  12. Mir // Flightbeam

    Chaseplane causes flickers at Flightbeam KMSP

    Hi Steve, Luckily it appears there is a solution to this since it occurs in other airports as well. Check here:
  13. Mir // Flightbeam

    8-14 FPS sitting at airport in P3D v4?

    You are simply asking too much from your PC. You're running at 4k resolution, with some of the heaviest addons.. and most of your P3D settings in the medium to max range. I know for FTX Norcal there is a fix involved where you remove cranes, it supposedly causes heavy performance issues. Other than that, the best scenario is to first run P3D vanilla, then install addons little by little while keeping an eye on your performance. If you add everything at once, it's difficult to judge which is causing the heaviest fps drops. Most of the time it's not the airport causing the biggest fps drop (we get blamed all the time). As an example, try uninstalling KSFOHD.. you'll notice the default airport has similar performance with all the other addons together.
  14. Uhhh.. no. We're not the same company. I would appreciate it if you didn't spread false information. We simply license the use of their Addon Manager to display our products. That is coming to an end this year as we created our own system which is much less complex and lightweight. The Addon Manager and Couatl is complex for good reason though, it practically runs the entire FSDT lineup including GSX with SODE integrated. For our use, it's overkill.
  15. There's roughly 5,000-10,000 individual lights at these airports. Just one dynamic light causes a performance hit. We're really not there yet, for a long time. The newer KMSP, which will feature dynamic lights, has roughly 200 at terminal and cargo areas, but each one was meticulously optimized to avoid too much performance impact.