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  1. Hi all, This may, or may not be related to the original issue. We recently discovered a new issue with the sim, particularly if you have Navigraph installed (which has been causing us all kinds of headaches). It appears that no matter the priority the product is in, Navigraph navdata will overwrite our custom ILS data. This has been very problematic with our current production of NZAA. Asobo has acknowledged the issue and is currently looking into it. Symptoms of this issue: random CTDs and/or invalid ILS data. Apart from that, we currently do not have any issues with ILS, if there are no issues with a duplicate KDEN. One last thing, if you need help removing Asobo's KDEN, it's a bit tricky now since SU5, there's a helpful FAQ post on how to do this: https://shop.flightbeam.net/apps/help-center#hc-kden-msfs-conflicts-with-asobo-kden
  2. KPHX is not really "low priority", it's already work in progress and will be out this year.
  3. Hello Darryl, So there is the issue then. Sante is no longer working at Flightbeam, and I'm not sure where Thomas sent the email but he's definitely not the support center. To get proper support you'll need to head over to our support page. A few ways, just click "Support" on the menu from our website or shop.. or visit this link directly: https://shop.flightbeam.net/apps/help-center At the bottom there is a contact link which emails our support staff, your issue will then be tracked and will be responded to. Hope this helps!
  4. We respond to all emails promptly. When did you send us a message and to which address? I don't see anything regarding this issue in our inboxes.
  5. They broke "hand-crafted" airport exclusions in the Japan update, we're not sure why. So at this point we're likely back to making sure the other version is disabled.
  6. Hi there, just a quick heads up that both Asobo KDEN and Flightbeam KDEN are showing in this screenshot (double buildings). It's easy to fix this: https://shop.flightbeam.net/apps/help-center#hc-kden-msfs-terrain-issues-since-patch-5 Clear skies :)
  7. We haven't able to test yet since it has yet to be distributed to developers.
  8. Several issues happening. Just the main ones here: - alignment is off at many airports - ILS is not activating correctly on approach to addon airports According to Asobo the new ILS editor will solve these and more issues (for addon airports)
  9. It really depends on what it's replacing. Asobo's KDEN was a big headache to remove, perhaps since it's "handcrafted". You will need to check for others. Things to look out for: - duplicate buildings - terrain anomalies
  10. Nav data for Navblue is the default data we will be able to edit in the coming SDK update. Currently addon airports are inheriting the default data from an underlying layer of scenery, which seems to cause issues.
  11. I recently saw a thread here regarding ILS issues at addon airports. So here is some quick clarification with facts: - Yes, there is certainly some big ILS issues going on. - It's caused by the SDK not allowing us to create custom ILS for our airports. - The issue seems scattered among all airport devs. Asobo is very aware of the issue (for many.. many weeks) - Asobo is responding by implementing a new custom ILS tool in the next SDK update, hopefully coming in the next week(s) - I believe this will solve the issue once and for all.. unless it contains bugs as well. Thanks for your attention
  12. Hi there, You will need to delete the Asobo version as it causes lots of conflicts. The sim does not recognize both airports being in the sim at the same time. There is no drawback to "deleting" the Asobo version, you can re-download at any time.
  13. You also probably have over 10 pages of anti-scenery dev posts here on AVSIM. Your simmarket purchases are grossly irrelevant.
  14. There's nothing wrong with not being familiar with aviation. Everyone started somewhere, it's a great thing to have so many newcomers in this hobby. However, they expect lower prices since they're not "hardcore" simmers yet. Of course, why should I ever expect a positive reply from you. Your cynical and anti-airport dev posts are quite old. Keep them coming though, they're entertaining.
  15. The vast majority of MSFS users are casual players, and not AVSIM members. Most of them have no skills in piloting or knowing anything about aviation. That particular market thinks $15 for a mega airport, which takes around 1 year to develop, is too much to pay.
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