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  1. Hello My P3D 4.5 use ASP+ASCA+Sky Force 3D+ENVTEX I found low-altitude clouds in the sky look like paper. Can I improve this effect? Thank you.
  2. Sorry, I also purchased the installation today. 747 Immersion found problems after installation.
  3. Hello One day after upgrading FSDT Live Update to the program, CTD Automatically exit from the error Prepar3D.exe 5b2c3263 KERNELBASE.dll 10.0.17134.319 1e206b26 E0434352 000000000003a388 338c 01d460aeb6921efa E:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll Bfb5fe41-9aa5-462a-b9fd-c3b19f16659a
  4. Hello 没想到遇到国内的飞友了,感谢。 您说的那个CTD的修复教程我都仔细看了,也按照做了,没有用的。我觉得是我的CPU I7 4790K和显卡CTX980 温度高引起的黑屏。我在运行P3D的时候GPU使用高达75以上,今天对电脑做了除尘,看看如何。 我倒没有这种问题,启动后运行都正常,但是好景不长就黑了,连系统都挂了,得手动重启。跟温度有关系。
  5. These days, my P3D 3.4.22 in the start running after not long time to start a black screen, the computer screen is black, you need to manually restart WIN, I do not know what is the problem? How to fix? Windows system log does not detect any problems. My system is WIN10, but for win7 also have this problem. Graphics card gtx980 driver 378.66 thank you
  6. Hello Have you installed Orbx Global Vector? It shielded it, it is very accounting for resources.
  7. I also have this problem The last EGLL EGLL - KIAH KIAH - EGLL PC memory began to call the police LTBA - KIAH KIAH - LTBA without any problem OMDB - LPPT fly three times in TD and more than 100 NM are direct crashed out of control During the period of unable to do anything VHHH - CVYR without any problem CYVR - VHHH in entering Japanese intelligence area for the first time hang up directly The second VHHH approach when PC alarm overflow directly crashed out of control During the period of unable to do anything Yesterday I to fly over CYVR - VHHH according to VHHH2000 NM collapse crashing
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