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  1. Hey dude, what time was the email received?
  2. Dean, what time did you receive the email?
  3. I haven't seen anyone say they have received an invite after the initial 8:47EST wave
  4. I signed up on the 27th of September, I can't remember if this was day one or not, I updated my DXDiag when switching to W10. I don't have an invite and its hugely disappointing, but I'll get to play it at some point.
  5. Its great that early signups will be getting alpha access, I hope they don't discount my early sign up with w7 dxdiag, Running w10 now and updated the dxdiag info
  6. this worked! I deselected remember me, and It logged me in.
  7. I was only trying to log in to change my DXDIAG, gone from w7 to w10, so might have a chance now.
  8. Yeah that didn't work for me and I've had the issue for a while. I was told that its been stopped for people who aren't part of any testing branch.
  9. Does anyone find that the webpage is slow to load?
  10. I managed to pull up the log in screen, but using chrome incognito (who'd have thought I finally have use for it). In logging in, it still gave the same error.
  11. Thats not what was said before I replied, He has edited his post to circumvent my point.
  12. Even though MS released some user pictures, doesn't mean they can. Pretty sure that if they where allowed to post pictures, then the place would be inundated with them.
  13. Hey, thanks for the replies. My Cloud/cCirro type resolutions are set at 512x512
  14. Sorry for the poor title, but its pretty much my issue. Running P3d v4.5 with active sky and REX sky force, I found a huge FPS loss when it comes to the detailed clouds option. Flying into TAPA last night they was a storm going on which caused my normal 30(locked) or 50+(unlocked) for that region to plummet to the single digits. I have never had any fps loss with this option being used before and normally had it on the highest setting, but i'm guessing my hiatus from playing has been very limited over the last month or two due to lack of performance. No matter where the slider was at, low medium high, if detailed clouds option was ticked the FPS dropped down to single digits. Could anyone shed light on whats going on with this setting when I use it. TIA
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