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  1. Before I discovered VR, I tried TrackIR for some time. It may be nice for looking out of the side windows. However, when it comes to instrument flight, the permanent squinting hurts my eyes. I cannot recommend it. Michael
  2. Has anything already been said about turboprop modeling? It was one very weak point in FSX. Only a few developers tried to tackle it: Milviz improved the free turbine PT-6 in their Pilatus PC-6, Turbo Otter and in the upcoming King Air. Majestic created the fantastic Dash-8. PMDG even made a geared TPE 331 for their JS-41. If I remember it right, they described the stock FSX turboprop model as "hopelessly broken". Michael
  3. Long live P3D if they do not tackle VR Michael
  4. My thrill is to "sit" in the captain´s seat in VR and and learn to master them all: - FSL A320 - PMDG 737/777/747 - Leonardo MD-82 - TFDi 717 They are all good and it is a joy to experience the different approaches how to manage a flight: the 737/777/747 has Level Change, the A320 has Managed Climb/Descent. The 737/777/747 CDU has Dep/Arr and Hold pages, the A320 does the same using Lateral Revision. The 717 is a descendant of the MD-82 and stands somehow inbetween. Also, I have these two: - Majestic Dash 8 Q400 - Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 There handling has many similarities. Without having Autothrust, they are both quite demanding. My advice: if you want to spend the money, get them all. Michael
  5. Maybe it is far fetched, but I cannot imagine that LM lets MS feed on their market share. They will monitor MS and have something brewing for the next version of P3D. Michael
  6. It behaves very similar to the Milviz Pilatus PC-6 and Turbo Otter: Start engine, above 12%Ng shift condition lever to low idle, observe Ng rising further, then unfeather prop. Enjoy the prop spinning up slowly and listen to the smooth sound. Michael
  7. Maybe you want to compare how Bombardier did the Turboprop (Dash-8) and the Jet (CRJ)? Both are similar in that they do not have Autothrust, which means extra workload and attention to airspeed. Both have similar, but not identical autoflight panels. Both have their quirks: I like to fly both. Wait until Aerosoft´s Professional CRJ series comprising 700, 900 and 1000 is out. They are in beta-test at present. Michael
  8. Yes, only uninstall via control panel and keep your registration. It will find the existing liveries automatically. Michael
  9. Could someone please let me know what is meant with "awful and full of bugs"? I also have this bird and love to fly it from time to time in addition to my PMDG, FSL, Majestic, TFDi and Leonardo liners. What I don´t like is the engine start spool up time which is much to fast. I hope this will be corrected for free. The CRJ is quite demanding since it does not have autothrust and, therefore, approach speed has to be fine tuned by hand. To those who have difficulties (and may attribute these to bugs) I recommend to work through the fantastic guide made by Chuck. This is free for download from his site. Michael
  10. The DA Do-27 is a port-over from FS2004 to FSX. It has many specially coded functions like engine start, throttle and mixture management, inpection and service menu (similar to A2A), cleaning the windows from bugs and more. I loved to fly it when I was on FSX but due to its level of coding cannot imagine that it works under P3Dv4. Michael
  11. Don, I had it for FSX and it was nice, but I suppose it is not compatible with P3D. Michael
  12. I use it regularly with the Leonardo Maddog. No idea about the Aerosoft Airbus, but the developers have a contact form and a support forum. Michael
  13. Did someone compare HP Reverb with Oculus Rift-S under P3Dv4 with respect to image clarity and frames per second? Michael
  14. my two cent: when P3D v4 came out in May 2017, I bought the Oculus Rift. Since May this year, I have its successor, the Rift-S. My average "flight-time" is 3 to 4 hours a week, completely in VR. I have several PMDG and A2A, also Milviz, Aerosoft CRJ, TFDI 717, Leonardo MD82 and FSL A320. I would never go back to flat screen. Michael
  15. Same here: latest USB driver and Oculus app. When I start the Oculus app, sometimes there is green light, sometimes yellow with this strange USB update info. If you browse through the Oculus forum, you will find that others are seeing the same. Yesterday, I did a wonderful flight from EDDL to LIRF with the PMDG 747 in VR - all working fine here. Just disregard it. Michael
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