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  1. Since I plan to upgrade from my Rift-S to the HP Reverb G2, could you please compare FPS and smoothness between Rift and Reverb G2? Thank you, Michael
  2. Hi Marcus, sorry for that, but you do not seem to be tired: so many posts, so much text... Michael
  3. Short report on VR performance after 30 minutes R22 test flight in ORBX LOWI and LGKO: - blueish tree artifacts gone - sawtooth artifacts on edges gone (i.e. roofs, mountains, R22 compass) - less flicker in general So far, I am very happy with LM´s achievements. Michael
  4. New in my P3D v5 world is the just released Aerosoft Poprad-Tatry scenery. A real piece of art, and a thrill to approach with the FSL A320. Coming from LDDU (Dubrovnik; Orbx), ATC sent me onto Rwy 27 via PPD and procedure turn. On final, I had a stunning winter view on the snow covererd Tatry peaks in VR. Real difficult to focus on the landing! Michael
  5. It is the usual trade-off between flight-simulator versus hope-and wait-simulator. If you are into flying, go flying. Michael
  6. Dear Milviz, as much as I love your airplanes, especially your King Air: This sounds too simplistic. I have the PMDG 747-400 and 737NGXU, FSL A320, Majestic Dash-8 and Aerosoft CRJ Pro. Only the TFDi 717 allocates as much VRAM as the King Air does. There must be something specific on your side Michael
  7. 1.1.34 beta comes with the option of 1024x2014 outside textures instead of standard hires 2048x2048. Having installed those, I recommend to go to the Panel folder and copy the "Panel.NoTransparent.cfg" to "Panel.cfg". This reduces VRAM footprint significantly by blocking TrueGlass. The price tag is that there cannot be raindrops on the windows. Milviz also offers a hotfix with two files, (shader hsl and panel light texture). Go and overwrite the existing files with these. VRAM usage is still high. I saw up to 5.2 out of 7.1, but I could fly it in Oculus VR with enhanced atmospherics out of Orbx EGHI. It has a wonderful cockpit in VR! Have fun, Michael
  8. Beautiful eyecandy, I will be in as soon as it offers VR, Michael
  9. Since yesterday, I am on Win 10 2004 and Nvidia driver 446.14. Before, I immediately got the dreaded DXGI menu in P3Dv5 HF1 when running the TFDI B717 in VR with TrueGlass activated. Now, this does not happen anymore (same airport, weather and so on). Is it just coincidence? Michael
  10. First comes the DGXI error. Whatever menu-option I click, the CTD follows. Michael
  11. Stupid question: How/where do I set the OUTSIDE texture size to 1024? Michael
  12. My observation in VR is similar, although not systematically tested: 1. Before taxi with the Leonardo Maddog, I open its takeoff speed panel (Shift-5) to get the V-speeds. After landing, sometimes the well known CTD. 2. When powering up the TFDI B717 at night, I use Lorby´s fantastic torch (CTRL-1). Long later, after landing comes the CTD. 3. Sometimes the CTD comes when I switch to the ProAtc window or to the ActiveSky window. I believe it is common to all situations that extra memory is allocated which is not freed afterwards. Michael
  13. Please forgive an old lateral thinker: how will Aerosoft, Justflight, FSL, PMDG, Majestic, Leonardo, HiFi Simtech, to name only a few, survive after the release of MSFS? I feel that MSFS is heavily over-estimated. Do you remember all that P3D v5 bashing shortly after release? It has already reduced a bit. Michael
  14. Good work, LM Only 2 weeks and many issues fixed. True atmosphere is still beta, but now working in VR. What a different sky it makes in VR! There are still issues with sawtooth artifacts along edges (i.e. mountain peeks or around the R22 window compass). Keep developing v5, Michael
  15. Short report: it runs very well for me in P3D v5. I know it since it was released (first FSX, then P3D v4), and fly it regularly. To me, the handling feels exactly as before. Some minor things: the APU bleed sound is not there, and some sawtooth artifacts are under the speed placards. The cockpit is a bit darker, and PFD, ND and MFD are more reflective. All visuals are sharp. What puzzles me is the message "This gauge must be used under Prepar3D V4.0 or higher" when loading it. I have to click o.K., then the flight loads. Does someone know what this message means? Michael
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