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  1. Jeroen, look here for aircraft performance data: https://contentzone.eurocontrol.int/aircraftperformance/details.aspx?ICAO=DH8D&NameFilter=dash Michael
  2. Tony, are both Condition Levers set to Max? Michael
  3. Bill, the Boeing 717 Flight Control System which you described is very similar to that of the Fokker 70/100. Programming the FMS is also very similar. Maybe that was one reason why airlines replaced their Fokker fleet with B717s after Fokker went bancrupt and service became difficult. I think the Boeing 717 will attract those who loved the Digital Aviation Fokker 70/100 (which will very unlikely be ported to P3D v4). Michael
  4. The one of his creations which I loved to fly most in FSX is the Piper Cheyenne. Michael
  5. I just wish to add a few words in support of the fantastic PMDG JS41: Of all airplanes which I have flown in FSX, it has by far the most interesting and most demanding engine model (Honeywell / Garrett TPE 331). The way this bird has to be flown ("slow down, then go down"), its instrumentation, its sound... simply everything makes it a unique creation. Michael
  6. Look here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/138147-new-objectflow2-is-now-in-beta-testing/ Although I do not understand if Vector and ObjectFlow belong to the same package, missing modules seem to be in the making. Michael
  7. I just re-downloaded the updated Bronco from my Aerosoft account. The Problem seems to be solved. Don´t be puzzled: the version-no is still 1.2 Michael
  8. In my case, un-installing the Bronco as per Ryans advice did it without having to re-install the 747 / 777. Ryan wrote that he will be contacting Aerosoft. Hopefully we will have the Bronco back soon. Michael
  9. Ryan, I just did so. Thank you, Michael
  10. After uninstall/install with the new installers, 747 and 777 cockpits are both dead - no buttons move. In outside view, both planes hover over the runway with gear up. I read in the knowledge base that it may have to do with a wrong simconnect install. Yesterday before the update, I did a flight with the 747 without any problem. I have P3D v4 Hotfix 1 installed. What should I do? Michael
  11. Yes, I restarted my system. In both debug logs, I find the following: PMDG_Interface.DLL is unavailable. Update systems: 01 02 Determining airframe: ...airframe not detected Never had something similar with my beloved PMDG planes, Michael
  12. Please excuse, I feel helpless: downloaded the new installers for 747 and 777, uninstalled with the new installers, re-installed, installed the liveries again. OC says both products for P3D v4 are up to date. but: both cockpits are dead, no initialization, no buttons can be clicked... I should say that I did not touch the license before uninstall. What was my mistake? Michael
  13. The PMDG J41 is one of those airplanes which I really miss in P3D v4. Together with the Majestic Dash 8 (which will receive an update for P3D v4) it is one of the most exceptional aircraft simulations. Michael
  14. I have the PMDG JS41, B737 and B777, Majestic Dash 8 and FSL A320. I love flying each of them. My hangar still has room for the PMDG B747 and the - hopefully soon arriving - Aerosoft CRJ. Michael
  15. Carl, what a wonderful report. May I suggest the title "Heute fliegen wir nach München!" Cheers, Michael