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  1. If anyone here uses ProATC/SR in VR: would you please let us know if its ATC-menu is displayed in VR? Michael
  2. Carl, I recall from somewhere that you belong to the wider crew of PMDG. Would it be a good idea to email Mathijs Kok directly? Michael
  3. If it works through the VR menu, I am in. Michael
  4. Could someone please tell me where it stores pilot routes? Michael
  5. Could someone please tell if the Fenix bus loads standard flightplans into its FMC (.pln format, like the FSL busses)? Michael
  6. the more they earn, the more new projects we can expect. Good luck PMDG! Michael
  7. I have just installed the fresh P3D version without problems. FSLabs Control Center has also been updated (now version, but the Airbus is not yet compatible. Michael
  8. I had to delete my Standard.xml file, so that P3D could build a fresh one. Now, it sits on the ° ^ key, left of number 1 (german keyboard). Michael
  9. I am sitting in my FSL A320 in VR on the way from PAYA to CYEG at FL330 while writing. FPS is about 30 (unlocked). When I turn my head in VC view, there is no lag at all. During climb phase, I was impressed how sharp the mountains could peek through clouds. That was a big problem with EA but is solved since 5.3! I did make no tweaks to the Prepar3D.cfg. VolumetricClouds.cfg is controlled by ActiveSky. In outside view, there are short moments when I have the impression that small wafers begin to form, but they soon fall apart. Is that ActiveSky at work? I won´t go back to my (stable) 5.2 HF2. Michael
  10. Same here - I deleted the VolumetricClouds.cfg and let build a new one (no idea if this was the trick). Anyway, I do not see these ugly wafers. Michael
  11. ActiveSky Open Beta 8005 for P3D v5.3 already available: Downloads | HiFi Simulation Technologies (hifisimtech.com) Michael
  12. I am glad to read so many comments in support of P3D. I find myself flying MSFS for some hours only after a new update has arrived (mostly Aerosoft CRJ and PMDG DC-6). Once helicopters are available, I will devote more time to it because of the sheer beauty in VR. But I will always go back to P3Dv5 for IFR (which I also do in VR) with PMDG 737/747/777, FSL A320, TFdi 717, Majestic Dash-8, Milviz King Air 350, Leonardo MD-82 and my A2A collection. For ATC, I still think that ProAtc-X is unsurpassed and that MSFS is missing something similar. May be we will get the next iteration of P3Dv5 within a few months, and may be we will see some surprising development. Michael
  13. The Dornier Do-27 (and the Diamond Katana Da-20) were developed by Marcel Felde. Together with Hans Hartmann, Alexander Metzger and others, he formed "Digital Aviation". Their products were marketed through Aerosoft, among others. Back in 2011, Marcel Felde began to work on the Pilatus PC-6 B2-H4 Turbo Porter with the registration D-FELI for Aerosoft (see https://www.simflight.de/bald-von-marcel-felde-pilatus-pc-6-poter-fur-fsx/). One reason for the slow progress was the exact simulation of avionics and powerplant. In 2018, Aerosoft cancelled the project (see https://www.simflight.de/aerosoft-kuendigt-pilatus-pc-6-ab/). It would be great if the upcoming PC-6 is based on this one. Pictures of the real world D-FELI: http://www.pc-6.com/history/845.htm# Michael
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