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  1. I tried it out yesterday and replaced this file with the new version 3.6: C:\XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content\nvngx_dlls.dll The original file was version, time stamp 16. Feb. 2024 / 06:55, size 13.839 kB. I found no effect in VR with DLSS & DLAA (I solely fly VR). To my surprise, after a few starts of MSFS the original file had been automatically restored. On my system, it seems to be protected somehow. Michael
  2. Will it work for those who purchased the CRJ from the MSFS marketplace? Michael
  3. Since I already have the TBM 850 but not yet own the FSR500: in which respect are the PT6 engine models different? Thank you, Michael
  4. Regarding the Black Square TBM 850 autopilot problems, it turned out that I had to play with the two GPS-switches above the ECS panel. After that, I had to re-start the simulator and the problem was gone. Michael
  5. Since the update, my Black Square TBM 850 autopilot neither keeps vertical speed nor heading (already posted on the JustFlight forums). Michael
  6. My first impressions: it has a nice worn cockpit. It looks fine in VR and what I like most is the pilots view to the left onto the giant powerplant. Off course, the TPE331 turbine model is not right. Those of you who had the PMDG Jetstream in FSX days will remember how to instantaneously kill the engines: pull back the condition levers past 95% rpm. This would slow down the gas stream and the accumulated heat would melt the hot section within seconds. (Remember: this is a geared turbine.) Not so in our new MU-2. One can pull back the condition levers to taxi, and it does not even affect the exhaust gas temperature. My recommendation: Keep the condition levers in flight between takeoff and cruise position and fly it in VR. It is real fun for the price. Michael
  7. I bought it and will install tomorrow. The engine-startup sounds in the twotonemurphy-video seem right. I have always been a fan of the Honeywell / Garrett TPE331 so it is a must for me. Michael
  8. I also got a 4 USD discount because I invested my accumulated "A2A Flying Hours". When purchasing the Comanche, I got another 50 A2A Flying Hours towards future purchases from their store. Michael
  9. Does anyone know if its control window will be VR compatible? Michael
  10. If anyone here uses ProATC/SR in VR: would you please let us know if its ATC-menu is displayed in VR? Michael
  11. Carl, I recall from somewhere that you belong to the wider crew of PMDG. Would it be a good idea to email Mathijs Kok directly? Michael
  12. If it works through the VR menu, I am in. Michael
  13. Could someone please tell me where it stores pilot routes? Michael
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