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  1. michaelth

    Slew mode out of control

    Dan, I had the same in FSX. Since I have P3D, it disappeared somehow. Anyway, you can try to disable the joystick (Ctrl + K), then slew, and then again press Ctrl + K to re-enable the joystick. Michael
  2. michaelth

    Eurocontrol Descent Rates

    Hi all, if you look up the Eurocontrol site for the descent rates of a B737-800, you will find: 1. initial descent to FL240: 800fpm / MACH 0.78 2. descent to FL100: 3500fpm / IAS 280kt 3. approach: 1500fpm / IAS 250kt https://contentzone.eurocontrol.int/aircraftperformance/details.aspx?ICAO=B738 Do you think these are realistic data? Regards, Michael
  3. Go to the modules folder of P3Dv4. You can create profiles inside the FSUIPC5.ini file. Then, refer your joystick calibration and axes settings to these profiles. This is my setting for the Majestic Dash 8: [Profile.Majestic Dash 8 Q400] 1=MJC8Q400_BTI 2=MJC8Q400_BER 3=MJC8Q400_JZA 4=MJC8Q400_QXE 5=MJC8Q400_ANA 6=MJC8Q400_ANA_GREEN 7=MJC8Q400_AUA 8=MJC8Q400_CTN 9=MJC8Q400_ELO 10=MJC8Q400_BEE 11=MJC8Q400_AUB 12=MJC8Q400_LGL 13=MJC8Q400_POE 14=MJC8Q400_QLK 15=MJC8Q400_SAS 16=MJC8Q400_SAT 17=MJC8Q400_SRK 18=MJC8Q400_CJC 19=MJC8Q400_WIF 20=MJC8Q400_SHU [JoystickCalibration.Majestic Dash 8 Q400] AllowSuppressForPFCquad=Yes ExcludeThrottleSet=Yes ExcludeMixtureSet=Yes ExcludePropPitchSet=Yes SepRevsJetsOnly=No ApplyHeloTrim=No UseAxisControlsForNRZ=No FlapsSetControl=0 FlapDetents=No ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=66731 RudderTrimControl=66732 CowlFlaps1Control=66162 CowlFlaps2Control=66163 CowlFlaps3Control=66164 CowlFlaps4Control=66165 SteeringTillerControl=0 MaxSteerSpeed=60 Spoilers=-16380,16380/16 [Axes.Majestic Dash 8 Q400] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=0R,256,D,22,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Spoilers }- Regards, Michael
  4. michaelth

    Nosewheel Steering

    I have assigned the RZ-axis (twist axis) of my Thrustmaster T16000M flightstick via FSUIPC to the Maddog tiller. Nosewheel steering works, but the tiller in the VC does not move: it moves only when I use my rudder pedals. Michael
  5. michaelth

    Cockpit sounds in VR

    It is nearly one year since I have my Oculus Rift now. Until June 2017, I used it with FSX, thereafter I shifted to P3D v4. I have completely left flat screen flying. To me, the PMDG 737, 747 and 777 are most addictive in VR. Cockpit visuals are no problem - I use the FlyInside software with its zoom function. But there is one thing which disturbs the immersion in the 737: from time to time, the cockpit sounds cut out for a short moment. This occurs more frequently (up to every few seconds) when approaching an fps-heavy airport. The CDU of the 747 and 777 both have the option to keep sound while not in focus, which is a proper countermeasure. The 737, however, lacks this feature. PMDG, could you please add it to the 737? Michael
  6. michaelth

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Carl, thank you for your clarification. Before I moved to P3D (and un-installed FSX) the JS-41 was one of my favourite vehicles. Good to get her back soon. Michael
  7. michaelth

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Where is the flightplan? LNAV is off and there is no track on the EHSI. Michael
  8. Jeroen, look here for aircraft performance data: https://contentzone.eurocontrol.int/aircraftperformance/details.aspx?ICAO=DH8D&NameFilter=dash Michael
  9. michaelth

    Majestic Dash 8 take off config alarm

    Tony, are both Condition Levers set to Max? Michael
  10. michaelth

    New aircraft! TDFi 717 or CJ700/900?

    Bill, the Boeing 717 Flight Control System which you described is very similar to that of the Fokker 70/100. Programming the FMS is also very similar. Maybe that was one reason why airlines replaced their Fokker fleet with B717s after Fokker went bancrupt and service became difficult. I think the Boeing 717 will attract those who loved the Digital Aviation Fokker 70/100 (which will very unlikely be ported to P3D v4). Michael
  11. michaelth

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    The one of his creations which I loved to fly most in FSX is the Piper Cheyenne. Michael
  12. I just wish to add a few words in support of the fantastic PMDG JS41: Of all airplanes which I have flown in FSX, it has by far the most interesting and most demanding engine model (Honeywell / Garrett TPE 331). The way this bird has to be flown ("slow down, then go down"), its instrumentation, its sound... simply everything makes it a unique creation. Michael
  13. michaelth

    Where is Vector

    Look here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/138147-new-objectflow2-is-now-in-beta-testing/ Although I do not understand if Vector and ObjectFlow belong to the same package, missing modules seem to be in the making. Michael
  14. I just re-downloaded the updated Bronco from my Aerosoft account. The Problem seems to be solved. Don´t be puzzled: the version-no is still 1.2 Michael
  15. In my case, un-installing the Bronco as per Ryans advice did it without having to re-install the 747 / 777. Ryan wrote that he will be contacting Aerosoft. Hopefully we will have the Bronco back soon. Michael