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  1. The one of his creations which I loved to fly most in FSX is the Piper Cheyenne. Michael
  2. I just wish to add a few words in support of the fantastic PMDG JS41: Of all airplanes which I have flown in FSX, it has by far the most interesting and most demanding engine model (Honeywell / Garrett TPE 331). The way this bird has to be flown ("slow down, then go down"), its instrumentation, its sound... simply everything makes it a unique creation. Michael
  3. Look here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/138147-new-objectflow2-is-now-in-beta-testing/ Although I do not understand if Vector and ObjectFlow belong to the same package, missing modules seem to be in the making. Michael
  4. I just re-downloaded the updated Bronco from my Aerosoft account. The Problem seems to be solved. Don´t be puzzled: the version-no is still 1.2 Michael
  5. In my case, un-installing the Bronco as per Ryans advice did it without having to re-install the 747 / 777. Ryan wrote that he will be contacting Aerosoft. Hopefully we will have the Bronco back soon. Michael
  6. Ryan, I just did so. Thank you, Michael
  7. After uninstall/install with the new installers, 747 and 777 cockpits are both dead - no buttons move. In outside view, both planes hover over the runway with gear up. I read in the knowledge base that it may have to do with a wrong simconnect install. Yesterday before the update, I did a flight with the 747 without any problem. I have P3D v4 Hotfix 1 installed. What should I do? Michael
  8. Yes, I restarted my system. In both debug logs, I find the following: PMDG_Interface.DLL is unavailable. Update systems: 01 02 Determining airframe: ...airframe not detected Never had something similar with my beloved PMDG planes, Michael
  9. Please excuse, I feel helpless: downloaded the new installers for 747 and 777, uninstalled with the new installers, re-installed, installed the liveries again. OC says both products for P3D v4 are up to date. but: both cockpits are dead, no initialization, no buttons can be clicked... I should say that I did not touch the license before uninstall. What was my mistake? Michael
  10. The PMDG J41 is one of those airplanes which I really miss in P3D v4. Together with the Majestic Dash 8 (which will receive an update for P3D v4) it is one of the most exceptional aircraft simulations. Michael
  11. I have the PMDG JS41, B737 and B777, Majestic Dash 8 and FSL A320. I love flying each of them. My hangar still has room for the PMDG B747 and the - hopefully soon arriving - Aerosoft CRJ. Michael
  12. Carl, what a wonderful report. May I suggest the title "Heute fliegen wir nach München!" Cheers, Michael
  13. Although there are teething problems, I am quite happy with the 717. The MCP logic (Prof instead of VNAV) and the FMS (Honeywell, I believe) reminds me very much of the Digital Aviation Fokker 70/100. I hope that - in contrast to the DA Fokker - TFDi will completely develop this promising bird. Michael
  14. Sadly, I will not be able to fly this bird: they state that it needs Windows 64bit. Michael
  15. FSX-MS

    Could someone please comment on how to open the doors: the procedure is described on page 38 of the manual. Doing so, the opening sound is audible but nothing is visible. Michael