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  1. Hi all, I have a strange issue when taking screenshots at night. Somehow, it's all black. No lights, nothing. All I can see is (if it's set) the parking brake and the other notifications in red. During daytime, everything is working correctly. Are others having the same issue? Regards Bart
  2. Bartiefly

    British Airways Virtual offline?

    The website is up and running again!
  3. I use FSUIPC to configure all my controls for my Saitek equipment. I would like to recommend you to pick up a registered copy at and set up everything via FSUIPC.
  4. Bartiefly

    ifly 737 fs9 wingview

    Hello, I use FS Recorder for the views. If you would like the values of the settings that I use, I can give them to you but you already stated that you don't like that program. I didn't found another good way to get wing views for the 737, using FS Recorder is definitely the fastest and most stable way to get it done. Bart
  5. Bartiefly

    British Airways Virtual offline?

    Looks like BAV is working on it as I now get a server error and not a CDB Exception error.
  6. Bartiefly

    British Airways Virtual offline?

    Unfortunately, yes.
  7. Bartiefly

    British Airways Virtual offline?

    Yes, I get that exact same message.
  8. Bartiefly

    British Airways Virtual offline?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone got a clue on what's going on with British Airways Virtual? The website and the servers are offline for a while now which isn't normal I suppose. Cheers Bart