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Found 23 results

  1. So, after roughly eight years of FSX, I got my first paid addon aircraft (PMDG's NGX) a bit over a year ago. Since then, I've acquired two more, PMDG's 777 and newly released QotSII. For a while, though, I've been wanting to expand, mostly for diversity. I'm more of a Boeing person (so, 757 and 767), but I'd like to get a few Airbus if possible, preferably the A320 series and A330. A regional jet or two would be nice, too. So, what are some of your favorite and most recommended aircraft, and why that over its competition? Also, will they work in SE? (I unfortunately had to change over when I moved last summer)
  2. There are not many payware airports. For a commercial organisation there is a question of whether to put the investment into development when it is unclear if there is a sufficient market demand. So how many of you would be prepared to buy payware airports if they were made available, bearing in mind you get what you pay for. Or is it solely the journey that matters to the majority and not the beauty of the takeoff and landing? Would be really useful if the silent majority would have your say and encourage others to do so as well perhaps. Thanks for reading my request folks.
  3. In my own search for airport glory I have compiled a list of Payware companies that I am aware of that make good quality airports for the United States area. I have no desire to fly overseas or in Europe so this thread is only for US airports. If you know of anymore airport makers and what airports they make please add it to this thread. Super high quality Freeware counts as well. FlyTampa ------------- Chicago Midway - KMDW Buffalo - KBUF Boston Logan - KBOS Tampa - KTPA (I did not include any of their legacy airports) Flightbeam -------------- San Francisco Int. - KSFO Phoenix Sky Harbor - KPHX Washinton Dulles - KIAD FSDream Team --------------------- JFK Int. - KJFK Los Angeles Int. - KLAX Dallas Fort Worth Int. - KDFW Fort Lauderdale Hollywood - KFLL Las Vegas McCarran - KLAS Chicago O'Hare - KORD ImageSimulation --------------------- Atlanta Int. - KATL Denver Int. - KDEN Charlotte Douglas - KCLT San Jose Int. - KSJC I am aware of BluePrint Simulations but they are off my list as I don't like it when people hide fine print and then when you buy their products they won't work on a 64-bit system and you out your money. No refunds. I also think their airports look to sterile, like a clean pristine shiny white hospital ward. Just my opinion.
  4. Hi All, I reloaded X-Plane on my new rig after a couple of years since last try. I've tried the nice Fokker F-27 and have been impressed with its flight model. The freeware 737 is nice also. Still, the models tend to feel "light" and relatively twitchy on final approach. Do any of the big payware aircraft (Dash 8, CRJ-200, Bombardier C-300, ERJ-400, in particular) demonstrate a relatively heavier "inertia" model within a 3D cockpit environment? Which payware (if not above) demonstrates the possibilities of a "big feel" aircraft in X-plane, while hand flying? (and yes, I've tweaked the joystick sensitivity values!) Thanks...I'm interested in X Plane 10, but would like to see the "best of" X Plane 9 so far to assess possibilities of aircraft feel.Thanks BillKGHY
  5. I hav a simple query which 777 is more simple to operate Captain sim 777 or PMDG 777 , Bcuz i'm just a guy who likes to simply rather than do hours of programming on d FMC
  6. Hi everyone,I would like to release a project of mine as payware (or shareware), but I'm wondering if it's legal. Here's what I have;1. The original bitmaps and gauges are by someone else.2. Contact with this person (Dmitry Stepin) has been unsuccessful. This is due to an inactive email address supplied in the readme.3. I don't know if Bombardier requires a license.4. The readme of the original freeware panel says the following: " This panel is released as freeware. Gauges or panel modifying and improving are welcomed. Redistrubution original or modified panel and gauges is allowed,but please give credit." Does this mean I can or can't release this as a payware package? 5. I've done major modifications for maximum realism, which will be verified by my friend, a Q400 pilot. 6. It would be released as a panel only, with a link to the freeware Dreamwings package. I would sell it for only about $5, maybe less. 7. Here is the original panel, as available from FlightSim.com; dash8q4.zip Thanks for any replies, as I'll be excited to get this up as my first payware package if it's legal. And, if it's successful, I'll be moving on to create a 717, something that's definitely missing from the FSX community. Another project would be the Q100/Q200/Q300 panel.
  7. i cant seem to get a screen shot in fs9 when hitting the prt scr/sysrq button on windows 7 :/ i cant find it when i search onprogram or files search:/ is there another way to look or is there an way / program to just screen shot and save pics? found and saved can delete or keep in faq if you wish just use fraps... :)
  8. Hello everyone. Im just getting back into FSX after a while away. I would like to get some scenery ( Usa only ) and even then really only interested in east of the Mississippi. I have looked @ some of the commercial options available, I believe one developer has scenery packs for individual states. Mega scenery perhaps. Anyways, my questions are as follows: 1) will any add on scenery, still allow me to also add-on specific airports from developers if available? 2) of the available scenery options out there including payware & freeware ( if any exists ) who will have the best. most detailed, realistic scenery? 3) Are there certain types of scenery i should purposely stay away from? I hope this isnt the wrong forum for this, I looked for an hour , and only found a scenery developers forum & not really interested in making my own. Thanks in advance
  9. I wanted to start a thread for those of you who own payware scenery packages for FSX such as Flytampa, Aerosoft, etc. Would like to make a thread to discuss conversion settings, issues, etc with other members on here. Which scenery package have you had success with and or minimal trouble converting? I have had minimal issues with converting FlyTampa Dubai, Hong Kong and St. Marteen for use with X-Plane 10. But I had to do a little cleanup afterwards and there are still a few weird issues with multiple runways not lining up properly and such. I almost have a good working FlyTampa Hong Kong conversion except for the runway issue and a few other things not lining up properly. I had an error while converting about having duplicate airport entries in a bgl file, so I had to delete that file and rerun the conversion in order to let it complete. I think this is one of the reason why my airport isn't looking perfect. I have quite a few more addons for FSX that I'd like to convert for X-Plane use. Such as Aerosoft Manhattan X, San Francisco, ImagineSim VHHH Chek Lap Kok, etc. If those of you who own any of these packages and would like together and help each other out on getting these conversions almost perfect, that would be great.
  10. A thought occured to me last week whilst answering some questions on the X-plane forum here regarding version 10 freeware and paware that it'd be cool to create a regular video review series for freeware & payware releases. There's so much fantastic add-ons being released it's hard to keep track at the best of times so here is my contribution. I also give the download locations for the addons. If you like it subscribe, I plan on doing a regular series of episodes. I hope the mods don't mind me putting this here in the general discussion forum seems it's about an idea rather than just the video. Hope it's useful! Cheers, Steve
  11. Does anyone know if there will be new tech simulator offered to fsx se users? Payware pmdg 737 vs ifly 737, pmdg 777 considering prices and difficulty of use any comments on first time payware purchase and if add on Ceibr Intercontinental 777 flys ok on your system will pmdg 777 be more demanding on your system, also any news on pmdg 747 new upgrade? Thanks gh77
  12. Hallo Peter! Ich lese im Flusinews, dass es einen neue Version des Simster gibt, die Ver NG. Ich lese allerdings auch, dass nur jene die die eine Spende vor dem 22.02.2016 gemacht haben, ein kostenlose Update erhalten. Abgesehen davon, dass die Info erst gestern erschienen ist, ich die Spende am 27.02.2016 getätigt habe (8M3600193L........), wäre ich damit automatisch von einem kostenlosen Update ausgeschlossen. Mir geht es nicht um den Betrag von 15 Euro, ich finde allerdings die Vorgehensweise nicht besonders kulant. Grüße aus Bozen Norbert
  13. Maybe this already exists, and please tell me if it does. But I've always thought it would be amazing to have a payware, VC-25 package. An airplane meticulously designed after the VC-25's. With the 747-200B airframe, and some interior modeling including the president's office/conference room and bedroom, the operations center in the hump, and the specialized flight deck. There's certainly enough information on the web to create this, with a little creativity of course. I would love to make something like this myself, but I have no experience whatsoever in designing flight sim aircraft. (Not even repaints). Definitely feel like someone could make good money off of this. Pictures of the flight deck aren't the easiest to find, however ABC did a tour where some good interior images can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD7QuVB3Grk
  14. hey guys whast some of the best freeware addons in your opinions? individual sceneries or complete world sceneries/mesh etc?
  15. As part of my world tour I arrived today in PAYA Yakutat in my trusted N5AM. I was greeted by a lovely little airfield, designed with passion by Northern Lights. A bit weary from a 2 hr IFR flight with not much to see above the thick cloud layer, I was a bit amused by the "food shelter booze" sign at "The Yakutat Lodge". A highly recommended scenery! Tomorrow I'll check out Mt St Elias, the second-highest mountain in both Canada and the US. With it's altitude of 18,008 ft, it was hovering above the cloud layer as I came in for the approach. But now it's time for some food 'n booze!
  16. Hello. I am searching for an airport add-on for FSX. I am looking for the now closed Denver Stapleton Airport. I want the best quality add-on so I would prefer payware. I am hoping the add-on can also run with REX and GEX. Any information would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  17. Greetings, I've been using FS9 for ages and always modify my AFCADs to my liking. I have run into this problem before, but can not remember how I fixed it. Had to do a HD format and re-install of Windows after several years of FS9 use, so I dont remember all the tweaks I used to know. I use mostly payware airports. Every time I modify the AFCAD that installed with the scenery the default terminal buildings show up afterwards. I do not use AI traffic that installs it's own AFCADs. I use WoAI only. I have done sweeps to ensure that no other 3rd party AFCAD is present. If I remove the stock AFCAD that installed with FS9 originally, the problem goes away. But, I dont want to do that because dozens of surrounding airports will not have an AFCAD. If I re-install the new airport, everything is fine. As soon as I modify the AFCAD (in any way) and then save it, the default terminal buildings show up. This has happened with all of T2G products, some FSDreamTeam products....those are the only ones that I've noticed it on so far. So, it does not matter what company made the software....its gotta be a layer issue. It does not matter where the scenery is in the scenery library, still happens. If I reinstall the scenery all is well (but Im stuck with an unmodified AFCAD which is a no-go for me). Any insight would be helpful.
  18. Hello! Just showing one of my two active projects (the second one is Cessna Citation Excel 560XL XLS), the Pipistrel Panthera. I was at Pipistrel factory on Friday and took some shots of the real thing. One of the bottom pictures is a compare between the real cockpit and our W.I.P. cockpit with W.I.P. textures. Check it out! Enjoy! Mat
  19. (This may have been covered before and might be a dumb question, so please bare with me.) Are the payware aircraft available for x-plane better than the included aircraft you get with x-plane? Are they miles better as in the payware aircraft available for FSX? For example, A2A's C-172 vs the included FS C-172. The difference is what I would call miles apart. Likewise, the B-55 in FS vs the Milviz B-55. All classes: tubeliners to a lowly Cub. I've flown the included X-plane aircraft and I find them pretty meh. I'm not asking simply on looks, although that's important to me, but also general FPS performance and flight fidelity. There's a lot of enthusiasm for X-plane here at avsim, so this should be the place to ask. Right now, I'm strictly a P3d kinda guy. But I'm always looking for new ways to scratch my itch. Thanks
  20. Hello, I'm loocking for a payware aircraft that has a full integrated FMS but don't cost more than 35 Eu, like the feelthere embraer 100 but with a better fms. Does anyone know such a plane ?
  21. I really want a good KIND scenery. Yes I know there are two ones out already, but they are medicore at best. I know there is also the Indianapolis megascenery, but it doesn't cover KIND, which makes it something I'm not particularly interested in.
  22. After a week in Alaska, I've gotten into bush plane flying, and so I'm looking for a good bush plane for FSX. I was in a 206 Stationair a few days ago, and there were plenty of Skywagons at the same airstrip, but Carenado's models of those aren't up to par with their later stuff. The 182 Bush package looked great until I saw that the instrument panel is pretty much flat, and I'm looking for a highly-detailed panel. Does anybody know of any good bush planes, freeware or payware, for FSX? Thanks, boeing247 By the way, I've seen talk of a good freeware Maule on FlightSim.com. Does anybody know anything about that? Edit: and I'm looking for something a bit smaller than the Grand Caravan, which I might go with if I can't find anything else.
  23. What is the best 777 payware out there (200/300 series). I've used POSKY in the past, however, I don't like the fact that you don't get a VC, and I've heard it's difficult to get one (I tried, and failed)> Anyway, I'm looking for a really realistic 777 payware model with a good VC and FMC! (which I think POSKY doesn't offer.) Will PMDG be releasing a 777 soon? I've got their 737-8/900 NGX and 747-400X and 747-800 and they're amazing!! So that's what I'm looking for. Any stories of past experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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