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  1. CaptainAdlai

    Winds Went Crazy

    It suggested making a change to the turbulence setting in the P3D.cfg on their website, which I forgot to do initially. I changed it, and just did another flight with the program, encountering no issues. That said, I had also made a successful flight before my eventful one, so who knows... hopefully it was just a crazy, one-off problem. Landed in Nice after a bumpy flight out from Geneva.
  2. CaptainAdlai

    Winds Went Crazy

    That was what I figured, but wouldn't the problem have gone away when I closed the weather engine and set clear weather? Also, how would I reproduce it? I was using real world weather, so there's no guarantee it'd happen again, even if I setup everything the same way again.
  3. CaptainAdlai

    Winds Went Crazy

    Howdy, all! So I was just taking the Aerosoft A320 from Oslo to Helsinki in P3D V3.4, when I had to end a flight for the strangest reason. I took off, and all was well, besides a little turbulence. As I climbed, though, the wind started shifting back and forth as it sometimes does, but it started to get faster and faster, to the point where I'd have a tailwind one moment, and a headwind the next. Within a few minutes, it was switching every few frames. It seemed to be stuck in some sort of loop, since it was switching between the exact same two speed/direction combos the entire time. First I tried to just refresh my weather (which is FSXWX), but that didn't help. Then I set clear weather in the sim. Still nothing. I finally tried using FSUIPC (I'm using the free version) to "clear all weather", but still the problem persisted. Needless to say, it was wreaking havoc on the FBW, and even at TOGA power and with the nose down, I couldn't keep my speed up, which very, very slowly bled off. When I couldn't keep altitude anymore, I quit, having admitted defeat to the sim once again. I'm running V3.4 with the Aerosoft A320, GSX, Pro ATC X, and FSXWX. Any idea what happened, or how to prevent it from happening in the future? Thanks!
  4. CaptainAdlai

    Fatal Simulator Accidents

    I'm curious about the number (if any) of major accidents our virtual pilots have. Do you crash frequently? Excluding goofing around, of course, who here has sent a bunch of virtual passengers to their graves? I've done it once. I decided to take some people on a fishing trip, flying a Falcon 50 on an IFR flight in Alaska. On the approach to Sitka, I was totally IMC, and due to incorrectly reading a chart, flew into a hill I couldn't see until it was just mere few feet away. It sounds stupid, but these pilot-error-type things are the biggest causes of real crashes. Needless to say, I was infuriated to crash a plane; I figured I'd never do it. I have an otherwise perfect safety record in the simulator, having not so much as blown a tire. How about the rest of y'all? Thanks for the info, everyone. Safe flying. B)
  5. CaptainAdlai

    Creating a Custom AI Package

    Unfortunately, that's not really possible. There is a tool called GA-Traffic that lets you select aircraft to randomly sprinkle around the world, which is really nice. It is, as the name suggests, only for GA stuff, so for airlines, I'd suggest WOAI. For military, you could look at MAIW. GA-Traffic - WOAI - MAIW - Hope it helps.
  6. Today, we'll be looking at what it takes to create a custom AI traffic package. By request of a user, we will focus on FedEx, though the procedure works similarly for any AI you want to create. First, it's a good idea to grab the following tool: This is AI Flight Planner, AIFP for short, and is what you need to generate the flight plans. Next, you'll want to read the manual, which is here. To get started on creating a custom AI package, you'll need some flight plans. The latest FedEx AI can be downloaded in our library here. Once you have this, you will require aircraft to fly these routes. Once again, we return to the library. You will need FedEx paints for the A300, A310, B727, B757, B777, MD-10, and MD-11. The download for the flight plans contains exact details on which aircraft you need. Technically, you can use any aircraft you want, so long as its name in the aircraft.cfg matches that in the flight plan. After you get all your planes installed (instructions on how to do this are included in their read me), you are ready to generate the AI traffic files. Just open up AIFP, and open the flightplan. Ensure that none of the aircraft turn up as red, and then click compile and save. Make certain that this file makes it into your scenery folder, or else your cool new FedEx planes won't be flying around. Also, if you're seeing red aircraft names, it means that nothing matches the name in the flight plan's list of aircraft names. That's all there is to throwing together an AI package. Thanks all, Hope to see you around here frequently! Adlai
  7. CaptainAdlai

    Back to Life

    Hi all, After about one year of silence, I would like to once again welcome myself to this forum. Over the next few days, I intend to release a considerable amount of content, starting with a guide on putting together a custom AI package. Following that, I'll be doing some reviews, mostly focusing on FS9 stuff. Hope to see this forum get more populated, and sorry about the absence, Adlai
  8. CaptainAdlai

    Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400

    Do any of the beta testers use MCE, and if so, how does it work? Realism includes flying two-crew aircraft with a second crew member.
  9. CaptainAdlai

    Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400

    Out of curiosity, why don't those who are complaining just sit tight like me? I'll pass on the Pilot Edition, and wait for the Pro Edition and buy that. Just because a more expensive option is available, doesn't mean you've got to buy it, remember? Patience, anyone?
  10. CaptainAdlai

    A quick fly by of Pro ATC

    The developer, so far, has had no interaction on this forum; he/they has/have their own. Go to the Pointsoft site, and hit the Forum button. You could also shoot them an email.
  11. CaptainAdlai

    A quick fly by of Pro ATC

    Sorry, I didn't clarify. I was referring to the second part of your post. I had already seen that; we had a miscommunication - that's all. Has anyone found out if FAA rules apply? It would be neat to have things such as FL180 transitions, and the "Positive rate, gear up.", as opposed to the ICAO, "Positive climb, gear up."
  12. CaptainAdlai

    A quick fly by of Pro ATC

    Negative Ghost Rider! That was asked over in their forum.
  13. CaptainAdlai

    A quick fly by of Pro ATC

    Thanks. I would however, still like to know if I should $44 towards RC4, or $62 into Pro ATC. Anyone have a suggestion?
  14. CaptainAdlai

    A quick fly by of Pro ATC

    Thanks for all these insights guys. Still, I'd like to know if this has some basic fundamentals, such as vectoring that isn't: FedEx 784, turn left 280. Left 280, FedEx 784. FedEx 784, turn right 310. Right 310, FedEx 784. FedEx 784, turn left 280. Left 280, FedEx 784. You get the idea. For someone who has neither, and is interested mainly in the ATC aspect, would you recommend Pro ATC, or RC4? Are the checklists different for each aircraft? Has anyone found out if FAA rules apply in FAA space? Thanks.