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  1. It suggested making a change to the turbulence setting in the P3D.cfg on their website, which I forgot to do initially. I changed it, and just did another flight with the program, encountering no issues. That said, I had also made a successful flight before my eventful one, so who knows... hopefully it was just a crazy, one-off problem. Landed in Nice after a bumpy flight out from Geneva.
  2. That was what I figured, but wouldn't the problem have gone away when I closed the weather engine and set clear weather? Also, how would I reproduce it? I was using real world weather, so there's no guarantee it'd happen again, even if I setup everything the same way again.
  3. Howdy, all! So I was just taking the Aerosoft A320 from Oslo to Helsinki in P3D V3.4, when I had to end a flight for the strangest reason. I took off, and all was well, besides a little turbulence. As I climbed, though, the wind started shifting back and forth as it sometimes does, but it started to get faster and faster, to the point where I'd have a tailwind one moment, and a headwind the next. Within a few minutes, it was switching every few frames. It seemed to be stuck in some sort of loop, since it was switching between the exact same two speed/direction combos the entire time. First I tried to just refresh my weather (which is FSXWX), but that didn't help. Then I set clear weather in the sim. Still nothing. I finally tried using FSUIPC (I'm using the free version) to "clear all weather", but still the problem persisted. Needless to say, it was wreaking havoc on the FBW, and even at TOGA power and with the nose down, I couldn't keep my speed up, which very, very slowly bled off. When I couldn't keep altitude anymore, I quit, having admitted defeat to the sim once again. I'm running V3.4 with the Aerosoft A320, GSX, Pro ATC X, and FSXWX. Any idea what happened, or how to prevent it from happening in the future? Thanks!
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