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    The not-so-typical Swedish 17 year old guy, while most other people of my age spend their weekends drinking to much beer you will likely find me locked up in my room in the middle of a 4-hour flight, alternatively on some train... I'm a true railfan beside my interest for aviation!
  1. Train dispatcher, signaller etc in Sweden, working at a small station. Hoping to become a driver in the future as well.
  2. If they did a Dc-3 everybody would be happy, those who want a twin and those who want a new airliner alike! B)
  3. I guess hoping for an Accusimmed version of the PMDG Dc-6 including virtual passengers and crew (like the A2A Stratocruiser) is too much to hope for... Just let it be a new airliner...
  4. Aviable here, I think it is the same aircraft. Looks very promising! http://secure.simmarket.com/rlaborie-cargo-400m-fsxp3dv2.phtml
  5. All the primary flight instruments and the most important engine gauges are operational (manifold pressure, RPM, etc), the rest of them are however not yet working. The simulator uses FSX so the grapichs are up to modern standards, I don't know how it looked when the sim was new but I guess it was mostly a procedure trainer back then.
  6. At the Västerås Aviation Museum in Västerås, Sweden, there is a unique Convair 440 simulator. The simulator dates back to the 1970s and was used for crew training at Linjeflyg and later SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Today the simulator is open for the public. The museum also have a DC-10 simulator and a J-35 "Draken" sim. Not everything is operating system-wise yet, though, but the feeling is great. If you like to fly classic propliners, and are going to Sweden someday, make sure to visit the museum, which also has a large and unique collection of aircraft on display. Here is me, flying the runway 26 approach into Innsbruck airport, LOWI. Sorry for the bad landing... :rolleyes:
  7. Thanks for the replies, guys. I got the Wilco one, a bit annoying to have to pay for several Airbus models when it's just the A340 I'm interested in. Anyway, it's decent, at least it has a functioning FMS. Most of the overhead panel is dead, but I think it's flyable at least.
  8. I'm not usually into Airbuses, but I recently saw the A340 for the first time in real life and was impressed by its size and graceful lines. I've searched the web for a good FSX version, but I can only find older versions. One from CLS, one from Wilco. I have very little experience with either company. Is any of these good? Or is there anything else in progress?
  9. A2A Boeing 377. The only well-made propliner for FSX. With the "Captain of the Ship" addon you get an entire virtual crew to help you out. She is a complex beast, but your flight engineer is there to help you if you like. The engines are complex and require careful handling to avoid fouling, overheating or damage. Cruising at 325 knots TAS, you'll get where you want to go quickly, too!
  10. I've recently started flying the Q400 more regularly and I'm really getting the hang of things now. I found it hard to land in the beginning, but after realising I need to keep power on all the way down I have improved my landings a lot. One thing still bugs me though: power settings in cruise. The 850 RPM setting is the suggested one for cruise as far as I understand things, but this actually yelds a higher fuel flow than 900 RPM. Also, as I understand it, the power levers should be all the way forward from the start of the takeoff roll until TOD. Also, at this power setting, I get a cruise speed of 220 KIAS, or 336 KTAS, at FL260 which is a bit short of the promised 360 KTSA. Fuel flow varies between 1010 and 1030 PPH without any power changes. Why is that? So, could someone with more experience shed some light on this, and which settings results in best cruise speed, best range etc. Best wishes, Björn Lillpers
  11. This is something that I'm not willing to even think about...
  12. No. Something seems to be wrong with the installation. I believe the black gauges are part of PMDG's piracy protection, correct? I suggest you contact PMDG directly!
  13. Jag tror att FSUIPC har en enkel automatisk installation. Bara att dubbelklicka på filen!
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