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  1. Train dispatcher, signaller etc in Sweden, working at a small station. Hoping to become a driver in the future as well.
  2. If they did a Dc-3 everybody would be happy, those who want a twin and those who want a new airliner alike! B)
  3. I guess hoping for an Accusimmed version of the PMDG Dc-6 including virtual passengers and crew (like the A2A Stratocruiser) is too much to hope for... Just let it be a new airliner...
  4. Aviable here, I think it is the same aircraft. Looks very promising! http://secure.simmarket.com/rlaborie-cargo-400m-fsxp3dv2.phtml
  5. Nothing wrong with the sounds as far as I can tell.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, does that disable it entirely so that there is no risk of accidentally activating the airspeed mode?
  7. Well, in my opinioun they should have stayad away from it entirely instead, because as it is now it is entirely unusable. Either you climb at full power or you stay level on a low power setting.
  8. I belive I have found a bug: While in airspeed hold mode the autopilot takes control over the power levers, which is incorrect as far as I understand it. It should only modify pitch to maintain the selected airspeed. JF has been notified and hopefully it will be solved soon.
  9. Bought and did a short flight from my home field and back. Took of at MTOW and the 2600 feet runway was just long enough for a safe takeoff. Regarding ground resistance I thought it seemed pretty realistic. However, the Darts do, as someone said earlier, require some time to spool up. The first time I applied way to much power so the aircraft set of a lot faster than I wanted it to. Second time was much smoother, just give the engines a few moments to do their thing. The aircraft does not move at idle thrust, at least not at MTOW, and the brakes can easily hold full power. System wise it's much better than earlier JF offerings, just about everything is clickable and all switches have sounds, something I really like and earlier products didn't have. The F27 flies well and feels really heavy - just as I imagine the real thing does. She is extremely stable. The landing was the trickiest part, even at flight idle the engines produce a lot of thrust. It was a bit tricky to get it down onto the runway, you need to be slow early on to put her down properly. Ground roll with full braking was about 500 meters which is the same as the manual says. So far I'm very happy with this thing.
  10. Just over 1000 meters (3000 feet) at MTOW according to what I've read, so absolutely a STOL airliner.
  11. JustFlight's Fokker F27 was just released. Anyone tried it yet? I'm almost about to buy it but previous experience with JustFlight products (Dc-6, Constellation, Viscount etc) puts me off. I wonder if this one may be better though?
  12. All the primary flight instruments and the most important engine gauges are operational (manifold pressure, RPM, etc), the rest of them are however not yet working. The simulator uses FSX so the grapichs are up to modern standards, I don't know how it looked when the sim was new but I guess it was mostly a procedure trainer back then.
  13. At the Västerås Aviation Museum in Västerås, Sweden, there is a unique Convair 440 simulator. The simulator dates back to the 1970s and was used for crew training at Linjeflyg and later SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Today the simulator is open for the public. The museum also have a DC-10 simulator and a J-35 "Draken" sim. Not everything is operating system-wise yet, though, but the feeling is great. If you like to fly classic propliners, and are going to Sweden someday, make sure to visit the museum, which also has a large and unique collection of aircraft on display. Here is me, flying the runway 26 approach into Innsbruck airport, LOWI. Sorry for the bad landing... :rolleyes:
  14. It's good visually, but I need full system simulation in order to really enjoy an aircraft. An A2A Electra would be wonderful!
  15. Do not confuse the old electra with the L-188. It's a 4-engine turboprop commercial transport!
  16. Hi guys! I'm thinking about starting some sort of virtual airline, most likely just for myself and my own entertainment. This airline will serve small routes between Norway's capital, Oslo, and small villages in the north and nortwest of Norway. The focus will mostly be on tourists, but the airline will also serve the occasional commuter and take mail and the lightest cargo to these villages. Now I need to find a suitable aircraft for the job. I have some rather though requirements for my aircrafts. Take at least 6 passengers. Range of 700 nm or more. Be able to serve 2000 feet runways. As high cruise speed as possible. I'm leaing towards the Twin Otter, however the 180 knots cruise speed is a bit slow. I don't know if any other plane will fit the role though. All suggestions and ideas are very welcome!
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