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  1. Since the latest update on the 777-300ER from PMDG, and the latest update of your mcpmd77X.dll (from included in MCE to that you uploaded to this forum) the following does not work: Command: "Shut down engines". Expected behavior: The FO will answer in return: "Please confirm, shut down engines" (or something with this meaning) I will answer "Yes". Then: "Splendid" "Shutting down one" "Two" And he/she will shut down the engines. With this latest update this is the FO's response: "Are you joking?" or "This is a joke." or something equivalent. And he/she does not shut down the engines. This was working previously. Some more details: - the command is recognized succesfully by MCE (red text in upper left corner) - the aircraft is at a gate, the parking brake is set, and the APU is switched on and running
  2. Double bug report: PMDG 777X and MCE Ultimate Edition Version: (haven't tested it with but I assume it should still exist since both bugs exist since the beggining of PMDG 777X support (since July 2014)) Voice command issued: "Cabin Crew, close all doors". Pursuer reply: "Doors closed, slides armed." Bug A: (tested only on the left side doors) On any PMDG 777X doors ONLY close, but do NOT arm. Bug B: (tested only on the left side doors) On the PMDG 777-300ER, only the FIRST FOUR doors close. The FIFTH door does NOT close at all. Steps to reproduce (both bugs): - Load PMDG 777-300ER. - Load MCE. - From the FMC, disarm and open doors (on the left) 1,2, and 5. - Issue voice command "Cabin Crew, close all doors". - The Pursuer will reply "Doors closed, slides armed." Behavior: - Doors 1 and 2 will only close, but not arm. - Door 5 will not even close. Expected behavior: - Doors 1, 2 and 5 should close and arm.
  3. Not much here: A300B4 A300-600R A319 A320 A321 B707 B727 B737-200 B737-400 B747-200 BAC-111 DC-9 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar MD-81/82/83
  4. Try using the word "all". Two relevant examples that work for me (1st for the NGX, 2nd for the simcheck A300): "All fuel pumps on." "Deactivate all packs."
  5. As mentioned, Sydney will be by Flytampa. Darwin is also needed.
  6. It has been happening more or less rather "lately" (more or less since after v or, not always, but often: The ATC window continuously pops up. I dismiss it and it pops up again. When it happens it happens at the moment when I am waiting at the runway holding point (or runway start, after having been told to line up and wait) and getting take-off clearance from ATC. I respond and acknowledge tha take-off clearance, and then dismiss the ATC windows. And then it keeps popping up, although there is no message to be exchanged at this phase, not until I lift off. Of course this is very irritating as it happens during the take off roll. Any idea why this is happening? And why it has gotten more "aggressive" and frequent lately? PS: I am not using MCE to handle ATC (and in general I only use ATC just for take off and landing clearances, since it knows nothing about SIDs/STARs/approaches). However I keep the option checked-activated. Why? Because the phrase "I have the radio" is something my FO always understands in my environment (my room, my speakers, my microphone etc.), and it an excellent "diagnostic" phrase. If he responds, I know everything is OK. If not, I know to go to the MCE window titlebar, and toggle the speech recognition ON -> OFF -> ON, to reset it, and it works again.
  7. Mr. Hodkinson, may I have this gauge too? Thank you in advance. Mak
  8. Did my first flight today with the MD-11, with MCE (the issue had been reported with and I can report that it has been fixed. Good work guys.
  9. In PMDG MD-11 (FSX): The FO when given the command "shutdown engines" instead of only cutting-off the 3 fuel feeds (which is the correct action) he additionally activates engine starters 1 and 2 (curiously not 3 as well), which should not happen as engines 1 and 2 cannot spool down to zero.
  10. On some relevant note, there is prolonged delay and period of MCE non-responsiveness at the beginning, right before the ground mechanic speaks for the first time.
  11. Another vote for the Leonardo Maddog. And for the future: Another vote for the PMDG 777. And the FlightSim Labs Airbus A320.
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