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  1. Since the latest update on the 777-300ER from PMDG, and the latest update of your mcpmd77X.dll (from included in MCE to that you uploaded to this forum) the following does not work: Command: "Shut down engines". Expected behavior: The FO will answer in return: "Please confirm, shut down engines" (or something with this meaning) I will answer "Yes". Then: "Splendid" "Shutting down one" "Two" And he/she will shut down the engines. With this latest update this is the FO's response: "Are you joking?" or "This is a joke." or something equivalent. And he/she does not shut down the engines. This was working previously. Some more details: - the command is recognized succesfully by MCE (red text in upper left corner) - the aircraft is at a gate, the parking brake is set, and the APU is switched on and running
  2. This thread and post was written after testing (see thread title - my mistake the program version was not also specifically mentioned in the main body of the previous post). Yes, the issue is still there with
  3. Steps to reproduce: 1. Load FSX 2. Start a flight at an airport gate with a supported custom aircraft (eg Simcheck A300 or a PMDG aircraft) 3. Wait for the aircraft initialization to finish 4. Launch MCE Before its initialization (show its light-blue window) is completed a messagebox (with an OK button) is displayed in the center of the screen saying: "Multi Crew Experience Application Intergrity Violation. Contact application vendor. The program will now exit! OK" Expected behavior: MCE should finish its initialization, display its light-blue window, and be available to accept voice commands. PS: OS is Win7 64-bit, and simulator is FSX SP2. PS-2: This has been happening with also. PS-3: works flawlessly.
  4. FSX SP2 Breaks SimConnect communication with all PMDG aircraft. When a PMDG aircraft (777X or 737NGX) has been loaded in the simulator (FSX SP2), and has finished (the aircraft) initializing itself, if Multi Crew Experience (Ultimate Edition is launched, an OK button messagebox with the following message: Titlebar -> "fsx.exe - System Error" Message -> "The program can't start because SimConnect.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." Button(s) -> "OK" for 2-3 times. When MCE finishes loading, the following happen: - all commands to the FSX interface (they are aircraft-independent) work normally (for example, given the command "I have the radio" the FO replies ("Yeah, you handle the radio). BUT - all commands specific to the loaded PMDG aircraft, while acknowledged from the FO, and confirmed as implemented from the FO, in fact they are not carried out (for example, given the command "Set heading Two-Seven-Zero" the FO replies "Setting heading to Two-Seven-Oh", and after a couple of seconds he also says "Set", but the actual heading dial has not changed at all) The same behavior occurs with the PMDG MD-11X, with the only difference that the messagebox is not displayed. Above behavior happens only with all PMDG aircraft. Also, I know that SimConnect is working properly, because when pressing "B", I will see the QNH changing in all the displays (from the standard 1013), from data supplied by the running ActiveSkyNext. Other aircraft (SimCheck Airbus A300, Aerosoft Airbuses A318/19/20/21) work normally. Going back to MCE Ultimate Edition, everything works flawlessly. Simulator version is FSX SP2. All PMDG aircraft are the latest versions.
  5. cptawsom


    Basically, only if you issue the command while in VC view - and remain in VC view until the command is completed - the command will be carried out fully and correctly.
  6. cptawsom

    looking for cargo jet

    Both PMDG MD-11 and SimCheck A300-B4-200 are excellent (both in simulation quality and performance), and include cargo versions as well.
  7. Dear Gerard, I would be interested in 2D implementation. At least the very basics like: - set heading - set altitude - set speed - set NAV 1 - set NAV 2
  8. I think if you try the same destination from Stockholm, you get slightly nearer the pole.
  9. cptawsom

    Double trouble at Chitose!

    As I said, I have not tried the solution I proposed with an actual flight, but I hope to do this in the following days. I am building an RJCC AFCAD from scratch (but starting from the default one). The first thing I will try is an ILS approach on 19R. If the ILS does not work, one possible solution is to delete the stock 19R ILS, and remake it yourself from scratch. You can reuse every element (eg frequency) except the 3-letter code (for example ICC). As for the jetways, I think what I am attempting will work, since I will place new gates and new jetways from scratch, and not keeping the default ones.
  10. cptawsom

    Double trouble at Chitose!

    Do not exclude RJCJ elements (except for the default airport flattening polygon - as there is no other way). Go to the RJCJ AFCAD and DELETE them. In fact, what I suggested in the above post seems to work, as I implemented it last night when I was writing the post, and then went into FSX to check the results. They (the results) were OK, at least visually, from a top-down view.
  11. cptawsom

    Double trouble at Chitose!

    Have you tried making a completely empty RJCJ AFCAD with ADEX? I mean completely empty, with everything deleted (approaches, ILSes, runways, taxi points, aprons, parkings, jetways, building, models, library objects, taxi signs)? Even exclude the original default RJCJ airport flattening polygon. Then go to RJCC and add: - an exclusion to the original default RJCC airport flattening polygon - a custom airport flattening polygon that includes the area for both airports And optionally, if you want: Add the RJCJ runways, but into the RJCC AFCAD. It is possible since they have different identifications, and their ILSes have different frequencies. For the game (FSX) they will be part of RJCC, but if you want to fly there with any advanced aircraft addon that has an FMC with navdatapro/navigraph AIRAC, that is no problem for you, you will program it (into the FMC) as RJCJ.
  12. Double bug report: PMDG 777X and MCE Ultimate Edition Version: (haven't tested it with but I assume it should still exist since both bugs exist since the beggining of PMDG 777X support (since July 2014)) Voice command issued: "Cabin Crew, close all doors". Pursuer reply: "Doors closed, slides armed." Bug A: (tested only on the left side doors) On any PMDG 777X doors ONLY close, but do NOT arm. Bug B: (tested only on the left side doors) On the PMDG 777-300ER, only the FIRST FOUR doors close. The FIFTH door does NOT close at all. Steps to reproduce (both bugs): - Load PMDG 777-300ER. - Load MCE. - From the FMC, disarm and open doors (on the left) 1,2, and 5. - Issue voice command "Cabin Crew, close all doors". - The Pursuer will reply "Doors closed, slides armed." Behavior: - Doors 1 and 2 will only close, but not arm. - Door 5 will not even close. Expected behavior: - Doors 1, 2 and 5 should close and arm.
  13. That is good to know. PS: I thought they had said they would do KSLC after RPLL.
  14. Not much here: A300B4 A300-600R A319 A320 A321 B707 B727 B737-200 B737-400 B747-200 BAC-111 DC-9 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar MD-81/82/83
  15. cptawsom

    JustFlight L1011 TriStar Released

    How good and accurate is thing? As a comparison standard, I would like to set the Simcheck Airbus A300 B4-200, as it is an excellent and accurate simulation. PS: I do not want a poor quality "simulation" like Quality Wings for example. I want a simulation on the level of Simcheck (mentioned above), Leonardo (their Maddog MD-82), or PMDG (NGX, MD-11, 747-400, 777).