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  1. Hello all, I am new to X-Plane and I'm still getting my head around the sim. So far I am very impressed with what X-Plane 11 has to offer out of the box. I am, however disappointed at the way variable winds are interpreted by the sim. For example, on final at EHAM today in the Flight Factor 757 using default real weather, the wind direction changes constantly in excess of 30 degrees causing the aircraft to yaw to a degree I consider unrealistic. Is there some way to 'dampen' these winds? Maybe a flywithlua script that I haven't heard of? I have tried X-Enviro but find it too buggy in it's current state and the performance isn't great on my system either. It's a shame because default real weather in X-Plane is actually very decent apart from this strange yawing effect it seems to be causing. Thanks in advance, I look forward to spending many hours in my new sim.
  2. Guys let them finish the 777-200ER in peace for goodness sake.
  3. Wait for the FMS to be patched. It's more than frustrating to fly at the moment. Hans (developer) has said he's working on the issue so there's hope. Save your money and wait for feedback on the next update.
  4. I hope they finish the 777 line with a -200ER... At the moment the RR Trent 800 howl is sorely lacking in the flight sim world.
  5. Actually, I would turn that around and say that the PMDG 737 for FS9 at the time was of Maddog quality. IMO their MD80 simulation sets the gold standard for what is possible in FS9 similar to what FSLabs has now done in P3D with their Airbus. In my opinion. Cant wait for the updated Maddog. We have but a few screenshots to go from but it looks fantastic. Personally I've been yearning for a graphically superior MD80 than the Maddog 2010 example!
  6. Thanks for the heads up, and, of course to Pete! Purchased, downloaded, and installed! I know it's already been said but this has genuinely been one of the smoothest transitions. I'm impressed!
  7. It's actually very nice and handflies absolutely fantastic. The latest update has definitely ironed out the major bugs and after a quick test flight with the newest version I can see myself spending many hours with it indeed.
  8. +1000000000. I will never not want the -200ER. It is sorely missed. PMDG please fix this, we know you want to. We need some RR Trent in the FS world, or even the GE90-94B.
  9. 777-200ER with RR engines would be my guess. If this isn't it, then I hope PMDG doesn't forget it! I would love to see the 777 lineup complete
  10. Video looks great actually! Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  11. With all due respect, how do you know this?
  12. I would really like a 777-200ER with Rolls Royce Trent engines.
  13. I tend to depart when there is ATC online in Europe. I've never seen ATC online in central Asia, so enroute there is little for me to do anyway. I tend to arrive around late afternoon SEA time, so there is sometimes ATC in Malaysia or Singapore upon arrival.
  14. During my long-hauls from Europe to Southeast Asia, I tend to disconnect and sleep I don't sit behind the monitor the entire flight unless it's a short one (less than about 2 hours) It would be interesting to see what other people do.
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