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  1. Hey Everyone! So I'm hosting a giveaway for my channel reaching 200 subscribers. I'm giving away BlueSkyStar Simulations Aerosoft Airbus X A318/19/20/21 CFM and IAE Soundpacks for FSX If you own the Airbus X, and FSX. Then this is for you! Value of giveaway: $32USD I use adf.ly on my links to track number of people clicking, this is not a virus or anything. PLEASE READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE ENTERING! Video and how to enter: (Be sure to open in YouTube because the link is in description). Why am I posting this here? I need more entries so that picking a winner is an actual contest, (so far I have 4 users), So that means a 1 in 4 chance of someone winning.. Those odds are too good. Please enter! There is nothing to lose. Thanks, all. Have a great day! - lorenplanes
  2. lorenplanes

    Will my computer handle the 777?

    Thanks all for your replies, I guess that getting it would be a bad idea.. Thanks again!
  3. lorenplanes

    Will my computer handle the 777?

    Thanks, crimtye. I've heard about that, but how do you think It'll handle with FlyTampa YSSY?
  4. Hi all! I was just wondering if my computer (*cough* laptop *cough*) could possibly handle the 777 with FlyTampa Sydney (hoping to buy these two), although my specs do qualify for the 'Recommended Hardware' on the PMDG website for the T7. My Specs are: Intel Core i5-2520M 2.5GHz (max 3.0GHz) CPU with 8GB DDR3 RAM (1600MHz) Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU with 2GB vRAM Windows 8.1 64-bit and Payware Add-ons GSX REX 4 TD REX Soft Clouds Active Sky Next I get about 20-ish fps with the NGX. Thanks for your help, lorenplanes