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  1. Hopefully everyone is okay regarding the health concerns. Not sure if that's Covid-19 related or something else.
  2. I figure at least some of this (VORs, ILS, anything already in FSX) should basically be taken as a given. SID and STAR support would be nice, but it wouldn't be anything groundbreaking. I'm also not sure how the licensing on that would work. Anyways, the Microsoft team wants to show us groundbreaking stuff that will make us excited and these visuals are perfect for that role. I think my head would explode if they could use Azure to have proper voice recognition in a well programmed ATC system.
  3. The word revamping caught my eye. We're all hoping for a new game engine, but revamp hints that some of the code may be old. Based on the very Aerosoft-like A320 shown in the video, perhaps the graphics are entirely new but the aircraft modeling is fundamentally the same? This would be fine with me personally. Boy are we all over analyzing this!
  4. You guys keep saying that no Boeing aircraft could have been in development for 10 years, but all of you are forgetting one possibility. Maybe they took over the Level-D 757! (It was a 757 that they were supposedly developing, right? I don't even fully remember at this point)
  5. I didnt know that the Maddog was finally getting that update! Thats certainly exciting news for P3D. Also, the first cockpit shot is beautiful!
  6. I'n real life you probably would have just landed in one of those fields! When I was in glider flight training, I always heard of off-field landings in fields, never roads. Though any landing you can walk away from, right?
  7. Does Buffalo Airways still have a scheduled DC3 flight?
  8. I was out of simming for a while, but I came back to fly the A2A Cherokee for a few months. I am out of simming again, but you can bet I'll be back for that Connie! I will admit, I would have been much more excited about a Super Connie or Starliner, but anything is better than nothing!
  9. I believe that was a decision made many versions ago to allow for cross platform support. You can use X-Plane on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  10. It's the second one that amazes me. The reflection of light from the ground on the underside of the wing... Wow!! There is also something magical about that last one that feels very real.
  11. Ohhh it grew on me. Always seemed a bit like flying an ocean liner.... Big, lumbering, antiquated, but wonderful all the same.
  12. While it isn't entirely on topic, due to the lack of population and traffic, the Southern Pacific is regularly used to dump reentering satellites that need disposal. There is nothing there! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spacecraft_cemetery
  13. What time of FPS do you get in one of the default aircraft in a similar setting?
  14. I am no expert on the aircraft, but I do not recall there being any shortcuts for this one. If you want to fly it, you will have to learn the process. And just wait until you get to navigating in the 154. The Soviets did it differently, thats for sure!
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