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  1. Thank you so much for support, knowledge and insight, I've learnt a few things along the way... I have re-install MCE to default C:\Program Files (x86) and reset UAC and MCE is now working fine Thanks again
  2. Thank you @FS++ Again i will try this when I get home later and report back Thanks
  3. Hi I dont have UAC enabled, as MCE is installed of another drive (same PC), I doubled checked and it isnt running in compatibility mode Details of mce and splash.exe's MCE version date modifed 06/11/2017 11:20 Splash version date modifed 06/11/2017 11:20 Thanks
  4. @FS++ Hi Follow the above and restored to factory settings, but unfortunatey not, same problem "Can not load Splash screen message" Thanks
  5. @FS++ hi I have checked and can confirmed "splash.exe" file is there, as I said above I dont have anti-virus on this PC, I have reinstalled the MCE again but still getting the same problem, any other ideas what i can do, I'm at a bit of lost.... could it be problem with P3D V4 stopping it?? not that i would know what to do if it is but... Thanks for any support you can give
  6. Thank you @FS++ I will try when i get back home this evening and check if the splash.exe file is there, I don't actually have antivirus on this PC build as all downloads etc are completed on a different PC, there is of course an Internet connection for programs that require it ( whether etc and activation's) I will report back later Thanks
  7. Hi all... I’ve started getting the following messages when tried to launch MCE on P3D V4 "Could not start Splash Screen" followed by "Application already running time copilot definitely aboard, just look around, if the some reason you cannot see the window all the tray icon etc.. Please use Kill tool process tool provided" Basically although it says program is running, and processes is running in the background (viewed in TASK manager) but no icon or menu box etc I have tried the follow, as per instructions but still getting the same problem, any ideas on what could be causing this... any support you can offer would be fantastic 1. killed and restarted program 2. reinstalled MCE (with up to date program) 3. Re-run Set Up Wizard
  8. All Aircraft ver to the right ?

    Hi Im hoping you can help me with a problem im having, I have been using the SimLaucherX for a few months now and its been amazing, really love it, but after installing the new update, when lauching into FSX and begining to taxi ect, all the aircraft pull to the right,regardless of developer, it may have nothing to with SimLaucherX of course, but I thought it worth mentioning as this was only thing i have added to the FSX before it started happening... I have tried all avenues,reinstalling SLX, recalibrating the controller, turing off realism settings, resetting the flight controls. Any help or support you can offer would be great, FSX DX10 Fixer SLX REX4 Active Sky Next PROATC System: Windows 7 64bit CPU: i7 4790 4.4Ghz RAM: 8GB GPU:NVIDIA GTX780 3GB