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  1. At least it’s not just me Glenn. Although I’m not using dev mode
  2. Morning all, Whenever I use the travel to function I end up on final approach with no fuel. For example, I flew from Lossiemouth to Evenes yesterday which with the ILS approach is 490 nm. Both fuel tanks were full and the TBM 930 has a range of 1700 nm. After reaching the cruise I traveled to the approach and had over half of of my fuel capacity left. After realising the approach was going to be quite lengthy due to the stupid ILS entry pattern I travelled to finals. As soon as it loaded and I was lined up with the runway, both tanks were dry and the engine had cut out. This has happened on numerous occasions so it’s not a one-off glitch. Has anyone else had the same? Thanks Steve
  3. Hi everyone. Im new to the forum and to X Plane so please forgive me if this has been covered before. When on a flight from Manchester to Glasgow, the ATC was fine throughout until about 20 miles from the approach. The ATC would give me various headings and altitudes to fly on which i would adhere to and as soon as it lined me up for the final approach and it asked me to call the field (which i did), it would then give me another heading and fly another series of headings etc. This went on for about 30 minutes. Does anyone know if i'm doing something seriously wrong or is the ATC just having a funny 5 (30) minutes? Thanks in advance. Steve
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