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  1. Hi all! I’m using SunSkyJet KPHL + Alpine Simulations Philadelphia CityScape and am experiencing some overlapping issues with textures and buildings. Does anyone know which BGL’s to remove from SSJ PHL to remove the city buildings? I attached a Google Photo album showing the overlapping/bleed through. https://photos.app.goo.gl/CJeKYEPEotVEZj7T8 Thank you :))
  2. Hi there! Have used UGCX for a long time, and recently have ran into an issue with a few airports. FlyTampa KTPA and LVFR KRDU. Both are reading a file that has a Z for airport codes (ZRDU and ZTPA). I have attempted to exclude but also excluded the main airport codes. I tried to remove the KTPA and KRDU exclusion but they repopulate in the INI. Any suggestions?
  3. but does anyone have a fix for MBPV? Only TropicalSim scenery not working for me in v5
  4. Hey there! On the new update, the built in checklist to the CTR Panel is not showing up while going through the flows. Not sure if this is just a setting I missed or if it's a bug with the new update. Thank you! Noah Harget
  5. I'm not getting a cabin secure notification from Andy prior to takeoff.. 😞
  6. Hello, I am using P3D V4.5 HF3 and was getting ready to takeoff and all of a sudden got a CTD. It is linked to FS2AUDIO64.dll in Event viewer. Why is this and what is a fix? Is incompatibility a possibility?
  7. If the scenery afcad wasn't so offset by one gate each, A72 in GSX parks you at A74
  8. Hi Shez, I emailed a PDF a while back with fixes / things to be added in a later version. Jetway fixes, additions. They just added 3 or 4 gates to the north terminal. some of the jetways, such as A72/74 are too high and don’t really lower all that much. they are pretty much to the height of a 757 and can adjust for the A320/21. Taxiway B is missing, and the airport doesn’t exactly line up with the charts. some high speed turnoffs are missing off of 4L/22R. There’s just a lot of things that need to be fixed or added to be up to date with the most current layout/charts. I can do my best to get new reference photos as well, but it’s a bit of a challenge as I no longer work at DTW, but can do some parking garage shots This scenery is gorgeous though, the work is quality, it runs great, looks pretty close to the real thing. y’all did a great job, and with the few fixes mentioned above, this scenery has great potential. If you need the PDF, I can email it to you so you have it. Just provide me your email.
  9. Hello, It seems FS2Crew for the NGXu is on surround sound, I was wondering if there was a setting to change this and the FO to be on all speakers. On my headset, I hear more feedback on the right then left. Probably a horrible explanation, sorry. Thanks!
  10. Okay, everything else is working EXCEPT for UGCX and RAAS.
  11. I mean it has worked for everything else and to move it back would require a new install. Is there anything else that can throw it off? When I land in KMSP, I will reinstall the Airbus Pro and see if I can get it to work and where it installs to.
  12. I believe so. I am going to attempt a reinstall but it seems that they aren't registering in the "dll.xml" or Add-on.cfg" Which I'm believing may be the issue here. They used to work perfectly on my previous install, but I did install P3D to a new location and moved my document folder.
  13. Hello here, I am running a fresh install of Prepar3D V4.5 and have reinstalled all my addons as well. UGCX is not showing in "Add-ons" menu and none of my other FS2Crew addons are working, such as 777 Reboot, Aerosoft Pro, UGCX, Maddog X. Why is this happening and How can I fix it? I've already tried reinstalling and nothing Thank you!
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