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  1. Understood. When an airport is being learned, can it be my departure point? Does it create a new file I need to move? Honestly am super confused looking at some of my XML's, more so for P3D v5. All positions say "cargo="false" ramp="false"", I've ran learn at this airport before, and have seen no change
  2. Hm, ok. It seems it only happens when using PSXT + RT, but not AIG TC. I'll see if i can figure out why its happening like this
  3. For example, live traffic at Sunskyjet DTW is landing way prior to the Touchdown Zone and slewing on the runway until it deletes itself.
  4. I have deleted the file in the archive, however, every update brings an "X Airpots TBLO" in the UI. In MSFS I use the SBDesigns KDFW, which is included in PSXT but it shows as TBLO. I am very confused at this process. Can I email you my TBLO folders?
  5. Hi! After a long time trying to learn PSXT/RealTraffic, I finally have it working. However, after looking in the manual, I am left a little confused on the learn function and static aircraft. I have SBDesigns KDFW for MSFS but KDFW is showing as an airport that needs to be learned. (which if I remember correctly, I did have static traffic here, so maybe it's referring to ASOBO) With P3D v5, I have a ton of airports that need to be learned, such as SunSkyJet KDTW. I do not get any static aircraft parked at the gates here. I have made custom AFCADs for a lot of airports, but I assume that doesn't matter here. So my question is - 1) How do I use the learn function? Do I just set the destination and select Learn destination? 2) Do I need to move any folders?
  6. So how do I make PSXT find my liveries? This is super complicated 😞
  7. Hi! I've been trying to install PSXT + RealTraffic for quite some time now, howeve have been struggling... I cannot get PSXT to connect to my sim, or find my AIG OCI Folders. I am truly lost on what to do 😞
  8. Hi all! I’m using SunSkyJet KPHL + Alpine Simulations Philadelphia CityScape and am experiencing some overlapping issues with textures and buildings. Does anyone know which BGL’s to remove from SSJ PHL to remove the city buildings? I attached a Google Photo album showing the overlapping/bleed through. https://photos.app.goo.gl/CJeKYEPEotVEZj7T8 Thank you :))
  9. Hi there! Have used UGCX for a long time, and recently have ran into an issue with a few airports. FlyTampa KTPA and LVFR KRDU. Both are reading a file that has a Z for airport codes (ZRDU and ZTPA). I have attempted to exclude but also excluded the main airport codes. I tried to remove the KTPA and KRDU exclusion but they repopulate in the INI. Any suggestions?
  10. but does anyone have a fix for MBPV? Only TropicalSim scenery not working for me in v5
  11. Hey there! On the new update, the built in checklist to the CTR Panel is not showing up while going through the flows. Not sure if this is just a setting I missed or if it's a bug with the new update. Thank you! Noah Harget
  12. I'm not getting a cabin secure notification from Andy prior to takeoff.. 😞
  13. Hello, I am using P3D V4.5 HF3 and was getting ready to takeoff and all of a sudden got a CTD. It is linked to FS2AUDIO64.dll in Event viewer. Why is this and what is a fix? Is incompatibility a possibility?
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