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  1. yes terrain and cloud shadows are off. I actually cranked up by settings to force a crash and still stable. I have CDU and EFB opened up on 2nd monitor and flying a PMDG 747 from KORD to KMEM with both airport as payware addons. Getting 30 fps. I turned down FPS unlimited to 40 fps limited- I wonder if that helps? I have GPU monitoring program that says my GPU is 83 dg C and does up to 97 deg C at times. I often wonder if it is a temperature issue as I never approach the 11 Gb limit. I mean, how does one know what is the condition that caused the error?
  2. Ray, I appreciate your help. Per my Nvidia Control Panel, I see the game ready driver for my Titan X Pascal card is 512.59 which is the latest one available. Do I keep this driver?
  3. I love the QW787 and think it is perfect to fly. Great FPS and very smooth. I say QW can hang with PMDG.
  4. I see the pinned post on the XGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG crash. I am getting this crash every time since upgrading to P3DV5.3 - rarely had it in 5.2. I have an NdvidiaTitan X with 12 GB on it and I see I am only using 4-5 GB. The crash usually happens after I complete a flight and am the gate just sitting there, or on a 2nd flight shortly after takeoff but during level flights. All my flights are 1/2 to 1 hour long. I uploaded the latest drivers from Nvidia experience. My question is: 1. Did the fix reported here solve the problem - as it said temp fix. no one reported on this really since. Please tell me your feedback on its success. I do not have the know how to use those steps, butI canhire someone to do it for me. 2. I wonder what causes the crashes? any insight? I have plenty of VRAM free - but something will cause it to rash 100% if the time after say 1 hour f flying.
  5. I will try to clear out shaders, but I'd need step by step on how to do so. Thanks
  6. I have P3d V5.2 on the same computer for 3 years. 7700K CPU with Titan X card. I never saw this until now - let me describe. When I am turning the plane I see 1000's of small vertical lines (across the entire screen) where the clouds meet the horizon or sky meets the water. It is only in that region - it only happens when I am in a turn on the initial tilt only for 1 second. I wish I can take a photo of this, but it happens too quick and too small to show up ina photo.
  7. As stated by many of us: 1. FlyTampa really did a poor job in keeping us updated during this 3 year process - then just cancelled it. Feels like when my girlfriend dumped me just as I bought the engagement ring - I mean honey you waited 3 years to tell me you were a lesbian!! 2. I think the P3D users like me have been pushed aside by the big MSFS bully as far as developers go. I do have MSFS loaded, but I NEVER use it. I love my P2D V5 with all the airports and PMDG / QW planes. But someday I'll make the switch.
  8. For 3+ years FlyTampa said KTL was under development. We never saw a preview or update and a yellow dot (meaning under construction) was place on KATKL. Now the yellow dot is gone. Does anyone know if KATL is ready to be released for P3D by FT? or the officially scrapped it? FT Forum is dead -no help there.
  9. I never heard of LatinVFR but during a search for KMSY they came up for p3DV5. How are their sceneries? And review will be appreciated.
  10. Pete: What did you do to get cancelled? Did you storm the Capitol, vote for the wrong candidate, threaten to kick Pacsim to the Atlantic? Bases on the reviews here I may add 1 or 2 Pacsim airports.
  11. OK good info to ponder. I wish FlyTampa and Imaginesim would step up their game and at least make 1 new scenery/year for P3D. The wait onK ATL for FT and KDFW fir Imaginesin is pathetic. I have both P3DV5 with 50 payware airports and FS2020 with NOTHING added. I still choose P3DV5 over FS2020 until I get some PMDG planes in it. I wonder if P3D will someday fade away.
  12. I am dismayed about the slow progress in P3D V5 scenery. I see Pacsim has some US airports including KSAN and KSLC. Any idea how they compare to the works of FSDT and Flytampa?
  13. Thanks. Anyone want to telll me which developers include daytime lighting so I can buy some. I have FSDT, imagine sim. DRZ design. Flytampa. And Flightbeam. Any of those I can configure daytime runway lighting?
  14. Ok thanks. But for P3D should I be seeing runway lights diurnal the day?
  15. I have runway lighting working perfectly at dusk, dawn and night. But during the daytime I don't see the green centerline (runway and taxiway) or threshold lights in any of my addon sceneries by FlyTampa, FSDT etc. Is this normal? expected? In real world, does ATC turn off the lights in the day? Or should I still be able to see the taxi and runway centerline lights in the day? If so, what setting would get me there??
  16. Add Imaginesim KDFW to the list. That site seems to be dead. I wonder of they are still in business. FlyTampa KATL is 3 years in the making with no previews yet. Are they even working on it??
  17. SOLVED: (I found the solution by digging deep). I needed to go to Nvidia control panel and choose the 2nd monitor and click on "enable rezising). That did the trick - no crashes now.
  18. I get 100% crash (NVIDIA card stopped working) when I drag a pop up panel (like PMDG OVERHEAD panel, or EFB in 747-8) on to second monitor and try to re-size it larger. The error only happens when attempting to re-size the window. (I need to make larger b/c pop up panels are very small. Any advice.
  19. I assigned my joystick to STEERING SET. (It works great is FSX and P3D) but not for FS2020. The joystick simply doesn't steer the nose wheel in the large jets. I see steering set says to make sure full left is assigned a number like -16,783 and full right +16,783. But where do you assign these numbers? I am not using the new Beta FSUIPC. Any ideas??
  20. No you are correct, I have the locked version. I guess I can purchase it and it will unlock it. Do I need to remove locked vesion first?
  21. I own the unlocked version. It does not work on the 787. In fact it does not show up on the P3D menu when running the 787. It does show up when running the pmdg 747
  22. I installed thev RAAS professional and it works in the PMDG 747 for P3DV5. But not in the QW787. Under ADDON tab in P3D, RAAS shows up in the pull own menu when flying the 747, but not in the QW787. How do I get RAAS working for the QW787?
  23. I know this is an old topic, but I was wondering if there is a fix if I mess up. On Pushback, I disconnected ground power (By mistake) without having the APU supply power and got a temp blackout until I hit the APU power bus switch. Now "No Land 3" shows up. And yes the IRS #2 differs from IRS 1 and 3. So now I take off - still with No Land 3 showing. Is there any way to get rid of that? Can't re-align IRU at 340 KTS?
  24. A OP here, I read all the posts and see FSDT seems to be a favorite. I'll take your advice. I do have DD Chicago City X, Washington DC and KSEA and SEA airports and I must say they are all unbelievably stunning. The DD KPAE airport is insane. You can actually go thru the Boeing facility. DD KSEA is also awesome. I get a solid 30-35 fps tere compared with 20-25 fps at Flytampa's KBOS. I have all FSDT airports and they are great. I guess it like choosing between a Ferarri and a Lamborghini,
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