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  1. I used this successfully for FSLTL, but when trying the same for AIG, the -optimized folder (converted to 2048 textures) was actually larger in size than the original AIG simobjects folder (with 4096 textures). Is that normal?
  2. I've been getting decent results but when I cap frames to 30 in Nvidia and use application controlled VSYNC (also VSYNC is off in P3D), I get some screentearing when using RTSS. What VSYNC settings do you recommend?
  3. Hi Mike, do you use an fps limiter? I just flew to LGSM and get 50 fps without a limiter, but setting scanline x/2 to 60 and fps limiter to 30 gives me a bunch of stutters when turning the aircraft on the ground, which seems weird given I can get more fps than 30. Do you have any ideas?
  4. Hi Steve, do you use RTSS? I'm also trying to figure out what works well like OP, so I've tried setting Scanline Sync x/2 to 60 and capping frames to 35 in NCP. Do you recommend something else? Best wishes!
  5. Oh I had no idea *sits in chair and feels dumb*, but how does the MJC have such good performance? That's a genuine question, not a jab at other developers!
  6. I know nothing about flight sim development, but if the next project was developing the systems to run outside the sim like the Majestic Q400 for those fps we all crave, I would be more than happy!
  7. Have you seen this? https://fselite.net/previews/fselite-exclusive-qualitywings-simulations-tease-bae146-in-p3dv4/
  8. Oh I definitely am, with the 747 too! But the Airbus Widebody is a bit of a gap in the market right now.
  9. I'd love to see the A330 or 777-200ER done, but that's just me and my love for (KLM) long hauls 😃
  10. Hi all, I want to move to FSX:SE, but am wondering if using FSX native products are a breach of the EULA, which I want to avoid doing. For example the PMDG MD11, using this, is that a breach? Thanks all!
  11. Hi all, I think I found a mistake in the EULA, maybe worth correcting. In the FSX PMDG 737 600/700 expansion is "for use only with Prepar3d by Lockheed Martin" although it is the FSX installer. Thanks, Daniel Rehling
  12. Hi all, I have a quick question, the EULA states you cannot reverse engineer a product, etc, but does using the DX 10 fixer for FSX count as this? For PMDG aircrafts this is. Thank you and kind regards, Daniel Rehling
  13. Hi all, On my disk, space is running really quite low, and I was wondering if I can remove some default simobjects to save space? Is this allowed or against the EULA? As in, does it count as reverse engineering or modifying? Thank you!
  14. Hi and thanks for replying! However I though the FTX forum was not for support but this is instead? Thanks!
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