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  1. Internal sounds for wing views

    I tried that, it's still external (especially prevalent when you're in front of the wing instead of behind the wing)
  2. Hi guys, I own the 737 NGX, 747 QOTSII, and 777 (all for P3Dv4). Currently, I have my wing views set up via Chaseplane for both wings, forward and aft angles. It looks fantastic, but what grates me is the fact that you hear the external sounds while in those wingviews (because in order to see the wings, you need to view the plane's external model). Is there any way whatsoever to have the internal sounds in your wingviews? A small adaptation to the cfg's, or something? With the NGX it's "somewhat" possible because the wings are modeled in the interior view too, but only half of the wing is rendered properly and is designed purely to be able to see it from the cockpit when looking back. Any ideas? Regards, Rean Opperman
  3. It's always done that for me as well. I believe it's because PMDG uses a new panel texture for the "lighted" panel instead of an actual light source? Or something like that. I've never tried to disable HDR to test it - I'll try that tonight and see if it helps.
  4. REX Sky Force Very First look

    For those who wanted to see more screenshots of the AS+SF combination.... I did another test flight today. KTPA to KEWR, with ActiveSky & SkyForce (clouds and textures, not the SF wx engine). Flight started in an overcast murky Tampa, and ran into some serious thunderstorms on the way to New York (it was set to historic weather in Aug2017). Screenshots of the trip are below:
  5. REX Sky Force Very First look

    I'd also like to know exactly how the model & texture injection works when using AS2016 with SF. Tagging @timest - I know you guys are crazy busy over there right now, but if you have a chance could you elaborate a bit more on how SF functions when using external wx engines? Like the factors taken into account when injection happens, how often it happens, and how it reads the weather data - it would help us a lot to make sure we optimise the way we use it :)
  6. REX Sky Force Very First look

    You know, this is actually a perfect summary and I have to agree 100%. So far today I've been running ActiveSky for the wx engine and SF for the cloud models & textures, and it's been a really pleasant experience. SF does cloud models and textures very well, and AS does weather very well. Mixing the two ends up being damn near perfect, to be honest. Again, it comes down to personal preference. I too like clouds (and especially good cumulus clouds), so for me it works out well.
  7. REX Sky Force Very First look

    Agreed - to be fair, those towering CB's in thunderstorms are very, very well done. Personally I'd like the CB's to flare a bit more at the top, but the advances already made in the CB structure is really worth mentioning here. It also has to be said that a CB is accompanied by LOTS of lower-level cumulus now too, like it should be (and like it is in real life), unlike the "isolated" cumulonimbus formations that we saw so often.
  8. REX Sky Force Very First look

    I don't think redraw is happening if you use ActiveSky as the wx engine, but admittedly I haven't tested that yet - but I can't imagine that there would be redraw in that case.
  9. REX Sky Force Very First look

    Apologies for the mistaken screenshot - honest mistake. The ASCA screenshots were correct, the SkyForce ones were not. This time I closed down P3D, wiped the shader cache, restored the original textures from the backup, and then installed the 3d models, after which I installed the textures (I chose texture set 10 for clouds). Here are the results. First one is on the ground, the other two are at 10,000ft. These look absolutely amazing. But a quick couple of questions for @timest: I assume the models are injected automatically as the weather changes during your flight - but the textures are "static", correct? So you choose the texture set that looks best and that stays as is until you manually change it? Secondly, is there any way I can make that anvil look a little more "sharp-edged" (personal preference) - I mean, is that something I can do on my side? Here's the pics. Sorry for the mistake earlier, editing the original post now too:
  10. REX Sky Force Very First look

    Hm, stand by. Trying it again - I'm not discounting the possibility that I screwed up a texture installation, it's pretty late :P Will report back in a sec.
  11. REX Sky Force Very First look

    They were. At least set 1 was, anyway.
  12. REX Sky Force Very First look

    The 3D Cloud Sync feature of SkyForce is supposed to do just that. See my post above yours though, I don't think it's working as intended at the moment. Also not sure how exactly it works.. does ActiveSky write the weather to the sim, and SkyForce then read the weather from the sim in order to determine which textures to inject? EDIT: Sorry, misread your question, you were talking about sky textures, not cloud textures. I'm not sure if it does that.
  13. REX Sky Force Very First look

    EDIT: I made a mistake with the model installation for the SkyForce screenshots in this post. The 2x ASCA screenshots are correct, for the comparative SkyForce screenshots, please refer to the post at the link below: Alright, I went to compare apples with apples this time. ActiveSky+SkyForce vs ActiveSky+ASCA. In search of a thunderstorm I went, and came back with this. This was at FCBB (Brazzaville). These two are ActiveSky+ASCA, same location, same time, same altitudes (more or less anyway):
  14. REX Sky Force Very First look

    I agree, an optimal solution would be to use ActiveSky for the wx engine, and SkyForce only for the cloud textures. The question is how exactly (stupid question maybe). Do you have to choose which cloud theme to install and only do it once? Does ActiveSky communicate with SkyForce at all? How would one go about using a combination of both?
  15. REX Sky Force Very First look

    Test flight from KIAD to KSEA done. My experience: It started with an incorrect weather depiction at KIAD. I decided to just go with it, though. Overall, I wasn't overly impressed with the cloud textures and honestly it doesn't beat AS+ASCA in this department (with the exception of cumulus clouds, where it really shines, in my opinion). What really grated my nerves was the cloud redraw issue - for two reasons. Firstly, you completely run out of clouds before SkyForce realises it needs to re-update the sim and injects cloud cover again. You go from overcast to clear and back to overcast, and it breaks immersion completely. When it does load the "new" cloud cover, it does so instantly, not gradually or phased. The second reason is that every time SkyForce updates the sim, you fall/rise between 300-600ft instantly as it also "realises" that the winds aloft data needs to be changed. No smooth transitions at all. If I had real pax on board, they'd be quite upset and demanding new sick bags. For such an important aspect of flight simming (accurate weather), this went in the opposite direction completely. From my experience, I don't see how tubeliners would benefit from this. Seeing some thunderstorms 70,000ft high would be amazing, yes - but not at the cost of accuracy, realism and immersion. For VFR flying, it might be an amazing addon though. I took several screenshots of the trip, which can be found below: - At KIAD. METAR reported clear skies, SkyForce's briefing reported clear skies, SkyForce's weather window shows clear skies, but ingame depiction was this (with rain): Taking off from KIAD, approaching the clouds: Breaking through the clouds, upper cloud layer now visible too: Above the lower cloud layer just west of DC: This is what the clouds looked like for the first 300nm of the trip: This was followed by 100nm of this cloud pattern: After that, the weather changed to overcast: Overcast for the rest of the trip (approx 800nm): The big issue though was that the clouds stopped at the draw distance until SkyForce redraws them on the next injection update (I believe every 15mins?). Here is an example: Another example.. it appears as if the overcast cover stops here. But after about another minute, it was all completely overcast again with no sign of the gap in cloud cover that you see here: