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  1. What about areas where METAR's are sparse? As an example, if you look at South Africa - there are massive areas in the middle of the country with no METAR data nearby, since it's not near any large airport. This is where model data shines. In these areas, Asobo's depiction of the weather is surprisingly accurate. Would you be doing a blend of METAR and model data, or how do you plan on interpolating?
  2. I agree with you one hundred percent, honestly. I don't even have an FPS counter visible anymore because I refuse to chase numbers. However, microstutters are quite debilitating when using TrackIR, so I usually strive to get rid of them as much as possible 🙂
  3. So I'm using OnAir to fly some cargo and pax back & forth in a Caravan and I'm loving it. Currently flying around in Southern Africa, but I've always been tempted to do some bush flying in Alaska. I checked out the Inner Passage last night but wasn't really blown away by it. Any location in Alaska you guys can recommend for a bush flying HQ, with good photogrammetry etc?
  4. For what it's worth, I found that upgrading from 16GB to 32GB RAM reduced my microstutters over cities (I never really had any over small towns or rural areas).
  5. Have a look here (2 possible solutions in that thread for you to try) :
  6. I have quite a few of those in my area - they're mostly private airstrips on farms. In real life they don't have ICAO codes, but in the sim they do.
  7. Yeah that happens to me sometimes as well - turn off dev mode, and restart the game. That fixes it. It's annoying though. I've found that the Windows Game Bar also shows accurate FPS (at least when I compared it to dev mode). Access via Win+G.
  8. Yup I have that too. Especially over FAWC, which is much more stuttery for me than FACT (which is a metropolis). Doesn't make much sense.
  9. Good post, thanks! Chuckled a bit at the part where we're now calling the 10-series cards "old" 😄
  10. Geez that made me burst out laughing now, thank you 😄
  11. Try without running it as administrator. The game seems to try to authenticate you on your Microsoft account when purchasing, which it mostly seems to not do correctly if it's running as administrator.
  12. Are you guys running FS as administrator? I found that I got payment failures when doing so. Running FS normally solved it for me.
  13. How amazing is this: VFR from Stellenbosch to Grabouw (South Africa) with current weather, wind, terrain elevation, etc:
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