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  1. Well I guess I heard wrong. Just a rumor :) JB
  2. Time for a juicy rumor. Not sure if it's true, but here we go. PMDG makes the model, textures, VC and A2A brings their unmatched technical achievments to make this aircraft Accusimable. So you initially buy the product from PMDG and then if you choose, you buy the accusim module from A2A. :) JB
  3. Please tell me where to find the aircraft and celestial nav gauges I see in these screenshots.
  4. Thats one hell of a landing from one hell of a pilot. Perfect clearance over the trees, descended for the threshold and nailed it with a nice positive touchdown.
  5. She spins just fine and correction leadin for precision spins to a heading is nice and gradual.Thanks againJB
  6. Yeah, the new installer worked and it must have the new FDE as it's a blast to fly now.JB
  7. Thanks Bernt. I actually sent Mike at FR an email with my purchase info from F1 and he just sent me a link to the latest version. I appreciate it. I guess the F1 version still for download does not include your FDE update.JB
  8. Hey Bernt.I see you did a FDE for the Flight replicas Pa18. Personally, I love the aircraft 3d model, but the FDE that came with it was a show stopper for me.Where can I find your modified FDE for the Flight Replicas PA18?JB
  9. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but Bernt Stolle with the help of C185 drivers, have put together a really great FDE for all of the C185's including the Bush models.The downloads are here....http://www.bushpounder.site90.net/downloads.phpJB
  10. Have you tried increasing wind smoothing beyond what FSUIPC gives you as a default?JB
  11. Interestingly enough, I am running default turbulence values in the cfg and in FSUIPC with AS2012. After NGX SP1b and AS2012, I don't get S turns anymore in the NGX at at cruise under Auto Flight. Not sure if something has changed with either of the two, but the combination seems to work better. Forgot to mention I am using Standard depiction mode in AS2012. A few flights, I have even gotten enough turbulence that AutoFlight disengagement was necessary.JB
  12. If you have any of the HIFI weather generators, you could also try increasing Min and max cloud turbulence. Obviously make sure that apps like FSUIPC and your cfg file aren't limiting turbulence in any way.JB
  13. Who let Jimmy Buffet in the cockpit.... And get his hand off the throttle!^ Bad joke.I never get a buffet alert, I want one too! ;)JB
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