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  1. She spins just fine and correction leadin for precision spins to a heading is nice and gradual.Thanks againJB
  2. Yeah, the new installer worked and it must have the new FDE as it's a blast to fly now.JB
  3. Thanks Bernt. I actually sent Mike at FR an email with my purchase info from F1 and he just sent me a link to the latest version. I appreciate it. I guess the F1 version still for download does not include your FDE update.JB
  4. Hey Bernt.I see you did a FDE for the Flight replicas Pa18. Personally, I love the aircraft 3d model, but the FDE that came with it was a show stopper for me.Where can I find your modified FDE for the Flight Replicas PA18?JB
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but Bernt Stolle with the help of C185 drivers, have put together a really great FDE for all of the C185's including the Bush models.The downloads are here....http://www.bushpounder.site90.net/downloads.phpJB
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