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  1. Sorry - I posted the link to the Valhalla freeware list - http://www.freewares...com/fs2004.html - and then saw that a previous poster had sent it to you - and I couldnt work out how to delete my post so said "Ignore me".Hope you find what youre looking for.
  2. Ignore this - didnt see that a previous poster had sent the freewae listing. And why cant we delete our own posts now?
  3. URKK Krasnodar - another brilliant bit of Russian freeware - did nobody mention this before? A few minutes inland from Sochi on the Black Sea, with a good bit of surrounding (looks like handpainted) terrain and agn and blends in really nicely with the default - something that is really important for me.http://www.avsimrus.com/files.phtml?uploader=33720 Two files needed.Crikey! Just taken off from USSS and seen the beautiful surrounding landscape - and these guys do this for the love of it and give it away for free! I wish I could name a couple of payware vendors that that really should learn a few lessons from looking at these sceneries - and who should either lower their prices or raise their quality and detail. These airports add another bit of fun - being able to fly the outrageous neon-green S7 Boeings and Buses instead of the tired old white and blue that pretty much everybody else uses.AvsimRU = :(
  4. What surprises me is that the omnipresent Mr Shuttleworth hasnt ticked off all you posters for being on this unofficial forum and told you all where to go. Nust be the only post in the whole forum that hasnt been blessed by his schoolmarmly finger-wagging.
  5. GMMN to LFPG. With the new numbers in the .cfg the ground was pretty much okay all the way, until dropping in to Paris, where even my rig couldn't manage to load and focus the ground textures properly.The HD has a lot to do with texture loading, right? A 7200 WD should be able to manage, surely, if it's set up right? So why do I get textures loading in blocks, with the aircraft always the last to pop up?And what is it that controls whether a texture is in focus or not?Why am I still asking these questions however many years it is since I installed FS9?
  6. I checked those numbers and they seem to give better results, though I should be getting much more consistent focus than I do.Texture loading has always been slow - although automatically defragged perhaps my HD is to blame.Thanks.
  7. I let FS9 recreate the .cfg and at least I'm back where I started; the ground is now in focus - at least parts of it part of the time.That I still have the focusing problem with a default .cfg suggests a greater malaise and one that I am not going to resolve with "fiddling about".Thanks.
  8. You're quite right - I'd completely missed that. DOH!Thanks.
  9. Thanks.Does nobody here use routes from Simroutes, I wonder?
  10. What do I have to do to a .rte-type flightplan downloaded from Simroutes in order to import it into RC4?
  11. I have had ground textures popping in and out of focus ever since I can remember: the ground is never "still", tiles randomly focusing and unfocusing: at night over urban areas the lights dim and brighten.Anyway, in another attempt to find a solution I installed nHancer which is great for nVdia users as it explains what the available changes do and why (which the nVidia control panel doesn't tell you).But I also fiddled about with the FS9 .cfg and now all the ground is totally unfocused, at all altitudes, although under about 5000' it's better.What are the .cfg entries that would affect ground focus, and what nVidia parameters would affect it?My Specs:AMD64 4200 / Asus A8NE / Asus 7900GTX currently with a 160.02 Tweaks'R Us driver / 2Gb Kingston DDR
  12. ????That which I sent (from the default FS location) is suffixed .pln when I put my mouse on it.Should there be another one?
  13. It actually happened once before, but I thought it must have been my fault. That was a proper plan, much more interesting than this![Flightplan]AppVersion=9.1.40901title=GMMN to LPMA description=GMMN, LPMA type=IFRroutetype=1cruising_altitude=20000departure_id=GMMN, N33* 22.07', W007* 35.28', +000656.00departure_position=17Ldestination_id=LPMA, N32* 41.65', W016* 46.68', +000190.00departure_name=Mohamed Vdestination_name=Madeiraalternate_name=waypoint.0=, GMMN, , GMMN, A, N33* 22.07', W007* 35.28', +000656.00,waypoint.1=KK, MAD, , MAD 318.00, N, N32* 44.89', W016* 42.39', +000000.00,waypoint.2=, LPMA, , LPMA, A, N32* 41.65', W016* 46.68', +000190.00,[FSC]DepartAPCode=GMMN DepartNum=0DepartID=17LDepartType=RwyDestAPCode=LPMA RouteType=1SID=STAR=WP=1,NDB,MAD,FUNCHAL,32.7481,-16.7065,318.00,267.8968,-9.201,1,4117
  14. After my last reinstall on Wide, my flightplan waypoints are being spoken as "zero zero" rather than their proper letters.Makerways is run, scenery is rebuilt, everything is fine except this. which I've never had before.
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