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  1. Lisbon LPPT was my home airport for a short while but it wasnt till I moved south to LPFR that I started really paying attention to airplanes. Two years later I bought my first pc and discovered FS. Anyway ...... to get to the point! ..... Yesterday, three years after its release, I found an unofficial freeware extension to Aerosofts FS9 LPPT that adds T2 and T3 with APIS parking, new taxiways and some extra raods for internal traffic. There is a manual that explain the new aircraft movements. The developer, Ricardo Sousa, says this is his first scenery and that some bits are "a mess", but my untrained eye couldnt find it and I could point to a lot of payware less good than this.. (There is one bit in the manual that is possibly confusing so I hope Ricardo will forgive me when I stress here that UTE users must remove/rename two files in the original scenery folder to avoid terrain elevation issues.) I am sure that everybody who enjoys Aerosoft Lisbon will already know about this addon but frankly its worth another mention. It is here: (and in the FS2004 freeware sceneries list under "Portugal").
  2. northridge

    757, soon?

    Why is this topic still open? Absolutely nothing concrete or relevant will come out of it, especially from those who claim to be insiders. The developer has said that they will release information when they want to. Nothing that hapopens here will change that.Nocody at Level D reads it, nobody there gives a s--t about it or what is written here, and whether they are "working their butts off" or "doing it in their spare time" this thread will not make them work, or want to work, any faster. Nor will it make them accept that it was foolish to have announced a product 5 years ago and still not given neither hint nor proof or its existance.Lets change the topic. Lets try "Is there a God?". Weºre more likely to get a definitive answer from that one, and it will certainly be a more interesting discussion.
  3. northridge

    757, soon?

    Bigsky, you are right in saying that Level D support on the official site for the existing product has been comprehensive and still continues, even though the product is no longer the quality benchmark it was on release. Obviously not everybody feels at ease with their atitude and the continued liveliness of this forum is testament to that.However, I suspect that most of us on this forum would agree that announcing a new product without any proposed time-scale was a mistake, and their continued refusal to offer any reasonable indication of a proposed release - combined with their often abusive responses, has only compounded their mistake and is doing their remaining credibility no favours.Radar Contact announced a new version a million years ago which has still not materialized, and whilst their replies to customers are not rude, their continued "Don´t Know" is highly unprofessional.With hindsight both RC and LevelD should have kept quiet until the products were within sight of pre-release - but thats hindsight for you.iFly leaked a cupla fotos on a Chinese site just a week before the 737 went on sale and look what an incredible impact that had, (I´d love to have seen the sales figures) and their exemplarary customer service proves that it can be done -they quickly admited that the product had faults and with intensive and open dialogue with customers all the problems were solved within weeks.Just recall how LevelD responded to customers asking about a Winglets version - their abusive and demeaning responses were frankly shocking.So come on, LevelD, step down off your high horse and treat your paying customers with some respect. If it´s going to take another year to release the 757, say so, and regain some of the credibility and respect that the 767 awarded you. You are after all only human, like the rest of us.
  4. northridge

    PIC 767 Patch

    DShutt made a disparaging remark about another software publisher (directly naming them) and nobody criticized him and Admin seems not to think it important..That sort of comment is both wrong and childish, especially coming from someone who promotes himself as a professional (whether he is or not only he knows) and who therefore should know better.Saying "Kidding" afterwards is a bit like shooting somebody and saying "Oops, sorry". Obviously insincere and too late.Do I sense a severe case of double standards here?
  5. northridge

    757, soon?

    With so many great planes to choose from from other developers (who dont make a lot of snooty hoo-ha about what they are going to deliver but with no schedule), waiting on increasingly empty-looking promises is like waiting for .. oh I dont know, Peace On Earth and Goodwill ....etc.When was that promised? 2000 years ago or something like that, and it STILL hasnt materialized, so why weep and wail and gnash your teeth over a simulated airplane.Go fly other aircraft and stop bleating.
  6. Sorry - I posted the link to the Valhalla freeware list - - and then saw that a previous poster had sent it to you - and I couldnt work out how to delete my post so said "Ignore me".Hope you find what youre looking for.
  7. Ignore this - didnt see that a previous poster had sent the freewae listing. And why cant we delete our own posts now?
  8. URKK Krasnodar - another brilliant bit of Russian freeware - did nobody mention this before? A few minutes inland from Sochi on the Black Sea, with a good bit of surrounding (looks like handpainted) terrain and agn and blends in really nicely with the default - something that is really important for me. Two files needed.Crikey! Just taken off from USSS and seen the beautiful surrounding landscape - and these guys do this for the love of it and give it away for free! I wish I could name a couple of payware vendors that that really should learn a few lessons from looking at these sceneries - and who should either lower their prices or raise their quality and detail. These airports add another bit of fun - being able to fly the outrageous neon-green S7 Boeings and Buses instead of the tired old white and blue that pretty much everybody else uses.AvsimRU = :(
  9. I fly FS9 with a once-Ferrari-now-with-mostly-Fiat-parts due to zero $.After having foolishly looked at these pix I am not sure whether to mas****ate with desire or throw up with envy.(If you´ll pardon my French.)
  10. northridge

    757, soon?

    Having just read the first page of this thread I couldnt help but wondering whether this place is an unofficial, semi-official or official forum for the Level D 757.Looking carefully at the four posts from D SHutt in this thread, they read awfully like official statements: an example is where he writes "The 757 is coming" and in another reply he writes "Let me explain WHAT has happened" and goes on to explain the inner workings of the Level D team, which is not usually the kind of information bandied about by just anybody, anywhere.Ah - but reading on I see that, perhaps realizing his error in revealing privileged Level D information in such an unholy place as this, the openly-declared Level D and PIC 767 Unofficial Forum, Mr Shutt reverts to form and invites posters to join the official Level D forum and place further questions there.Its all clear now.
  11. northridge

    757, soon?

    G7USL, or whatever ......... The only open criticism of LevelD that was intentional in my post is with regard to the snooty attitude over at their forums.If you want you could re-read my post and see that I was actually criticizing::1) potential 757 customers for being impatient, as in "Come on, youve waited all this time, waiting a bit longer wont kill you, since you know its going to be worth it".2) the a really excited user trying to sell us the idea that the LevelD team were actually working day and night for five years without paying jobs, wife and children, sleeping, etc.Oh all right - you can have this too: Announcing a future product and after 5 years STILL refusing to release any details, well that I think is wrong.Nobody would care if LevelD said "Look, this has to be the best thing ever released, and its going to take another year". Nobody would criticize and everybody would leave them alone. So yes, you were right all along: I was criticizing LevelD after all, and it all comes back to the "We know best" attitude that I have always sensed from them. "Dont bother us with your silly enquiries, we will tell you what we think you need to know when we are good and ready." But really, all of our (yours and mine) hot air is irrelevant. Its a given that the 757 if released will sell bundles - and even more if there is an FS9 version - and everybody will love it.
  12. northridge

    757, soon?

    I kinda like the idea that seems to be going around that the development team at LevelD is working their butts off to get the best product on the market as soon as its possible.5 years of working my butt off would leave me - well, without a butt. I wonder how long iFLY took to get from the idea to the release of their 737. Whilst I wouldnt presume to compare products or developers or their individual policies, I somehow doubt it took iFLY 5 years, and it appeared on "nerd radar" (honestly, no offence meant but you know who I mean) about a month before release and took everybody by surprise.Just like the mythical Radar Contact 5, worrying about the release date of a LevelD 757 seems like a big waste of time, even more so given the "We know best" attitude that has always reigned at the LevelD forum. Why worry, why speculate? Why not enjoy all the other great products available that still give so many of us hours of pleasure.
  13. northridge


    What surprises me is that the omnipresent Mr Shuttleworth hasnt ticked off all you posters for being on this unofficial forum and told you all where to go. Nust be the only post in the whole forum that hasnt been blessed by his schoolmarmly finger-wagging.
  14. northridge

    Fiddled with .cfg, now ground is out od focus

    GMMN to LFPG. With the new numbers in the .cfg the ground was pretty much okay all the way, until dropping in to Paris, where even my rig couldn't manage to load and focus the ground textures properly.The HD has a lot to do with texture loading, right? A 7200 WD should be able to manage, surely, if it's set up right? So why do I get textures loading in blocks, with the aircraft always the last to pop up?And what is it that controls whether a texture is in focus or not?Why am I still asking these questions however many years it is since I installed FS9?
  15. northridge

    Fiddled with .cfg, now ground is out od focus

    I checked those numbers and they seem to give better results, though I should be getting much more consistent focus than I do.Texture loading has always been slow - although automatically defragged perhaps my HD is to blame.Thanks.