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  1. Hi, I just bought the FBW version and installed like it should. With fs2crew installed, my A320 won't load. It's stuck halfway the loading screen (the one you get after loading a flight). FS2crew is loading the toolbar, so that works. Even after many minutes, there is no progression. After uninstalling, the sim does load up. After reinstalling fs2crew, it does not load. So I guess the problem is fs2crew. Tried it as admin, compatibility modes, etc. Any suggestions please? Martin
  2. This helped me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLqOjuh-Tmc&t=521s
  3. Hi Dave, Turns out it was bitdefender that was blocking the installer. Thanks anyway.
  4. Hi all, When I try to install the maddog, I get an error: ....not been totally installed because of the following reasen: cannot create the following file: c:\users\name\documents\uninstal_fly_the_maddog_x_64bit_edition.$$A. I have prepar3d V4.2, running windows 10 64Bit. I'm running the installer as admin. I appears just after I hit the next button. What can I do?
  5. That might be the case. I upgraded my videocard to a much better one. Didn't think of my power. Wouldn't it shut down asap, not after a couple of hours?
  6. My whole computer has shut down twice just before approach on an eham-omdb flight. Just blacked out. Not sure if this is the same problem?
  7. - random "clutter" placement throughout the cockpit (cans, pens, etc) So including sloppy cleaners? Great!
  8. It worked on one flight, but the during the next flights it did not.
  9. I have pfpx connected to REX. Does the loadsheet contain the right information? I found something that looks like it, but it doesn't work.
  10. Thanx Ryan, I'm glad PMDG has a solution. Is it a software problem? I had this problem, but with some reinstalling the problem was over. Thanx anyway.
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