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  1. This helped me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLqOjuh-Tmc&t=521s
  2. Hi Dave, Turns out it was bitdefender that was blocking the installer. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi all, When I try to install the maddog, I get an error: ....not been totally installed because of the following reasen: cannot create the following file: c:\users\name\documents\uninstal_fly_the_maddog_x_64bit_edition.$$A. I have prepar3d V4.2, running windows 10 64Bit. I'm running the installer as admin. I appears just after I hit the next button. What can I do?
  4. That might be the case. I upgraded my videocard to a much better one. Didn't think of my power. Wouldn't it shut down asap, not after a couple of hours?
  5. My whole computer has shut down twice just before approach on an eham-omdb flight. Just blacked out. Not sure if this is the same problem?
  6. - random "clutter" placement throughout the cockpit (cans, pens, etc) So including sloppy cleaners? Great!
  7. I'm having problems since I use prepar3d 2.5. I see no ILS or Localizer on the screens. It happens at a lot of airports.
  8. Are there European routes that are flown with a 777? I like to fly the 777, but I also like to fly routes that take 2/3 hours.
  9. It worked on one flight, but the during the next flights it did not.
  10. Well, win7 was fine! Now it is just messed up! Even bought a new joystick, but the problem remains. This thread is 2 years old, and still no solution!
  11. I am new to this problem. Bought a new computer with win 8.1 yesterday. I'm shocked that after more than a year this problem isn't solved. Even FSUIPC does not recognize my flighstick. Yesterday it did and I programmed it. Now it is not even there. This is insane. Can I go back to windows 7 when I had windows8.1 preinstalled?
  12. I have pfpx connected to REX. Does the loadsheet contain the right information? I found something that looks like it, but it doesn't work.
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