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  1. scisimmer

    Halloween Flash sale at Flightbeam

    Thanks for the tip Dan!
  2. The only thing I want is a revamped terrain and texture rendering. No more mesh plopping, blurries, long texture loading times and black buildings.
  3. scisimmer

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    That was only for ray tracing performance which no game supports to date, and may take years until we see it in any flightsim. In rasterization tasks, the performance benefit is roughly 1.2 to 1.4 fold (1080ti vs. 2080ti). How that translates into fps increase in P3D is anyone's guess currently.
  4. Hi Quax Would you know how to create a script for the VS button? Basically it just shows the set VS. Thanks, Scisimmer
  5. Hello Hope this is the right place to ask my question. I'm still a real newbie when it comes to LINDA but perhaps someone can help me out here. In the Realair Turbine Duke, I can see in the Linda Console which event is triggered when clicking most buttons. In the picture below for example for Autopilot main button, HDG, YD etc, all is registered in the console. However, the VS button (which simply shows the vertical speed selected) doesn't trigger any event that is recorded in the Linda Console. Does this mean I cannot assign this button or is there something I'm missing? Been playing around for hours to get this button to work but I just can't figure it out. Furthermore, I've managed to assign the UP/DN switches to increase/decrease VS in 100 ft/min increments. However, this only happens in the background and doesn't show on the display when I press my hardware UP/DN buttons. When I click these buttons in the virtual cockpit in the sim, it shows the selected VS on the display for roughly 3 seconds before switching back to the altitude in FT. Any ideas how to replicate this behaviour? Thanks!
  6. scisimmer

    Maximum Number of Supported Devices

    Cool thanks! I'll let you know.
  7. Hi there From the Q&A post here on the forum I'm aware of the 10 HID limit in LINDA. Is that limit of 10 for detected devices can you have more than 10 devices and choose which 10 you want to use in LINDA? I know this sounds like a silly questions, but I'm on a mission to get my Elgato stream deck working with LINDA. For that I need to create virtual joysticks using VJoy and map hotkeys to joystick button presses - that works all well. Now the stream deck only has 15 buttons, but you can make folders in which more buttons are nested. But for every group of 15 buttons, I need to create a new virtual joystick. So I'm just interested to hear where the limits are as to how many virtual joysticks I can use. Thanks, Scisimmer
  8. scisimmer

    Accu-Feel v.2 Air, Land & Sea (P3Dv4) Released

    So happy it's finally here! Here's my take on Accu-Feel for P3D v4:
  9. Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately I missed it :-( Does FS2Crew have frequent sales?
  10. scisimmer

    Linda GUI won't show

    Nevermind, I deleted all LINDA files and reinstalled. Works now...weird issue. Thanks anyways!
  11. scisimmer

    Linda GUI won't show

    Hi Andrew Thanks for your advice, however, it still doesn't work. Been using LINDA for 2 years now and never experienced this. Here's a video of my issue. It appears the program opens, but I just cannot get the window to open.
  12. scisimmer

    Linda GUI won't show

    Hello I'm just reinstalling my sim PC and just installed Linda Version 3.0.6. However, I cannot get the GUI to appear. The program is running but I cannot get the GUI to show. Any suggestions? Hovering over the icon in the taskbar shows just a black preview: Thanks, Scisimmer
  13. Hello First of all, a big thank you for LINDA, great piece of software. I have a question regarding the "on repeat" speed: I have 16-indent rotary encoder that I want to use for setting my heading bug. Using "HDG plus/minus" function will not work for me because to make the full 360°, I would need to turn the encoder 22.5 times. However, "HDG plusfast/plusminus" won't give me the 1° granularity. Therefore, I intend to use "HDG plus/minus" on press and "HDG plusfast/plusminus" on repeat. After the first 1° increment, it nicely goes into "fast-mode". My problem though is that I have to wait way too long to be able to do 1° increments again. It appears that it takes repeating inputs into account that are spaced too much apart. Is there any option I can tweak to shorten the amount of time LINDA looks for a repeat input? Thanks!
  14. scisimmer

    TerraFlora for P3D from Turbulent Designs released

    Welcome. I'm not sure about the thing with the full fat regions, it was just the case for the UK and AU regions in my case (but not Norway). I assume ORBX could use specific trees in these regions, but I cannot say 100%.