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  1. I´ve been the screen shot moderator for quite some time. :-) But I dropped out approx. 2 years ago and get back here from time to time.
  2. Hi guys, I think of doing the same (I have arround 60 Gb worth of addons installed atm). Just one thing: Is there any noticable perfromance incease? If it won´t be for an substantial performance increase, I will refrain from doing so.
  3. Hi guys, I´m just trying to set LINDA up for my joystick. I try to map the AP and AT-buttons located the yoke and throttles of 737/777 to buttons on my joystick but I´ve run into some problems: General mapping plan: On Press: activate AP respective AT On repeat: disengage AP respective AT Besides these some other things like TOGA-Mode (no more clicking invisible clickspots) and speed-brake arming. When I thenn use the LINDA setting "NGX AP soft disconnect" in the NGX, the AP will be disconnected, but the LNAV and VNAV modes will not be transfered to the FD, resulting in no LNAV or VNAV guidance. When I do the same action assigned to an key via PMDG´s inbuild assigning tool, it works just as expected. Did I miss something here (wrong variable or sth.)? In the 777 with the LINDA setting "PMDG AP Disengage" the modes are transfered nicely but an master warning is triggered which won´t stop till AP is reconnected (not verry useful on final approach). Could someone with more inside tell me how to configure it correctly?
  4. You still arround?! :-) Great set, great plane, where did you get it?
  5. They are working on it for years now, I wouldn´t rely on it coming out anytime soon.
  6. Yeah, indeed. It´s modeling and systems were lightyears ahead of its time. Btw. another Fokker I´d like to have represented with today standards is the Fokker F28 Fellowship. There was once the model by Project Fokker, I loved cruising around with that.
  7. The HS748 was one of my most loved planes! Too bad there´s no new version of it arround.
  8. Well, it´s not that I´m not eagerly waiting for one, too. But I guess it´s not too harsh when I say that it is known that Carenado fails horrendously on creating things bigger than a Cessna Prop plane. Me too! As I don´t have that much time and money, I need to make sure that what I pay for is good enough. It´s not that difficult for them to make some good money out of that phenomena.
  9. I´m amazed that it´s always the same with Carenado. All moan about how bad the last one was and still buying the next one without waiting for some initial reviews. And then all start moaning again about how bad it is.
  10. Very noble, Ed! I think he would have liked that! :smile:
  11. That´s the thing I also found out. Thanks for clarification.
  12. Been there, done that! Got a mail, clicked ot the link to finish regsitering, it told me that the account registration is done, just waiting for the admin to approve. Nothing happened, a few days later I couldn´t log in, account deleted. Btw. whan I was logged in, I couldn´t see any board at all.
  13. Well, then I guess I´ll tr it again. It was just for support on some sceneries I have bought as boxed from Aerosoft (They had some 5€ for each sale once). Now as I´m changing to P3D, I need the P3D variants of them Someone told me that I should contact Orbx about that.
  14. Ah, so you didn´t even come to activate it, is that correct? It stopps throughout the installation process?
  15. Dave, could you please specify the "does not work"?
  16. Try activating in safe mode. That´s at least how I got it working.
  17. Wow, nice one! I never heard of that french 737 clone. Thanks for bringing that into the sim. Edit: Mario, your Piaggio PD-808 looks beautiful, will test her this evening! :-)
  18. Why don´t you just go ahaed and get an Academic Licence? How will LM find out that you´re not supposed to? I´ve just checked the EULA, nothing said about any age constraint for Academic Licence.
  19. Farewell my friend! Thank you for all you´ve done! You´ve changed my live, you may never be forgotten!
  20. I guess that won´t work (and is a breach of EULA apparently). Anyway, I´ve just waited on this to make the jump over to P3D.
  21. Well, I think it´s a shame for Carenado that you buy something from them and still need to rely on the community to get it work decently. That´s my point of view.
  22. Edit: Now it appears that they´ve deleted my account... How the hell do you get into this? Shouldn´t be that complicated after all!
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