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  1. I don't need much storage. Right now, I am only using 150 GB. I figured in in the future I needed more storage, I could get a second drive. I also have a few questions: How far could I overclock the i5 6600k with a budget cooler (Hyper 212 Evo or Cryorig H7) and with a high end cooler (NH-D15 or Corsair h115i). Same goes for the i7 6700k. Thank you!
  2. However the i5 6600k + the Corsair h115i cost the same as the i7 6700k + the hyper 212 evo. If I overclock them both to 4.5h GHz they would be relatively similar. And if I decide to upgrade to water cooling in the future with the i7 6700k, it would be far cheaper than upgrading to the i7 6700k. Tell me if I am wrong.
  3. Hi. I'm building a PC for P3D. Are there any changes you would make for this PC: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/smmt7h Thank you, Jason
  4. I haven't seen the Saitek yoke and rudder pedals in stock anywhere. Any idea where to buy them? Thanks, Jason
  5. Just a question. Is Prepar3d GPU or CPU based? Thanks.
  6. In prepar3d, is the r9 380 4gb or the GTX 960 4gb better. Thanks.
  7. I was planing to upgrade to windows 10 for free anyway.
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