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  1. Hello, What is the sound outside the new XP11 C90 aircraft on the ground? Thanks, Ron Sagel Near KCHS
  2. Hello, I have owned RC4 for many years. It was off my computer for some time. I bought a new computer a while ago. A few days ago I sent a registration request to them. I have now sent a number of requests and have received no response. I tried both the registration email and the help email - no response. Are they still in business? - the web site says they are. Cheers, Ron Sagel
  3. Hello, The problem has been fixed by the latest update. Thank you for the great support! Cheers, Ron Sagel
  4. Hello The dropdown box has all of my hardware in it Selection of any of the items in the dropdown does not seem to "attach" to that item Selection of the Joystick in the dropdown does not allow the depression of the button to be entered into the field below the dropdown by depressing the button The PTT button on my screen does work correctly This function did work in the previous version Changing to another sim (FSX, FS9 or XPLANE 10) has no affect on the problem. The PTT on the screen works OK - just as before the 1.4 update Thanks in advance Ron Sagel
  5. Hello, I installed the new 1.4 program (full install) After install, my PTT switch does not work. Also, I cannot get it to assign in the setup tools screen. All other joystick controls work fine. The PTT on the screen works from my mouse but the one on my joystick (Saitek X52 key #1 was assigned) does not work anymore. Thanks in advance, Ron Sagel
  6. Hello,I have a very large FS9 setup - a lot of investment and a real joy to fly. I had tried to install FSx many times on my "used to be fast computer" (ASUS MB with 3500+ cpu, 2 Nvidia 6800 cards and 3 gigs of ram)only to be totally unable to fly. After SP1 it got a little better but still no fun.My solution was to go to addons that really work with my FSX even though they are not my favorites. My new Aerosoft Twin Otter works great for me (about 18 fps). So does their Beaver X. I ported over all of my Carenado planes from FS9 and they work even better (about 21fps). My Eaglesoft FSX planes that work are my CJ1 (the rest kill my fps). I went with GEX and Genesis mesh. My weather is ASX and that is it for now. I really cannot afford a new computer of the ilk that would run FSX full out. A few of my sliders are set to the right and the others are "in the middle". BTW - my Majestic Dash 8 for FSX also works great.I dropped "heavy metal" addons that do not run well on my system and now fly a lot of GA stuff in Alaska - a lot of fun and some really nice FSX affects. BTW - I also added two helos (Just flight) and am really waiting for the DoDosim Bell to be ported to FSX - it is the best sim I have ever tried.My only real problem is some very slow texture load times but I can't put my finger on what causes it - They load fine when the flight is started but if I switch visuals to either 2D (I use the 3d almost all of the time)I get "exterior world" load problems.Well thats my little tale of how I have learned to enjoy FSX with my modest computer hardware.Cheers and happy flying,Ron SagelNEAR KCHS
  7. Hello,I am trying to reinstall FSX AGAIN. After install, on startup, I get a Scenery.cfg error that says it cannot find a local scenery file(KCVG from Imagesim at item 0002). It is NOT in the installed scenery.cfg. I checked the file and the reported error is not correct as to the Scenery.cfg installed in the FSX install location. I have also checked my computer and cannot find another Scenery.cfg except in my FS9 install.Anyone seen this before?Thanks in advance,Ron SagelNEAR KCHS
  8. Hello,I believe that this is a FEELTHERE product. I own and use it a lot.Checking the FEELTHERE forum for this product would provide a lot of input.Cheers,Ron Sagel
  9. Hello,My mistake but just a word of caution - the Forum for the Super 80 had a download link to what I thought was the update - it did not work correctly for me. Maybe a prerelease version for members.I uninstalled it and went to the Flight One site and downloaded the FSX version from there. Used my old FS9 key and the install went fine. Works great now.Cheers,Ron SagelNear KCHS
  10. Hello,I asked this on their forum. I do not use Game Commander. My understanding is that voice recog programs (I use VOICE BUDDY) send the keystroke based on the voice input. I tried my VB and it worked fine - but I only used the basic FS2004 profile so I had to use the "SELECT 0" command to send an INITIAL CHECKIN" response to the program. It worked fine.I guess I would have to program a profile for this addon so that it would send the "0" when I voiced "CHECKING IN". Maybe I'll try this on the weekend and report back.Cheers,Ron SagelNEAR KCHS
  11. Hello,1. When any weather system I use updates (ASX, Waether Maker RX or FSX) there is a big reaction to the change by the FSX system. Is there any way to smooth this out?2. The ground fog display is very annoying - is there another texture/scenery available that helps this display?Otherwise, I only use FSX now and am very happy with it since the SP1 update.Thanks in advance,Ron SagelNEAR KCHS
  12. Hello,All works fine when in VC. However, when I start up- in 2D and whenever I go to the 2D screen the mouse updates at a very slow interval - unusable in the 2d screen this way.Any ideas here?Thanks,Ron Sagel
  13. Hello,Sorry I was late with a response - I have both and agree that The Wilco/FT is more intense to fly in FSX. The CLS has great sound but is very "lite" in simulation of systems - no FMS, etc.I actually enjoy both - the FT being my choice also.Cheers,Ron SagelNEAR KCHS
  14. Hello,I have both the C400 and The Saratoga in FSX. My system is a middle of the road for FSX. Since the SP1 update, performance allows me to fly FSX all of the time and not have to go back to FS9 at all (About 25FPS after SP1). I use TweakFPS for FSX and all sliders are almost maxed out.The Eaglesoft Columbia is the better of the sims but is a real frame rate killer on my system (Drops to about 8-9 FPS). The Saratoga is fine and the FPS are great in both VC and 2D.Hope this helps a little,Cheers,Ron SagelNEAR KCHSAMD 64-3500+, 2gigs of RAM, 2 NVIDIA 6800's in SLI Mode, 24" Viewsonic Display, GOFLIGHT Console and CH yoke/pedals.
  15. Hello,Try this: https://www.tweakfs.com/store/I use their TWEAKFPS for my FS9 setup and it provides better that average performance for my rig. It is not expensive and is easy to use. Cheers,Ron Sagel
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