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  1. Jim Robinson

    Repaints on the way

    Those are awesome, thank you!
  2. Just put it in there a 3rd time then and select the last occurrence on the DTO page.
  3. Jim Robinson

    Approach and Lift Dump

    Thanks to all who helped out, I'm using this too and I'd never figured it out without all the detailed instructions! Jim
  4. I managed a few, maybe one of these will work? More screens on the way! Those are what I had of the crew. Jim
  5. Jim Robinson

    Repaints on the way

    Pssstttt, hint, hint - N390GM just came out of the paint shop IRL
  6. Jim Robinson

    click APR and down it goes

    Glad to hear that! Working on some screenshots for you Ray. I need to do a couple more flights though, maybe try for some better lighting. I'll get a package together for you in a day or so. Jim
  7. Jim Robinson

    click APR and down it goes

    Here's the deal (and it's the same for the CJ2 and C90 GTX). When you're in FMS/NAV mode, switching the FMS/LOC1 preset button on the PFD does not disengage FMS/NAV and turn lateral guidance over to VLOC as you would expect. You have to actually click the FMS/NAV button on the AP to terminate FMS/NAV mode, tooltip should say "off". After you've done that VLOC AP functions should behave normally. Try this, let the FMS guide you onto the approach path several miles out with your ILS freq all set up and ready. You should be level and holding your FAF crossing altitude or descending towards it in any ALT mode except VNAV (because VNAV is tied to FMS/NAV and you'll lose vertical guidance when you terminate FMS/NAV). Now - click the NAV button on the AP to terminate FMS/NAV mode, hit the LOC1 preset on the PFD and click the APPR button on the AP. That should cause it to follow the localizer/ glideslope right to the runway. Not saying it's correct but... Jim
  8. Jim Robinson

    V1.2. available

    Hi Scott I don't have this plane but I think the ign switches being tied together is a P3D thing, the CJ2 and C90 GTX for example both behave that way in P3D, yet when installed in FSX the switches work individually. I also noticed this on the default Lear 45 that I copied over from FSX so I don't think it's a matter of the installer placing different files in P3D vs FSX. Jim
  9. Try putting a "K" in front of those ICAOs. KF97, KF53, etc.
  10. Jim Robinson

    Flightsimcon Attendance

    Stoked for you Bill! Have fun & be safe! :)
  11. Jim Robinson

    Default cloud texture size - p3dv3.4.22 ?

    256px last I checked (v3.3.5).
  12. Jim Robinson

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    The avidyne is worthless and throws an a$$load of errors in content error logging, I eliminated it and that's where I "integrated" the GTN in the prior version. I agree a wx radar there would be better but I want ASN/AS16 radar, so maybe an option for either/or would be nice since we're dreaming. What's the consensus on v2.0 with the autogyro overhaul mod? Anyone got that working yet?
  13. Jim Robinson

    Reshade+Master effects installation guidance please

    Robert, I followed the instructions on this page successfully (for P3D and FSX both), check the 3rd comment from the bottom: http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4556/ EDIT: I never placed anything into either of my sim folders, ReShade Assistant.exe placed a symbolic link in each sim folder instead, the actual MasterEffect.h resides in my Reshade installation folder. EDIT again: I'm afraid I'm not much help as I'm using ReShade 2.0.3 which I just realized is completely different than 3.0.6. ReShade 2.0.3 installs into it's own permanent folder and supplies a utility that makes these symbolic links for you inside your sim folder(s). That's all it places into the actual sim folder, the symlink points back to the ReShade installation folder and all the code associated with the effect resides there. I guess the downside to that would be you'd have to use the same effect in FSX that you use in P3D but I found the preset I'm using works great in either sim. ReShade 3.0.6 seems to install right into the sim folder itself which I guess would allow a unique effect for each game but I'm not sure how you'd use MasterEffect with it TBH because there's no ReShade.fx but a ReShade.fxh instead. Rename? Maybe there's a compatible version of MasterEffect? I dunno, it ain't broke so I'm not gonna fix it. :smile: Anyway you can still get ReShade 2.0.3 here if you want to go that route instead: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hd25q2558um47el/ReShade+2.0.3+with+Framework+2.0.7z I could write a little tutorial for 2.0.3 and the "Realistic Lighting" preset if you're interested. Let me know.
  14. Jim Robinson

    Carenado Christmas Sale is On

    I sorta wanted the Hawker and while I don't really have a problem with the discount, the regular price that the discount is applied to is the problem. Costs are out of control, almost $35. Cancel order! I think it's ridiculous, I think Carenado is doing a little bit of a number. We want Carenado to make a lot of money, but not that much money.
  15. Jim Robinson

    FSX startup error

    That has to do with an effect in the effects folder, I don't remember the exact cause, it was something like Lifetime=2.000,1.000 where the first number was larger than the last - or vice verse, I can't remember. Have you done anything or installed anything recently that might have added or modified some effects? Maybe try sorting the effects folder by date in windows explorer and see if anything near the top rings any bells? (you can start Notepad and drag an .fx into the open Notepad window to check) Here's another thread about that error (see specifically Anthony's reply) http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/interesting-fsx-error-message.430140/#post-671489